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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - What does one trillion dollars look like? ( 2

ta bu shi da yu writes: "Ever wonder what a trillion dollars looks like? Well, wonder no more. have an article that provides an idea what it would like if you stacked 10,000,000,000 hundred dollar bills together on a bunch of pallets. They have helpfully scaled this against a figure of an average-sized male."

Submission + - Collision attacks on MD5 algorithm (

ta bu shi da yu writes: According to Microsoft Security Advisory 961509, "research was published at a security conference proving a successful attack against X.509 digital certificates signed using the MD5 hashing algorithm. This attack method could allow an attacker to generate additional digital certificates with different content that have the same digital signature as an original certificate. The MD5 algorithm had previously shown a vulnerability, but a practical attack had not yet been demonstrated." Further information on MD5 collisions can be found on the web site of Peter Selinger, who is a Associate Professor of Mathematics at Dalhousie University, Canada.

Submission + - Mark Shuttlesworth announces Intrepid Ibex

ta bu shi da yu writes: "Mark Shuttlesworth has announced on the Ubuntu developer's mailing list that the release after Hardy Heron will be called "Intrepid Ibex", is tentatively planned to be released on October 2008 and "is likely to have the version number 8.10." According to Shuttleworth, mobile computing will be the central feature of the distribution, and "a particular focus for us will be pervasive internet access, the ability to tap into bandwidth whenever and wherever you happen to be.""

Submission + - Pioneer's SyncTV built on... GTK+ and GStreamer! (

ta bu shi da yu writes: "Pioneer have released a private beta of a new application called SyncTV, which they bill as providing "home-theatre quality TV shows on an unlimited download service". I found this fairly interesting, but more interesting is their decision to base the core application on GTK+ and GStreamer. Mikael Hallendal, founder of Imendio, writes on his blog that "SyncTV provide this service on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, all through the cross platform capabilities of GTK+. SyncTV also shows that you can make really slick applications with GTK+ that look identical no matter which platform you run it on." Is this the first commercial application of this nature built on GTK+ and GStreamer?"

Submission + - UI designers hired by Mozilla (

ta bu shi da yu writes: Mozilla has hired several developers from Humanized. According to Ars Technica, Humanized is a "small software company that is known for its considerable usability expertise and innovative user interface design. The Humanized developers will be working at Mozilla Labs on Firefox and innovative new projects."

Submission + - Microsoft charges customers for free services

ta bu shi da yu writes: "According to Windows Secrets, "thousands of customers are paying almost $120 USD per year to Microsoft for an Internet subscription service that includes e-mail, security, and other features. But Microsoft gives away almost identical services absolutely free in Windows Live and the Windows operating system itself, while neglecting to inform those who pay through the nose." I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, but nevertheless this seems like a bit of a rort."

Submission + - MS OneCare causing Windows PCs to reboot?

ta bu shi da yu writes: "Sometime ago, Microsoft was accused of changing Windows Update (WU) to automatically download and install updates, even if users changed the auto-update setting off. This was denied by Microsoft. Well, it appears that they were right. Windows Update doesn't automatically install patches. According to Windows Secrets the culprit is MS OneCare. It appears that it automatically switches the updates to automatic without any warning to the end user. Given the problems with OneCare (deleting mail, flunking anti-virus tests and now this issue), is it really worth the effort?"

Submission + - Out of memory in Vista while... copying files? (

ta bu shi da yu writes: It appears that, incredibly, Vista often runs out of memory while copying files. ZDNet is reporting that not only does it run out of memory after copying 16,400+ files, but "often there is little indication that file copy operations haven't completed correctly". After several billion dollars spent developing Vista, surely Microsoft could get their OS to copy files properly?

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