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Comment Maybe they should extend this to other areas of li (Score 1) 222

Ban cash and any untraceable currency. Everyone should wear a GPS tracker at all time (after all criminals and terrorists walk and drive to places in a way that hampers the security services). Ban the use of slang or foreign languages. These might stop a police officer overhearing a plot.

Comment I read once about an Indian guy (Score 1) 372

I read once about an Indian guy who changed his name to the equivalent of "John Smith (deceased)". Evidently this was in protest to some threats by a local official along the lines of " if you don't sell me your land you're dead ". The computers were fine with it, but an operator at his bank read the name and flagged the account as deceased, freezing all his money.

Comment Re: And PI == 3 (Score 1) 158

There will be certain things it will stop. People wanting to pay for a pizza are going to find it hard to find a local outlet accepting anonymous bitcoins. People who just want to use it for convenience, and who want to have the usual consumer protection. The funny thing is none of the things it will stop seem too have much to do with terrorism.

Comment My boss once got a virus that emailed porn links (Score 5, Interesting) 160

My boss once got a virus that emailed porn links to ask his contacts. When he realised what had happened he sent out an aplology, but said he was surprised at how many responseshe got before that said "thanks", " that's s good one", or returned the favour by sending porn links of their own.

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