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Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 4, Insightful) 254

> What a great idea.... weaken everyone for a few rare cases.

That's the norm in big gov't.

Some people use guns to commit crimes? Let's ban them, or at least severely restrict them!
Some people can't dispose of plastic bags? Ban them for everyone!
Terrorists took over some planes? Let's enact crazy "security" that can't actually catch anything, treats everyone like a criminal, and make sure we grope kids and grandma so we don't look like we're profiling.

Comment Re:Cars Are Not More Expensive (Score 1) 622

It really depends. If you live in a country with repressed socialist tendencies in politics, and communist tendencies in morals, the gov will try to rob money from people with external signs of money. Apparently, as the main targets are the middle class, and not their cronies, the easiest way to do that is tax through the nose all car owners, in gas prices, regular "inspections", insurance, and "eco" costs.

Comment Re:They're unlikely to see mine because... (Score 1) 397

I went to a computer security fair in 2000, and the friendly FBI guys wanted to have a chat with me just because of being in jeans and of employable age. Interestingly they started being quite nice after seeing the only contents of my suitcase, a pair of suits, a pair of shirts, underwear and a travel stream iron...

Comment Learned the hard way (Score 1) 515

My dad gave me a ZX Spectrum with a Z80A back in my 15 year-old anniversary, summer time, learned BASIC till December with books and in December started programming the darn thing in assembly. From there, learning gw-basic, pascal and C in technical school was a breeze, and learnt x86 assembly on my own. Later on did as my thesis the first ZX Spectrum emulator for Windows.

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