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Comment Re: Not unusual for the luxury car market (Score 1) 132

What ppl are missing is what will happen with M3. There will not be a single human on the main production line. Sub parts are designed to made by other robots, mixes, or just pure human labor. With this approach, the sub parts should be thoroughly vetted, and final product is expected to not have issues that they have today. In addition, I'm told that m3 line in Fremont will do up to 1.5m / year and that is without the building expansion.

Comment Re:Best attempted on Earth first! (Score 1) 217

Someone else mentioned "autonomous" mining equipment and I asked for a link, but got none so far. I suppose the existing equipment does what you say (drill if you tell it where to) but is far from autonomous and needs to be maintained by humans. Well I'm no expert but it does seem far fetched on Mars

Comment The entire paradigm is backwards (Score 1) 325

I want a watch which is my phone and data connection. I want to see basic comm functionality I can use - bluetooth for audio if need be - all the time. I want a mini- or regular sized tablet I can carry with my when I think I'll need to interact with the data - but I want to be instant. When I pull up my tablet (whether it be a 5" Android or Apple handset, or a Surface Pro or iPad Pro), I want the low power BT to kickstart the connection and then ramp up to max LTE speeds (or at least hit the 25Mbps BT 4 spec) without me ever having to manually connect; and roll to wifi gracefully (where available) for data while maintaining the data link with the watch for notification and content sync.

Comment Let China and others continue emissions growth (Score 1) 351

Seriously, we need to fix this.
we need to punish the west, who emits less than 1/3 of emissions, and make them drop theirs.
At the same time, we need to allow the rest of the world to grow MUCH faster than the west can drop theirs.
And then we need to blame the west for all this.

Oh wait, that is what the far left CURRENTLY DOES.

Until the far left gets done giving China blow jobs, this will only get worse.

Comment Re:Elon Muisk is an intellectual midget and a frau (Score 1) 217

So what are the technical hurdles that would need to be overcome for there to be actual mining with robots? Doing some quick googling I see that Komatsu and CAT and a few others offer fully autonomous mining solutions. Are those just bullshit and don't work as advertised?

Link to these full solutions please? On Komatsu website I only find autonomous components.

Otherwise: maintenance, sheer mass to get to Mars?

Comment Re:Best attempted on Earth first! (Score 1) 217

Hint: Replace the words "mining robot" with "mining RPV".

Realistically, we're not talking autonomous mining robot, we're talking remote controlled mining equipment. Sort of like what we use on Earth, but with a longer delay between command and response.(...)

Hint: The delay is completely impractical

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