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Comment Re: Standards... (Score 1) 177

no, this is just part of the proof that car makers do not want EVs. Dealers do not want them. Car makers do not want them. And building an adapter to tesla does NOT harm their efforts on their own standards, any more than tesla building a chadmoe and j17772 hurt their standards.
In fact, because tesla DID build those, it was possible to buy a tesla and have full access to chargers all over so that you can move around the nation easily. OTOH, NO other EV has that claim . The bolt is the first none tesla that can drive all over.

Comment Have you modified your toaster yet? (Score 3, Insightful) 92

1) I was unaware that website currently require that you manually execute each script

2) Show me a commercial OS with a supplied browser that includes a good adblocker and a NoScript installed and properly configured by default.

Computers are basically appliances for 80% of the users on the internet now. I can mod my toaster and replace the plug with a grounded type, and only plug it into a GFCI outlet to reduce the risk of shock, but everybody else just plugs theirs in and makes toast. Until OS makers start putting actual, safe browsers on their products, instead of the two-bare-wires versions they currently include, the problem isn't actually with the users. It's with the negligent programmers.

Comment Re: Standards... (Score 1) 177

Musk has said MANY times that he is fine with others using tesla network. Of course, he expects them to pay.Only an idiot would think that Musk is going to give that away. BUT, Musk wanted others to jump on this and help extend it. In fact, at one time, he said that he was in discussions with a European company on just this.

Comment Re:Who pays (Score 1) 177

all charging standards have a digital handing that is allowed. With tesla, you must send information about your vehicle and it is vetted before it is allowed. Any adapaters that the other car maker does for their vehicle would have to provide same information and would have to provide for payment fo electrcity, in a fashion similar to what all new tesla do.

Comment Re: Okay, but... (Score 1) 177

A huge issue u missed is the number of cells. Other car makers use small numbers of much larger cells. Tesla is only one with massive number of cells and excellent HVAC on them. As such Tesla can pour into each cell at faster rate without the high temps that degrade those large cells.

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