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Submission + - Cloud based Medical Marijuana Patient/Inventory/Sales system MJFreeway hacked

t0qer writes: Hello /. Been a few years since a submission.

I'm the IT director at a MMJ dispensary. The point of sales system we were using last week was hacked. Here is The Boston Globes Coverage on it.

This system was built on Drupal in 2010. I'm guessing the more they modified the drupal core, the more bugfixed versions behind they fell behind (not to mention the rest of the LAMP stack). They've lost all customer data, meaning there was no airgapped, off the net backups. What scares me about this breach is, I have about 30,000 patients in my database alone. If this company has 1000 more customers like me, even half of that is still 15 million people on a list of people that "Smoke pot" potentially floating out there on the net. I guess because we're "Medicinal" it's no better than someone knowing a person takes Xanax for their nerves.

I feel like this company is playing on the ignorance of the general public when it comes to these types of IT security issues. I don't think people get how serious this is.What should I do? Do we still have lawyers on this site? (oldcountrylawyer?)

Submission + - Do employed tech workers live under a dome?

t0qer writes: I've been thinking about this myself lately. I made a comment on the Gbus protests the other day, and a few of the responses were "Entitled" as some users put it. Myself, I'm back in tech after a 12 year layoff.

What I mean by "Living under a dome" is do these perks do more to isolate these workers from the realities facing most job seekers in this economy? This article states that the jobless rate is actually closer to 37.2%. I know many people working at some of these companies, and their attitudes cover the spectrum from entitled to altruistic.

How can we get across some of these younger tech workers that the world outside their gilded cages isn't the same as the one they live within?

Submission + - Is reddit trying to lure Wil Wheaton from us? INTERVENTION

t0qer writes: The evidence...

Dear slashdotters...

In the last few weeks redditors have been on a campaign to steal our beloved Wil Wheaton (AKA Wesley Crusher) from us. They've been using a series of memes trying to appeal to his vanity.

Wil, while I know the pull of bacon, narwhales, lol cats, memes, and upvotes is a very strong temptation, remember your roots man. You're a /.'er through and through.

I hope the rest of the /. community will assist me with this intervention.

Submission + - Bigfoot's body found in Georgia! (

t0qer writes: " reports that a pair of Georgia men found bigfoot while hiking around in the woods. The pair gave a press conference today in Palo Alto CA. The story has still shots of the beast, with video of todays press conference."

Submission + - Sony silently drops PS3 linux support. ( 4

t0qer writes: "Up until this week, hackers at the forums have been hot on the trail of writing a hardware accellerated driver for the PS3 RSX chip until Sony released thier new firmware. Now it seems that updating to the new 2.10 version of PS3 firmware not only blocks RSX access completely, but breaks linux installs as well. This is a harsh blow to the PS3 linux community."
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Accellerated X drivers coming for PS3 Linux (

t0qer writes: Over at the PS2dev forums a hacker named Ironpeter has successfully managed to bypass the PS3's Hypervisor to gain direct access to it's Nvidia RSX GPU.

This is s first step and far from a complete working driver, but it seems as word of this spreads, more people are helping with the effort to hunt down the Hypervisors Fifo/Push buffer. It won't be long before we're playing tux racer on the PS3 in it's full OpenGL glory.

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