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Comment Scott Adams predicted this (Score 5, Informative) 559

Scott Adams predicted this in May.

Predicted that Trumps real position on climate change was actually "I don't know because I haven't looked into it," and that once he did, if he decided it was a problem, he'd be the only person who could convince the Republican base that it was a problem and that something needed to be done. That no Democrat ever could, but Trump could carry the Republicans right along because they see him as one of them, and very credible.

Mr. Adams is a very observant wingnut.

Comment Re:This is kind of ridiculous... (Score 2, Insightful) 236

I'm an Apple user; if they pulled this crap with my Apple ID it would be extremely irritating; you can have a lot of money wrapped up in these accounts in the form of purchases!

With Apple, you're the customer. With Google, you're the product, and they really don't care, because eyeballs are fungible.

One of the very few things Apple gets right.

Comment Re:I think he just got scammed . (Score 5, Interesting) 236

My electricity provider and my dentist even wanted my SSN!A

No problem, as soon as you sign this, which indemnifies me without limit for any misuse if this identify theft qualify information. In other words, if someone breaks into your computer and steal this, you pay all costs related to straightening it out, including, but not limited to, costs of credit score monitoring, all actual costs due to fraud, any increased interest I might have to pay on loans as a result of damage to my credit score, legal fees, lost wages, etc.

What's that? You're not willing to accept responsibility for this information that you require but have absolutely no use for? Then I guess we won't be doing business.

Comment For this to really work (Score 1) 230

the manufacturers would have to provide, in some form, what their devices are supposed to be able to connect to, so that the firewall can block it from connecting to everything else.

In other words, manufacturers would have to admit how extensively their devices spy on you, and phone home with it, and open themselves up to easy consumer monitoring of what their devices send back.

I'm not holding my breath.

Comment Dear Mr. President Elect (Score 1) 742

This is your opportunity to make good on one of your campaign promises, to curb China's abusive trade policies. Your response should be an immediate announcement of a trade war with China, as deliberate provocation. Yeah, we'll have to pay a bit more for phones that do everything but make phone calls, sure, and we'll lose access to their restrictive and heavily manipulated market, but their economy will go from being a house of cards to a smoking crater, and they'll never fuck with you again.

Plus, by doing this immediately, Obama gets the blame, as it happens on his shift, and the worse of the fallout will be settling by January 20, and you can take credit for the make up. Win/win.

Comment Re:So common... (Score 1) 302

No, the correct response is to use a mailing list, and if you are concerned with interns sending 1.2 million people cat pictures, restrict who can use it. This has been the correct way to handle this for at about 20 years. There is never any excuse for allowing a message to be sent to 1.2 million discrete addresses. Ever.

Comment Re:So common... (Score 1) 302

No, the correct response is to a) correctly configure the mail server to reject any message addressed to more than a reasonable number of people, say, 100 (or even less), and b) use mailing lists for mass messages, like people with a normal IQ.

Whoever runs their mail server should be driven out of the profession and put in a home for the mentally impaired.

Comment Re:Typical stupidity from the California legislatu (Score 2) 68

The only way to quasi-enforce anti-age-discrimination laws is to force studios to green light scripts with older lead characters.

Such scripts are being greenlighted more these days. Helen Mirren has no problem getting work.

It is not age discrimination to pass over a 28-year-old, in favor of a 21-year-old, for the part of a 17-year-old.

Outside of big budget studio productions, in general, movies with female leads that are not pretending to be teenagers or in their 20s do not do as well at the box office. Especially the popcorn movies for the younger crowds, who just want wank material to begin with. The only way to even reduce age discrimination in Hollywood is to convince audiences to see movies starring older actresses.

Comment Re:You forgot the plastic surgeons (Score 3, Insightful) 68

You underestimate the talent of a make-up artist. I've live in California for a long, long time, but what really drove it home for me was when John McCain was running for president and his wife was on the tonight show. She was, at that time, in her 50s, an aging beauty queen who had take good care of herself, and that's exactly what she looked like Very attractive, but clearly in her 50s. Look at a press release photo of her (with Hollywood makeup), and it's clear that if she were an actress, she could easily play a teenager. Valerie Bertinelli, made up for the cameras, looks exactly the same today (at age 55) as she did at 18, other than her butt being a little bigger (and that's the fashion these days, and purely a choice). I'm not kidding when I say they could make a 90 year old grandmother look like a teenager. Plastic surgery is only useful off camera.

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