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Comment Hard to believe (Score 1) 257

I'd like to see those questions and responses, because 32% of all the adults I know find it hard to just get online - they wouldn't even try to download pirated content. Given this "statistic" was created by a group that would benefit from the a wildly inflated perception of the quantity of piracy, I'll take it with a grain of salt.
And by the way, only 69% of people know that piracy is illegal? Do they even understand the definition of piracy?

Comment Re: Good for them (Score 1) 258

"...homeless people and poor children who will never have any influence in the world ..."

Wow. Check your bias at the door please - not having money or a home says nothing about your intelligence, capability, or desire to do good. I mean, look at our 5th avenue hillbilly president, offering an example of the opposite.
Actually I can't tell if you're tongue-in-cheek or serious.

Comment Re:Insurmountable problems, indeed (Score 1) 277

Hardening solar panels to withstand the wear of vehicles on them is fine for research, but you gotta believe there are other no-impact places to put them that would reduce the cost and win an argument for preference unequivocally when planning a big deployment. But maybe the French have money to burn (!) on infrastructure, while we're buried in tax cuts and war materiel.

Comment Re:Politics vs. Reality (Score 1) 87

IOT attacks, that this discussion is addressing, are possible because millions of attached devices exist that aren't designed to be managed yet are capable of being hijacked. If it's possible to design IEEE-level standards into these devices that prevent the hijack, and legislation mandates that those standards must be present in any device sold in the USA, then those standards will proliferate. Malware authors will have many fewer targets on which to base DOS attacks. They will still break the rules, but they'll have far fewer targets with which to break the rules in this way. That's the idea, and it's a worthy idea to pursue.

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