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Comment Re: Wot? (Score 1) 75

ther material is cheap. THe labor is expensive. 20/hr or more for doing that work. In the same length of time that it takes to put the plywood down on the rafters, is about the same length of time for putting down the Tesla Roof. So, no tar paper or shingles, which is money and time. And we just had our roof re-done 3 weeks ago. I forget how many sections, but, iwe have a 2 story 3000 sq feet home, so above average roof. We had 8 guys work on it. Took 1.5 days. That is the second time that we have had this done due to hail. Next time, we will install a Tesla roof which will almost certainly be strong enough to deal with the golf ball size hail that we get.

Comment Re:Unreachable? (Score 2) 106

And yet, somehow, they were able to file a claim and provide a point of contact following the demise of their phone.

TBH, the headline should be 26 Cases of Samsung Note Fires Have No Evidence Of Being Caused By Faulty Phones. But that's long and not very click-baity so nobody would read it.

I expect HTC, Apple, and Huawai to all have phones experience a thermal runaway (referred to as an "explosion" by media) in the next 12 months. It's a numbers game, really, and not news in the sense that there's anything inherently wrong. Pack that much energy into a small, thin package and every so often one will fail.

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 146

Don't confuse the public's ability to tell the difference from their desires. Most people still feel safe with the TSA screening process, even though it's not really any better than before 9/11 - heck, the even demand "tighter" security. Look at all the shitty 4k TVs out there running 4:2:0, but everybody's proud of their "4k" TV they're watching.

Comment Re:Need to stop exporting recycling goods (Score 1) 166

actually, I did not pull that from my ass. I have since 1967 been a recycler until 3 years ago. At that time, I spent some time looking into the industry (I was laid up with health issues). I found out that WM who said that they recycled local, does not. They send it all to China.
Likewise, I have had to get old parts to make some computers work, so I went to the local e-recycler. If it worked, they re-sold it and made money locally. If not, they broke it apart and sent the board with gold or silver to be shredded and then sent to china for smelting. It was shredded because it was less space (most cargo ships are volume constrained, not weight).

So, no, the ONLY one pulling out of their ass, is you.

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