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Comment Mac Pro (Score 4, Interesting) 230

The Mac Pro using the 12 core Xeon is based on Ivy bridge, that is quiet old. There has been Haswell, Broadwell, and now Skylake since it came out. The Wifi doesnt support N just AC. Only 1 Xeon CPU. Only 64 gigs of memory when you can buy 64 gigs for a desktop now cheap. And they still use the AMD FirePro D700 for the gfx card is bad. Its about the speed of a 980, when nvidia 1080's are out.

They gave up on power users, they gave up on power laptops. If you are an adobe photoshop user and you need speed, you migrated to windows awhile ago.

Comment Assuming a question is the correct query. (Score 1) 332

One of the things I've noticed is the framing of the question can mean multiple things with multiple interpretations.

Take, Did Canada fight in Vietnam vs Did Canada have troops in Vietnam.

Canada did not have combat troops in Vietnam, but Canada did have volunteers that did fight in Vietnam.

Also, Canada did have Medical support troops units in Vietnam. So technically Canada didn't fight the Vietnam war is accurate, but not completely true.

So you can see, its way more complicated and nuanced than "did x do y" when searching google, wikipedia, etc.

And this is how biased fact checking sites call someone a liar while claiming another is telling the truth, on the same subject, but how they make the statement.
If you give X money, and X gives Y Money, and Y pays terrorists, did you commit the terrorism by giving money to X? You didnt know Y paid terrorists. And we didnt take into account, morals, laws or other aspects that could make you guilty in some circumstances...

Life isn't binary, and treating interaction as a binary result, with a binary yes/no results, isn't fully accurate in analog experience. This is how Bias changes binary conversation into news, when subjects are more granular than that.

Comment Going to the theater is a pain. (Score 1) 341

I like the fake IMAX screen at the local theater, but parking is always bad, line to get in, line to get expensive food and soda, packed seatting, might not get a good seat, always some kids talking during the movie, a few people checking cell phones.

Or I can wait, buy the blueray, watch on my theater, and pause it, make my own food,

Older I get, less hassle I want to deal with.

Comment Rural areas still only have dialup (Score 2) 209

Here in washington state, many rural areas only have dialup, because they don't have the money to run high speed microwave to the small towns. Some islands on the west coast have many retired millionaires, so they have high speed due to point to point microwave.

The small town my family is in, has a small point to point microwave, that Verzion and comcast rents off a small ISP, so they can bring in service. 80 homes have comcast, but only the town library has a 5meg wifi for the town. People drive up just to check mail. Verizon coverage is helpful, but gsm has no coverage.

They don't sell sat internet in Washington state due to over subscribing. Everyone waiting for the new viasat 2 to launch (already delayed) till Q1 2017, and viasat 3, so rural areas in the US can get high speed (but limited) internet.

Comment 4k on 2560x1440 and 1080p monitors (Score 3, Interesting) 126

4k looks night and day different on a 1080p monitor compared to a normal 1080p blueray. When downsampled, the picture looks more detailed.

There are some 4k nature demos on youtube, using chrome you can test multiple resolutions, 4k/2k/1080 on your monitor and test for yourself the difference.
4k sampled down, I can see higher detail in the water compared to a 2k resampled. Check out the Nature Relaxation channel to check out its demo videos, they are watermarked, but make great test videos.

I saw a video blog that said the reason that 4k on a 1080p looks so well, is the 4 pixel blocks downsampled are no longer sharing chroma, but each pixel is independent, so the higher detail. (I'm recalling from memory, so forgive me if I'm wrong).

I have a 2560x1400, and 4k looks great even it. So people who say you can see a difference, really need to try some of those 4k youtube videos on chrome.

Comment Site License (Score 3, Informative) 170

Oracle tried to do this when I was ATT Wireless, we had a site license for oracle. When we ran a contact address book with multiple users, oracle tried to make us pay per server, then tried pay per user for millions of users. Oracle kept calling me in operations to try to get me to pay, I passed it onto legal and they smacked the shit outta them.

We had a great deal, 5 or so million a year for an unlimited license, and you can believe me, everywhere a database was needed, we ran mostly oracle.

(This was 10+ years ago, so Who knows now)

Comment They flag everyones political leaning (Score 2) 68

They do a fair bit of herding people and hiding content. First they determine a persons political status, then they only show you stories based on your favorites, while avoiding triggering stories. They limit/censor what posts show up in your feeds. They have multiple lawsuits on leaving hate groups that they agree with, anti-Israel, gun groups, conservative media. Its not even a guess, its already been verified by multiple media outlets.

Everyone knows they jumped the shark, as a discussion medium it sucks.

Comment Re:BBS (Score 1) 181

Most of the early boards I called were Renegade, one was WWIV, one was Telegard.

Then I discovered a board running Excelsior! and the rest quickly faded. Inherently multi-line, and supported inter-system links, so I was calling one Excelsior! BBS with 6 lines, and one of them was a dedicated linking line to another board the next city over (still a local call, but itself was local to different folks) with 12 lines, and that was linked to yet another with 8, and everyone could communicate. It was... phenomenally addictive. My grades reflected that.

Comment Re:BBS (Score 1) 181

> both sides of the disk were coated with media.

Yup. Some single-sided drives used only the top surface, and some used only the bottom, but the "single-sided" disks didn't specify which systems they were intended for, ergo both sides must've been usable!

I have a box full of those notch punches in the basement. One of these days I'm gonna go to VCFMW and hand 'em out like candy. :)

Comment Wiki wars (Score 2) 171

Real drama is in the talk pages. Check ones like how dangerous pit bulls and whether its owners vs breeds, gamergate, mens rights, any politician, politics, political view, etc.

Basically anything with a point of view, will slant to the left, that's because more editors are of leftish ideology, and wikipedia staff are mostly leftist.

The article itself says it has a slight leaning left, what is "slight" in numbers, 10%, 20%?

Comment Verizon kinda does that (Score 1) 65

A friend at a local seattle community college received a verizon hotspot. Seems the college gave wifi units to every student, with no data caps. Not sure what the agreement was, or how it was included with the student fees, but all the students received them. unlimited verizon wifi hotspots (wow!)

We pay over 150 bux a month for 15gigs on verizon for ours, and these students had unlimited access. Crazy. As theres no high speed data in the rural areas of Washington state, and sat is over subscribed. Waiting or Viasat 2 and 3 to launch, so we can get it.

Comment Right. (Score 1) 168

Rural areas cant handle self driving cars. Rural counties cant afford paved roads, they cant afford to plow or grade dirt and gravel roads. Everyone keeps talking about self driving cars, but that doesnt work I cant see self driving cars for a long time, the practical, the cost, legal areas, and when people drive trucks for decades, its going to be awhile. In the cities, sure, why not. Outside the city, we dont even have Internet except dialup in many places.

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