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Comment Re:Why am I denied choice ? (Score 1) 368

Because it would be extremely difficult and involve a lot of R&D and know to find out how to work out and the inner working of stuff that has been working well in the last couple of decades.
Honestly, do you even listen to what you are saying to see if it makes sense?
Lets give it a try:
Why do you want to use Apache or lighthttpd, instead of learning NGinx? It brings a lot to the table, works 99% of the time, and it is much easier to create. Despite the negative propaganda, it was not chosen to piss you lot off.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 3, Insightful) 368

The culprit of the problem is not discussing the `new = better paradigm. A much better discussion is why the installation of several distributions, and namely Debian, does not allow us to both select system and SysV, and each one will install what it does see fit effortlessly.

You can choose your own web server ; nobody forces Apache upon you ; likewise you can choose your DHCP software, or your DNS server ; in pretty much any solution you can choose alternatives; gosh nowadays you can even chose in Debian between Linux and a FreeBSD kernel....so why not an easy choice between systemd and other competing systems that were already implemented for decades.
As I said, the indignation of most people is that Debian and developers went out of their way to impose systemd to everybody, as if there is some ulterior motive for it. (NSA backdoors is an interesting conspiration theory).
The fact that most of the systemd proponents seem to inconveniently ignore that nobody likes to be sodomized, it yet another monumental damning thing. Why for instance, why in a thread about Devuan, about choice, there will be idiots whining that they do not understand the systemd "hate"...the fact is they do not accept nor phantom that in open source there can be a choice.
The choice for me is clearly *BSD...thanks for all those years and for betraying us, Debian.
So long, and good luck.

Comment Re:Debian has more "init freedom" (Score 1) 368

Debian may have still sysv init available, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to do without it. Some packages have also gone a step further, and dropped sysvinit; you cant install gnome without systemd as far as I am aware, and for instance, even quagga has dropped sysvinit support. There might be more packages, and there will certainly be more packages in the future that will drop support for it.

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