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Comment Re:Bronze: Over 100 Chart Toppers $9.99/month (Score 1) 93

Is Rogers like Canada's evil overlord? I was in Toronto recently and they were EVERYWHERE. It'd be great if it was across all music, as in you're good to go for whatever you want. Opt-in makes more sense though. Higher fee, but more targeted. I'd pay monthly for unlimited DRM-Free music.

Comment Re:Ummm yes... (Score 1) 261

Right... the masses... Lets perform a psychology "experiment" here. Ask any non-geek what version number of any piece of software they are running. Hell, ask them for the name of that software. Most cannot answer either. Generally, "the masses" only know a couple things "this is my internet", "this is how I type stuff", "this is how I email", etc.

So, so very true. I don't know why people don't realize this more often when discussing or even designing software. Even to a lot of Firefox users, Firefox is just 'internet' or 'FoxFire' and firefox is still a relatively nerd/geek-based program.

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