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Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 0) 277

which has an extensive history of misleading edits and even over-dubbing their "undercover videos."

A claim you utterly fail to support.

Often there are claims of "OMG! The video was edited!!!" to which not long later you find the full video (previously held back as the whole long thing isn't as concise for media consumption as the earlier clip)... and despite the evidence that the video isn't actually edited in any meaningful way.

Care to set me straight? I'd really like to see proof that they deceptively edit their work. I hear claims from the left leaners, yet still haven't seen any substantive evidence of it.

the only people convinced by that crap are people who want to be convinced.

Or the open minded... which I guess counts you out.

Until they release the entire un-edited videos no one should believe a word they say.

Didn't I mention something like that above? Oh yes I did... yet your kind of screams never calm down or apologize for being wrong (again).

And you know what? They will never release the unedited videos because they don't care about veritas,

Yes, because they never do that:

they just care about tricking voters.

Could not the same be said for any group which has a partisan outlook?

In 2 more weeks it won't matter what voters think anymore,

For once... you've said something that actually is correct... unless you know how the electoral college system works... as there is still plenty of room for shenanigans.

at which point project veritas will just stop talking about their fake scandal.

And yet they keep finding scandals to discuss.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 3, Informative) 277

I actually think it goes beyond that.

Sure, 2FA or never sending something in an email you don't want the other guys lawyer holding up in court... or getting hacked and put on on Wikileaks is certainly one way... though some would say this strays into victim blaming ala a common response to #TheFappening (ie "if they didn't want their nude photos on the internet, they shouldn't have taken them or saved them to such insecure locations!")

But consider the latest James O'Keefe videos, which appear to show rather well placed democrat operatives talking about their knowledge of wide-scale voter fraud, as well as seeming to admit to helping to orchestrate violence at the rival's rally's.

Ignoring for the moment the emails... why is it that right-leaning groups are able to get left-leaning operatives on tape, admitting pretty bad things?

Why is it that left-leaning groups do not seem as able to get right-leaning operatives on tape, admitting pretty bad things?

Oh sure, you might have the occasional untoward comment (take the Trump tape), but oh so rarely to the same extent, and then mostly of a 'macaca' like moment.

If we assume that folks on both sides are up to just the same sort of things, to what should we attribute the reason?

1. Left leaners more willing to brag about their shenanigans?
2. Right leaners less willing to brag about their shenanigans?
3. Left leaners less good at tricking right leaners into spilling their secrets?
4. Right leaners more good at tricking left leaners into spilling their secrets?
5. Left leaners less good at editing of video to make the speaker look bad?
6. Right leaners more good at editing of video to make the speaker look bad?

Why is it we usually only see these things going in one direction?

Comment Re:Yes its probably illegal (Score 2) 246

Which makes sense for a $50 bike perhaps.

A friend had ~$600 worth of bike & stuff stolen last month after his $25 lock was cut.

He since purchased a replacement bike (similar price) but has upgraded to a $50 lock this time around... and claims that it is easier for the thief to simply cut whatever the bike is locked to than the lock... which still suggests some vulnerabilities, even with the lock in TFA.

Comment Re:illegal? (Score 1) 246

ummm your link to Wikipedia article confirmed rather than disputed it.

If your eyes only read those places where they are illegal... then yes. I was simply pointing out that they are also legal in a lot of places.

A lot of countries have it as illegal even as a defensive device.

And in a lot of countries, mace is legal as a defensive device... again, which was my point.

Add in booby trap/man trap laws and this thing a free ticket to jail in most of the world.

Most? Care to substantiate that with a survey of the world as to where they are/are not legal?

Comment Re:illegal? (Score 1) 246

Even things like Mace or pepper spray are illegal in a lot of places

In war yes... not as much as you'd think in civilian or police hands:

as are mantraps or anything designed to incapacitate or injure a person.

Often true... though depending on the sort of injury inflicted I would imagine.

While I'm no fan of capsaicin... is it really a substance which causes injury? The dirty little secret of it is that it doesn't actually cause chemical burns or the physical damage the person subjected to it feels. The injuries from the stuff are associated with the person scratching/rubbing the affected areas and actually causing damage.

In the US for example, the legal barrier needed to shoot someone with a firearm is quite high... it is much much lower to spray someone in the face with mace... though there, it is a person triggering it vs a trap.

In either case, I think many a lawyer will buy a new boat or house thanks to this product.

Comment Re:Yeah, depending on your audience, lets (Score 1) 220

I might object to it at my kid's Christmas pageant

When exactly is Trump saying such things at your kid's Christmas pageant? Or is Facebook showing up and re-posting such things while the kids are performing?

in this case their Facebook wall.

Perhaps you need to do a better job of controlling the safe space you keep your offspring in, as well as how they respond to such things when they encounter it.

Did you know there is also violent imagery and porn on the internet? Best keep them offline. TV has some of it too, better keep that turned off.

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