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Journal talks_to_birds's Journal: Groklaw: point, counterpoint


trolls getting smarter
Authored by: PJ on Tuesday, August 10 2004 @ 03:17 AM EDT

They, the trolls, are still here. I do nuke them when I see them. Look for discussions about Groklaw and how awful I am and how our stats are going down and people are leaving blah blah. SCO is seriously fighting us now. I delete trolls when I see them and they are obvious, but that is the tack they are taking. I should say resuming. Old timers here will remember they also said Groklaw was going down hill about 9 months ago, the last time we had a major troll invasion. Groklaw did not go down hill.

I absolutely will not allow Groklaw to be abused the way Slashdot was the other day, with heaps of trolls writing about how they want to get paid instead of writing software for free, etc. It's stupid to let ourselves be used. So, to the trolls: either get so smart I can't identify you or leave voluntarily or get tossed out the door. You are not welcome here. We're too busy working to defeat you to get sidetracked into troll discussions. And just so you know: we have hundreds of new members since SCOForum. Notice the new award we just won? We are not going downhill at all.

And to the troll who said all the lawyers have left, you are so mistaken. If you raise your eyes up to the top of the page, you will see that this article was contributed to Groklaw by a lawyer. He is by no means the only lawyer regularly posting here. That's what I mean about getting smarter. Of all days to say the lawyers have all left, you pick the day a lawyer sent me an article to post. Sheesh.

There are lots of places you can attack me on the Internet. Sincere criticism is sometimes sent to me by email, and I don't mind. Groklaw isn't about Groklaw, though. All that is off-topic here. That's not the topic we are discussing. This is a working site. We are busy doing research, not having discussions about life or Groklaw's merits or demerits. If you can do a better job, have at it, by all means.

Anyway, Groklaw is mine. It's like you are invited to my house for dinner. You can't sit down and then tell all the other guests my cooking isn't what it used to be and you don't much like my decor. You can leave and say that any where you wish. But it's rude in my own place at my own table eating food I prepared. Anyone who doesn't like the steaks Groklaw's cookin' up is free to leave and pay for a Big Mac down the road apiece.

My reponse, soon to be deleted, I'm sure...


trolls getting smarter
Authored by: talks_to_birds on Tuesday, August 10 2004 @ 09:44 AM EDT

You deleted some of my posts, PJ.

I'm sure you know this. I'm sure you keep a list of IP addresses of all those "trolls" and other criminals who dare to disagree with you attitude and your policies, and who are completely put off by your growing hubris and paranoia.

I cannot, in good conscience, continue to lend my considerable efforts ( http://www.finchhaven.com/TSCOG/index.html ) to a place and a person who is daily becoming more and more the diametric opposite of what she professes to hold so dear: the principles of "free" as in freedom and "open" as in available.

There is now, thanks to you, PJ, neither freedom nor openness practiced here at Groklaw.

Instead, we have narrowmindedness, blaming, and censorship.

Your narrowmindedness *is* putting people off, PJ, people are visiting Groklaw less, and fewer are posting mainly because they dislike the increasingly narrow-minded and intollerant mindset that has taken over here, entirely with your approval and your actions.

Groklaw is becoming, to repeat some of the deleted posts, an echo chamber, an ingrown "club" for same-thinkers, and a place of intollerance and narrowmindednes.

You should be proud of yourself, PJ: you really screwed this one up.

In closing, even though you persist in the mindset that you are somehow doing all this deeply hidden within the most personal and private sanctity of your own home, ponder for a moment or two, if you possibly can, that the whole world has been watching what you've become.


APA analysis, SCO Unix "timeline" and more, see: http://www.finchhaven.com/TSCOG/index.html

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Groklaw: point, counterpoint

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