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Journal Journal: Effects of internet karaoke on a bar

So like, everyone knows about now. It's really amazing the effect it's having on bar attendance. At first there was a few naysayers, but eventually everyone has warmed up to the cam, and we've yet to lose a customer over it. In fact, we've gained a few new customers because of it. Everyday the site gets more members, and everyday we get more and more known throughout the bay area and the world. Whoever thought drunk people singing karaoke would be so popular?
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Journal Journal: Holy shit i'm famous 1

In a total fluke, i've become famous.

It started out with me making NSV video's of me singing karaoke songs in my living room and posting them in the forums. Then I started taking peoples requests. Over 40gigs of these video's were downloaded in a 5 day period. Absolutely amazing.

One of the winamp guys, christophe decided to start a winampTV station with these videos. Amazingly, that got popular too.

I got the bright idea to take it a step further. My weekend fun job is working at a karaoke bar. So I asked my boss if I could install a camera, DSL, and do streaming video. To my delight he let me do it.

Tim Gnatek of the New York Times was going to do a story on winampTV when he found out about me. He came down to the bar, hung out for the evening, asking questions, taking notes, and doing the "good journalist" thing. I knew that this story was really going to be published when a week later, a NYT photographer was sent out. Big ass camera, lots and lots of pictures.

Finally, AOL decided to take me under their wing. I have a 200 user shoutcast server running on a sun solaris blade. Free, just because AOL likes the content i'm creating.

I don't know what to do at this point. I love the attention, but how do I keep it from being a 1 hit wonder, how do I keep it from being just "my 15 minutes of fame"? I just don't want to fizzle out of peoples memories.

Anyways, if you're reading this journal, and you want to see the site, check out Also check out the articles on winamp about me, ect.

One thing I am having problems with is SESAC. They're insisting that I pay them royaltee's for people singing karaoke over the internet. To my knowledge, there's only one other place in the world doing this (cats meow karaoke, google it) There's a section 107 of the copyright law, in which 2 live crew won against sesac for their parody of "Pretty Woman". If you saw a white guy singing sir mix a lot songs terribly, wouldn't that be a parody? Sesac doesn't want to think so.

Man, it's been a long time since I wrote here. These stories on slash just haven't appealed to me in the last few months. Maybe i'll write again soon.


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Journal Journal: The slashdot dating game 3

Bap bop bop bop dada bop bop bop (cue in Herp Albert & Tiajuana brass little flea music)

How many of you non subscribers were innundated by slashdot ads for geek dating this week?

Not that I can't blame slash for doing it (so many freeloaders like me around) but why the sexy unrecognizable models?

They could have used recognizable geek chicks, like the BSD devil girl, or killcreek, but ohhh no they had to use some professional models.

And where were the men in these ads? Why is slash only trying to appeal to the male geeks?

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Journal Journal: I know for a fact now the slash editors are out to get me 5

This is a comment I made quite a while back, thread "Why nerds are

I distinctly remember this comment was at +5. Somehow it's been modded
to 2 "troll" by the moderators after moderation and comments were disabled on
the story.

Fuck you hemos/malda/michael and the rest of you slashdorks. If you don't
like the "Social misfit nerd" type on slash, just tell me, i'll stop posting
forever. You're the only one's that could have modded this post after
comments were disabled, I want a explaination.

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Journal Journal: Friday August 16th 2003, Windows update day.

Don't let the pesky RPC worms going around take all the bandwidth from windowsupdate.

This saturday we should try and hog all the windowsupdate packets that we can, show no mercy!! HAHAHAHAA

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Journal Journal: The amount of player hating on my posts lately 1

Has really got me down. I sort of stayed away from commenting on slash for a while, but recently I made a few posts and people have been hating on them like motherfuckers.

I have no problem getting a +4 or 5 score, but then it turns into a hatefest.

3 comments in paticular, the acrobat isn't wonderful, my smartcard=sales ply, and finally to all the people saying get rid of windows. What the fuck is wrong with these idiots?

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Journal Journal: Strange sleeping habits

I've been staying up till dawn lately, I better cut out the Mtn Dew or i'll become a slashdot "click refresh" vampire.

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Journal Journal: What a bored out of work geek does with his time. 3

My brain feels fried...

Since my layoff 2.5 years ago, the best work i've been able to find is a friday night job as a bouncer at a karaoke bar. I like karaoke, it's good stuff, good fun.

Anyways I started reading about this thing called MP3+G. Basically it's a way to covert your CDG karaoke disks over to an MP3 format while still preserving the karaoke lyrics. The software components for the system are simple, winamp + CDG plugin, all free shit.

So I spent the last week using a borrowed plextor drive plus my own (one of the few drives that can read a CDG disk) converting the bar's CDG collection into MP3+G. What a fucking nightmare, 12 hour days of ripping CD after CD until I had their collection complete.

Yesterday I installed the whole mess running on a PIII500 and a dual display video card at the bar. People were very impressed to say the least. I still have some work to do on the machine though, like locking down the filesystem and user accounts so nobody can get in and inadvertantly fuck things up.

Well now's your chance to meet 'ol toq if you live in the bay area. My bar (7 Bamboo) is on the corner of 4th and Jackson street in San Jose and I can usually be found there Friday night throwing out the smelly bums that walk around stealing peoples beer off their table. I do my best to keep the swirly drunken construction worker types outta there, and keep it down to us geeks.

Anyways, i'm looking for any extra brain power I can find on this project, the systems installed now, it just needs "tweaking" Just come down, check it out, and if your idea sounds usefull or applicable i'll throw it into the system.


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Journal Journal: 5 Free mod points! Read my journal! 4

The editors have again blessed me with the power to abuse the system :P

First person to respond to this post gets +5 added to their karma across their last 5 comments. You can even choose what kind of moderation!

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Who wants mod points? 4

The next lucky respondant to this post will get +5 moderated across their past 5 comments. Hurry Now!

Only friends and fans of t0qer qualify for this contest, everyone else too bad.

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