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Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 160

RDS here does little much more than tuning me into a station that I am tuned that supports RDS when in the hourly news they talk slightly about traffic. Pretty much useless in my 20-minute daily commute around the city.
If it happens for the times to overlap, and I hear about a traffic jam, by the time I hear it, I am already pretty much in the middle of it.

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 160

The normal news in the radio or TV are mind numbing.
They also do not have the wisdom in the radio to including regular updates about traffic to get my interest while driving. Anyway, the technology is making them quickly redundant.
The music is also pretty insipid/bland and horribly commercial, and there is zero incentives to listen to that garbage...

Comment Re:This is stupid (Score 1) 160

I have RDS in my car now for more than one decade. Though in the previous country I was expat it did not do any good.
The thing with RDS is that is only transmitted in certain frequencies, and you must be listening to radios stations in that frequency for it to work, if I am not wrong.
If I am, I would be thankful if someone knows better.

Comment Re:Some places are impossible. (Score 1) 52

The comment is not off car...having alternatives where I do not pay, I prefer to use them *unless* I have some kind of incentive.
I have too many shopping centers/malls with a 5/10 minutes drive from my house, too many to count without exaggerating. Obviously we choose the ones with better and free parks.
Once in a while, we got to one where we pay for parking, but get two hours for free if we make there the shopping of groceries for the month.

Comment Re:Don't look at the gadget while driving (Score 1) 52

Do you know that are already technology in your Android and iPhone to display the maps in your car dashboard?
It can be actually more safer people doing the right turns, than realising mid-turn they are turning in the wrong direction, and being idiots to the point of trying to correct the situation atm.
Or worse, starting to back away in the motorway/freeway/highway after passing their exit. Because often local signs are idiotically placed to the point that when you see them the damage is done.
GPS/Maps can be quite useful and actually improved the security in the road *if used* properly.
Plus, it also reduces the stress of driving in unfamiliar locations.

Comment Re:IT is amazing (Score 1) 98

Coffee is far from pure, and they mix up a lot of other stuff to even boost a already *very* profitable industry. Many people also mix coffee with sugar, sweeteners or cream, which make you fat and fuck up your brain, and if I sincerely doubt that it helps in something pure, it will surely wont help when mixed with that garbage. Not to mention that most creams are made of chemicals and not actually milk, but that is a bed time horror story.

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