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Comment Re:Hell yeah, if you still shoot film. (Score 1) 213

if you had no access to a lab that would do process E-4

I think you actually mean "Process K14", the Kodachrome process, which involved 1 story high processing machines and a manager with a degree in chemical engineering. E4 processing was what Ektachrome, Agfachrome and Anscochrome used until the late '60s (Kodak) and the mid '70s (everyone else). I remember shooting Agfachrome 50 in the eary '70s, with gorgeous pastels.When Agfa discontinued the E4 Agfachrome 50 and went to Agfachrome 64, an E6 film, I felt like my pictures suddenly turned into clown posters.

Comment Re:monitors (Score 1) 406

From the perspective of 99% of people, they can carry a 15 pound laptop as well as a 2 pound laptop, and their hyper-sensitivity to 'extraneous weight' is a weak reason at best.

Enjoy your Kaypro II....

Comment and they *still* haven't got outline mode (Score 1) 236

I don't understand why either of these guys (Open OR Libre) can't get their act together and implement something with the functionality of MS Word's Outline Mode. This has probably been the singe most requested feature in Open/Libre Office for *years* (requests go back to at least 2002), and it has steadily been ignored. It's the *only* reason I continue to use Word...

Comment Phone cameras and "point 'n' shoots" (Score 2) 422

I HATEHATEHATE them. They don't do what I want, impose their own priorities, and make it impossible for me to tell them (quickly, or at all) what *I* want to do. When I hit the shutter button, that's not a suggestion; I want the shutter to trip at that exact moment, not dick around trying to focus on what it thinks I want. I know what I want; I often shoot in "M" mode on DSLRs, and I can judge exposure by the "sunny 16" rule -- if it's sunny, the exposure is f 16 at 1/ISO speed.

If they had a camera phone which let me set ISO, f stop and shutter speed easily, and allowed for easy manual focus and *instant* shutter release, I might feel differently.

Comment Systemd and spirit of Debian (Score 5, Insightful) 647

From a Linux Journal article by Ian Murdock in 1994:

As the Debian developers create their pieces, they follow strict guidelines for constructing and maintaining these pieces, called packages. Because these guidelines are followed, each package can be dropped into the system independently without damaging or interfering with programs from other packages. By working with a set of consistent rules and with identical tools, the volunteers can and do create a truly modular system.

Nuff said.

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