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Comment Re:Hahahahaha (Score 2) 127

While your math adds up, I still can't get past the logic. Is the movie somehow worse if it's viewed two months later? $2

Worse, no, but it's also not topical. Part of the experience of seeing a movie when it premieres is being part of the buzz surrounding the discussion of the film. Humans are a social animal (realizing this is slashdot, I feel this must be pointed out), and sharing experiences - such as books or entertainment - is part of the enjoyment of the entertainment.

So, no, the movie is no worse, but the overall experience is diminished. For a second weekend showing, I'd be in for $30, maybe even $50, for a blockbuster. For a third to fifth weekend - most of the social shine is off of it so, no. Granted, I have a 125" screen and a nice sound system so I lose very little watching movies at home but it's still fun to go "out" with the family to see something brand new.

Comment he is looking at it wrong (Score 1) 102

While the GOP continue to waste money on the SLS/Orion debacle, they are also continuing funding for new space, though it was left open.
If money is spent on multiple private space stations, along with sending us to the moon VIA NEW SPACE, then it will allow for the infrastructure to be put in place and the price for launches, space operations, etc to drop. And a once a month launch of the BFR to the moon/space would help him far more than direct cash will.

Comment Re:In some areas (Score 1) 141

Yup, they've got my town's balls in a vice. Sure, there's NTC (exclusive to some apartments, those poor schmucks) and Verizon (if 7Mb/768k is your idea of high speed internet), but otherwise it's Comcast or nothing. So it's $90 for 75Mb service, and $89 for 75Mb service plus basic cable. Add $10 to kick in ESPN and the other mid-tier channels that DTV charges $35 for and Sling charges $20. When they own the last mile, you're going to pay.

Comment Re:Use Mahindra & Mahindra (Score 2) 497

But then you've just wasted 4 hours of your day and prevented your neighbor, Joe, from getting commission so you've wasted his 4 hours too. To John Deere, there's no loss - you weren't going to buy that tractor to begin with. The dealership lost $30 in Joe's time and incremental costs (copying and such) since they pretty much just pay him on commission and the office would have been open anyway. Nobody cares except you, who now don't have the new tractor you need, and Joe, who just lost 1/10 of his weekly pay because of your hijinks and whom you are going to have to look in the face at Church on Sunday, along with his wife and three kids.

Comment Re:At least there's a way around it (Score 1) 497

But you didn't buy it, you licensed it. It looks like you bought it, but the agreement you signed only means you own the scrap value of the base metals in the item - not any control or influence on the software that's inside it that allows it to run.

It's how everything is "sold" now. You can buy the scrap, but to operate it you have to agree to a (very limited) license on the 1s and 0s that make it useful.

Comment Wait...new iPad? (Score 1) 103

WTF is with Apple's fear of the number 3?

The iPad 3 was not the 3 - it was the New iPad

Now the iPad Air 3 is a New iPad, but is neither the Air nor the 3.

Is this what you get when you have marketers sit around a table and you ask them to brand your new device revision and you just get blank stares back?

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 319

Yeah but they are choosing a far worse projection. That is the issue please don't tell me you're friends with sonic

The Gall-Peters may not be the best choice, and Peters's own campaigning may have been annoying at the time, but it absolutely isn't worse than a Mercator, which is a really, really poor choice.

What about sonic???

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 319

You can preserve angles. Technically this is called a conformal projection, with the Mercator Projection being the best known example, though to depict the poles usually stereographic projection is used. Besides chartering the right course, the advantage is that outlines and shapes (at least locally) looks right.

You can instead opt to preserve area (instead of angles). But it is a mathematical fact that you cannot do both.

Correct, but as in a Mercator the shapes only locally look right, it is a poor choice for a world map when we are interested in political and geographical aspects.

Comment Re:Distortion is fact. (Score 1) 319

If you are teaching children stuff about geography and you are using a single projection, you are either a bad teacher or you have an agenda.
You should use globe for accuracy or multiple projections depending on what you need to be accurate at the time.

This is not about the teaching about projections, but about replacing the one map that hangs on the classroom wall. And from TFA: "Teachers put contrasting maps of the world side by side and let the students study them."

Maybe educate yourself before ranting about imaginary things

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