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Comment Re: Good riddance! (Score 1) 273

Let me spell it out. Ask yourself, why is Cuba regarded as a human rights wasteland when our record, comparably, is worse in many areas? How can we live with ourselves - no, how can we not even notice it?

Comment Degrees of fake news (Score 1) 624

We don't yet have an analysis of the fake news situation or even the kinds of fake news out there. There's erroneous news (offered in good faith but wrong), unresearched news (not bothered to check even the basics), but most ominously there's manufactured fake news, created to (among many possible reasons) raise the noise level around an issue but steer people in an erroneous direction. Like cryptography, it will be an escalating war to identify and put down various kinds of fake news even as people purposefully creating it get better at walking the line between fantasy and reality.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 2) 80

How long until implanted sensors are reporting traces from people who walk through doors touching doorknobs and push-plates, elevator buttons, ATM or credit card keypads, dragging their shoes over sensing tiles, etc., with many of their traces being associated with the phones in their pockets identified via bluetooth/wifi/cellular emissions.
Or is someone already doing this?

Comment Re:Bad sign for any worker wit these groups/compan (Score 1) 110

Why are only workers to blame here?
Companies themselves are driven by sales and profit targets, nearly every one. And nearly every one is potentially pushing the envelope of acceptance in making their numbers. This is why for-profit education and healthcare, tobacco, fast food, sugar, oil, GMOs, and nearly everything else driven by profit is suspect: because people will do what it takes to sell potentially bad stuff to you in the name of making their numbers.

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