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Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 31

Everyone hates the RIAA, but the fact is without the marketing by these entities you would never have found your "favorite" bands. Of course, out will come the people saying I am stupid (or a troll), and protesting that they like their favorite indie band because they heard them in a bar, Youtube, from a friend, etc. But the reality is that 99% of music is heard because of marketing. Period.

Comment Re:meh, totally predictable plot lines (Score 1) 66

Yeah, I forgot a lot of good ones. Sharks, eels, piranhas, snakes, volcanoes, rising water on sinking ships, asteroids, robots, machines on the blink, doomsday devices, heat, cold, incompetent technicians, ghosts, time travellers, parties unknown, mad scientists, angry scientists, monsters created by mad/angry scientists, radiation monsters, diseases, ... It's kind of fun to think through the list.

And then there's the *real* villians: bad actors, bad directors, bad screenplays, bad ideas, ruining good books, bad soundtracks, theatres that set the sound too loud, people that talk during the movie, people that use electronics during the movie, people that talk to their electronics during the movie, spoilers, overpriced tickets, overpriced snacks, commercials, product placement deals, cameos by overrated actors, actors that are in too many movies, sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots, retcons.

Comment Re:Not so subtle (Score 1) 72

They did eventually use "researchers" in one of the sentences. The first sentence is: "Microsoft polled 17 women working in its research organization about the technology advances they expect to see in 2017".

Not "researchers" or "experts", but "women".

That is demeaning. You know exactly what I mean talking about. Of course you are a fuckwit who will never admit it so I won't even bother.

Comment Re:Not so subtle (Score 1) 72

You are a wackjob. Why does it matter you are a white, cisgendered male? It is the Internet. No one knows what you are. You might be a dog. Ask yourself why the post said "17 women" and not "17 researchers" or "17 thought leaders"? It is denigrating to those polled to be simply identified by their gender, instead of their relevant expertise.

Comment Re:meh, totally predictable plot lines (Score 3, Insightful) 66

If it's from Hollywood, post 1968, then:

1. The villain will be a US military agency, a US spy agency, a corporation/CEO, a gun company, a non-renewable energy company.

Wow, I must have misunderstood the plot on all those post-1968 movies where I thought the baddies were commies, nazis, drug lords, foreign terrorists, domestic terrorists, anarchists, poor people trying to get rich quick, rich people trying to get richer quick, crazy people trying to do incomprehensible things for incomprehensible reasons, wayward do-gooders, megalomoniacal supercrooks, pirates, pirate hunters, aliens, alien hunters, vampires, vampire hunters, zombies, orcs, dragons, ghosts, etc.

If you don't like the simulation you're living in, you can always rejoin us here in reality.

Comment Re:Would it be positive for your customers? (Score 4, Informative) 152

Yes, more sponsored free data transfer and optimization from content providers. It's a grey area now. But "Stream Game of Thrones now without using your data, exclusively on AT&T" is something that carriers and content providers really want to do.

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