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Comment cool. just stop all federal contracts with IBM (Score 1) 169

Seriously, the feds can simply stop all contracts with IBM and open them up to American companies.
And no, Companies like IBM, HP, GE, MS, (increasingly Google), etc are not American companies, but international ones.
It is time for us to spend our trillions on American companies, just like China does on Chinese companies and Europe does on European companies.

Comment Re:Depends who pays (Score 1) 295

presented that way, you are correct, esp since AE are NOT alternatives to gasoline.
OTOH, if you tell them the truth that we spend more subsidizing fossil fuel vs all of AE AND NUKES COMBINED, then I would guess that most Americans would want to increase the funding for AE (though sadly, the anti-science iodiots on the far left will figtht against increased funding for nukes).

Comment IBM is MAKING NEW JOBS in the US (Score 5, Funny) 169

Last year they had only 422,000 jobs in the US, but this year they will be increasing that to 397,000 jobs! It's a win for everyone - more jobs, more cost savings, and 397,000 US jobs. How can you possibly argue with that?

Oh, and chocolate rations are going up again, too.

Comment Re:and the lack of an battery swap cover (Score 2) 80

But it turned out that the batteries were the problem and it took 4 months to determine what the problem was. So you would have been batteryless and phoneless for 4 months. Given the shitstorm of people wanting same-day replacements for the first recall (ironically leading to the flaw in the second round of batteries), I don't think having a batteryless phone for 4 months would have set well with the users. And if it were a recall issue, CPSC and FAA would have still had the ban in place until a proper, safe, OEM replacement was found. In this case (no pun intended), a removable battery wouldn't have made a stitch of difference.

Comment Still fucking wrong (Score 1) 80

Have you never heard of ANSI Y14.5? Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing? Manufacturing since the last 19th century?

The batteries were too big, the case was sized properly.

Imagine this: You order a Large hat. The company sends you a hat with a Large tag in it, but it doesn't fit because the manufacturer actually sent you a Medium with a Large tag sewn into it. Who's fault is it that your hat doesn't fit? Blaming the Note 7 case is the same as saying that your head is just too fucking big for the hat they sent.

Comment GD+T matters (Score 5, Insightful) 80

When you specify that a batteries maximum envelope is X, and the supplier provides a battery which has a maximum envelope greater than X then, yes, it's a supplier problem.

When you request 2 million batteries instead of 200,000, and your supplier changes the process which induces a flaw into the product then, yes, it's a supplier problem.

This is critical because the "engineers" (idiots) over at ExtremeTech published "findings" (a middle school essay on their thought experiment backed up with zero observed failures) said that the problem was in the case and had nothing to do with the design of the battery. Blaming the phone case for the problem is like blaming users hands for the iPhone antenna problem. It's not a problem with what it holding the (iPhone, battery) but rather that the (iPhone, battery) was not designed properly for the specified requirements.

In both cases, it's imperative that the overall product producer take responsibility to the end users for products which do not work as intended. Which they did - recalling the devices, offer full refunds and - in many cases - a credit for accessories that you didn't even purchase from them.

Comment Re:More features. (Score 2) 300

Indeed, in important ways, templates are both somewhat orthogonal to and do break some kinds of efficient object oriented design practices. Just think about templates and virtuals and why they do not really work together at all... It also has turned C++ into a modern version of IBM macro assemblers, where deeply obscured code regurgitation rules apply to what was actually compiled, hence also the bloat. However, the main benefit it still retains is that even if it may suck, for the things it is most often used for the other alternatives sadly often do suck even more ;).

Comment Re: Airline pilot checking in... (Score 1) 165

Actually, every new Tesla is delivered to your door and then they spend several hours with you teaching you everything about the car. Our Tesla is a 2013 so does not have this. But from what I have heard, on the new cars, they spend about an hour on the AP getting customer comfortable. And consider the fact that this is only used on the most dangerous conditions ( highways/rural roads vs slow urban ), and still has way less than average, I would suggest that is proof enough that Tesla has done enough training.

Comment I still say... (Score 1) 93

If you want to know what will happen, at the 6 month mark you have to tell them that the trajectory for mars orbit insertion is too dangerous, and they will need to take the free-return trip which is 18 months back, and the rationing of supplies and provisions has to start immediately. After they eat the second person, you tell the reaming crew that the Mars gravity assist was not completely successful and, while we're doing what we can to create a rendezvous rescue mission, there'a a 75% chance that they will miss Earth gravity capture on the return leg by more than the allowable and their trajectory following the miss will take them just beyond Venus' orbit, but that they will have to ensure excessive heat and will die slowly as they cook in the capsule.

Comment SKIP THIS. Instead.... (Score 2) 54

what is needed is to require emails to be encrypted at the client side.
With each new client set-up, any new users should be required to get their encryption key, or enter in their current ones.
Then on the emails, by default, encrypt. If the user wants, they can turn it off on an individual one.

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