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Comment Re:just look (Score 1) 547

"If you looked carefully at the background, you could see "defaced by realhack"..."


Maybe you're looking at a hacked version of the hacked jpeg.

The *real* one says "hacked by realloc( " where the woman in the background is just about to write the final " )"

t_t_b == i_s_g != "Horse Lover"

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Journal Journal: Interesting, interesting... 3


What *really* got Pamela pissed off at me was my suggestion/question about whether OSRM was taking the information produced by the posters to Groklaw and incorporating that information into their "product".

That question generated several angry emails from her, and really (OK: IMHO..) was the cause of the famous Pamela-shaming:

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Journal Journal: Beyond Groklaw: the SCO battles without the baggage

There are other ways to stay on top of the SCO versus world+dog scene without having to use Groklaw.

(And interestingly, these alternate methods are becoming faster at delivering the information than Groklaw is...)


Going to the source requires a bit more reading, which implies that you have been|are going to|will from now on put a bit more effort into keeping up with what's going on.

I know it makes my head ache some times :-/

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Journal Journal: Groklaw, and Free as in Speech 2

Having been on /. for what is now quite a while (although not posting very often for various reasons), and having been on Groklaw as talks_to_birds roughly since mid-winter, I thought maybe this might be a good forum to express my growing concerns about what's been going on at Groklaw, regarding:
  1. censorship
  2. intolerance
  3. a group-think, shark-attack mentality
  4. and the cult-of-personality that's grown up around Pamela Jones, and that is the cause o

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