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Journal Journal: Happy New Year 1

Another year has gone by.

You know, time, it sure does fly.

I wonder, oh why.

Ok, that's my lame attempt at haiku.

Honestly though, I can be pretty creative when I want to, but these past few weeks have left my brain as mush, with the only relief being able to play Diablo II in my spare time. ;)

Some future thoughts: I'm thinking of creating a new D2 character, just for ebay, and going crazy with it.

Dunno. Is it a moral issue? So many moral issues in life, it makes you wonder how we've succeeded in staying alive as a society at all.

Anyone out there who is a computer enthusiast, living in europe, and into music/art/sci-fi, and of the female persuasion?

I don't drink, smoke, drugs, and generally live a healthy lifestyle.

Well, enough of my rambling for now. Take care.

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Journal Journal: my own first post! whooot 1


I was thinking of doing something bloggerish before, but now that I've found this neat little section, I might expand my /. home some more.

In case you don't know, I'm an avid BeOS user, I own The BeOSJournal, help with numerous other BeOS related sites, advocate BeOS where possible, and generally have a good time doing it.

Let's see... my current bio.
I hate repeating myself.

I currently live in NL, moving from Canada, and away from US influences. I abhor large corporations such as Mall Wart, Indiblow, Microshaft, and others...

Power to the little people! ;-)

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