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Comment Verizon kinda does that (Score 1) 65

A friend at a local seattle community college received a verizon hotspot. Seems the college gave wifi units to every student, with no data caps. Not sure what the agreement was, or how it was included with the student fees, but all the students received them. unlimited verizon wifi hotspots (wow!)

We pay over 150 bux a month for 15gigs on verizon for ours, and these students had unlimited access. Crazy. As theres no high speed data in the rural areas of Washington state, and sat is over subscribed. Waiting or Viasat 2 and 3 to launch, so we can get it.

Comment Right. (Score 1) 168

Rural areas cant handle self driving cars. Rural counties cant afford paved roads, they cant afford to plow or grade dirt and gravel roads. Everyone keeps talking about self driving cars, but that doesnt work I cant see self driving cars for a long time, the practical, the cost, legal areas, and when people drive trucks for decades, its going to be awhile. In the cities, sure, why not. Outside the city, we dont even have Internet except dialup in many places.

Comment Re:This explains it all (Score 1) 395

The tower doesn't need to know your location for that to happen.

Actually in CDMA, they do, to get the timing-advance that allows soft-handoff to work. It's down to tens of nanoseconds to make the chips line up when they're received at your location, and that means the trilateration accuracy is down to tens of feet.

Also, all modern standards are based on CDMA for the air-interface portion, because it's so efficient.

Look up any of the hyphenated terms if you care to learn more.

Comment Still the dark ages of music apps. (Score 1) 70

Milk was ok, but it used Slack as its back end. Milk was the bridge of radio playing that Spotify/Google needs. Pandora would be the closet to it. Even SirrusXM's streaming app is very close to Milk, and includes nice advanced tuning features. (popular vs ecliptic)

So we have a mix of music service that really are mashup or good in certain areas, discovery (slack/pandora), playlists (google/spotify), buying (amazon/google/itunes), podcasts (stitch/itunes/spotify is trying add this), tracking songs (

Slack was first to offer off network caching which was great, but when spotify offered this, I dumped slack and went Spotify full time. I dropped Pandora for slack also due to better mobile offering.

So now, I'm down to Spotify, (paid), and amazon for buying my music. Google gave me Google Music for free because I bought Youtube Red (no commercials), Amazon gave me free Amazon music with Prime, but its interface is horrible, even for buying. Google music design is horrid.

Spotify runs well on my linux laptop, android phone, and windows PC, lists are synced. Now if they could add DFX into the app for linux/android, I'd be in paradise, the fidelity option is a good start.

Still feels like the dark ages. I had a co-worker try to start a multi app suite with all the different features including identification (like shazam/musicID), but it was too early in the market during the days of rhapsody.

Wouldnt say we are even close to being perfect in the music realm. There is so much good music on Spotify, but it needs an translations for non-english band names and music. Also really needs better ways to find non-american music. Theres so much out there, and they keep us in a tiny walled garden.

Oh, and spotify allows you to follow distribution labels, which is AWESOME if you follow great producers. But that could be way easier to use.

Comment Crazy idea, how about I choose. (Score 2) 43

Instead of forcing FB's idea of what I can see, let me select my own views. How about these defaults, "friends", "family", "likes", "groups", "politics" and let me create other groups that include closed groups (which is currently not allowed). Its a form of censorship that FB pushes.

I miss the days of newsgroups, select the group, easy to read. Also why I like reddit, just pick what I want.

I remember everyone saying, facebook wont be around in 10 years, something better will come along. I'm still waiting, because facebook really does have the most horrible interface.

Comment Podcasts safe haven (Score 2) 12

Many of my favorite podcasts are now on sound cloud, so they do seem to be offering some good deals to get them to migrate to their service.

Facebook and YT have been removing peoples live streaming due to copyright strikes for fair use complains. Lucky sound cloud must deal with them differently, because I can normally find them on there.

Comment Re: FM radio's last gasp? (Score 2) 340

Might want to re-read what I read, NPR use to be have integrity, but they started to broadcast editorial shows that concentrate on hit pieces and is not as highly impartial news services anymore. The Wall Street Journal is rated highest between liberals and conservatives above NPR, BBC is also higher then NPR on equal trust.

Main point, NPR is now using bias to sell programming and commercials. Thats not a troll comment, its just pointing out fact.

Comment Re:Despicable (Score 1) 639

Since most city/state and federal departments only use two social networking sites, twitter for instant communications and facebook for regular updates, we do indeed have a monopoly in action. If I want local police updates I have to use twitter, if I want the local police calendar I have to use Facebook Calendar. Same goes for state department of transportation, fire departments, on and on, etc. When we had the fires here, guess where the updates got published, Facebook and twitter, then the gov webpages 24-48 hours later.

Do we want facebook and twitter to be the de-facto monopoly for news updates for the government?

The whole "other sites exist" argument doesn't matter when citizens dont have a choice, thats the monopoly part.

Comment Catch 22 rules (Score 1) 153

I've seen rules used to push whatever agenda someone has on wikipedia. Couple of my favorites, only internet accessible verification of a published article is allowed as fact. So that time, when an author tries to correct a "theory" someone else has on his own book, he isn't an authority. Even if he has a website of his own with verification. Also excludes the 70's and 80's topical stories, since many aired on TV and only made a few news articles. So we have no historically available news sites to back it up, so it never happened!

My favorite, is the common beliefs override actual facts. A amateur historian investigated common misinformed facts and would update them, only to keep having them removed. One example, Canada had no troops in Vietnam. But they did in fact have medical units and a CA gov website listing service and medals for serving in Vietnam. Proof doesn't over come biased beliefs of many editors.

What keeps wikipedia back is only 1 viewpoint is allowed, and its voted on. Voting doesn't mean something is true, just that its popular.

Comment Campaign against a perceived bias... (Score 3, Insightful) 702

Perceived?! When they vote "No Award" so to not give an award to someone based on their views, that is text book bias.

The hugos have been a mix of political correctness in the 5+ years. Why the fuck has a left wing political view have need to be pushed in an awards meant for best scifi/fantasy... Why do they have to censor what we read to not offend someone. This PC crap has been getting out of hand since they gave a Nobel peace prize to someone because of his lefty party affiliation and not his works.

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