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Comment Re:Reputation (Score 1) 508

You have the gun, and you have the dog. All you really need now is a reputation.

I totally agree with this.

The computer shop I work at has been grab-and-run shop lifted once. Just once. Between the fact that my boss chased the guy in his truck until the police managed to catch up and the fact that we go around wearing "fishing vests" all the time has kept things pretty smooth here even though we are not in the best neighborhood.

I think the poor running shop thief told his buddies.

Comment Re:The internet doesn't "route around it" (Score 1) 410

In my area, you can choose from 1 cable ISP, 1 DSL ISP, and 3 major cell providers. All five of these are major companies who would bow to the government in an instant if asked. If they were all effectively censored, there would be nowhere to turn save a satellite provider.

Is that you over there across the street from me?

I have the same problem in the area in which I live. We do have a local radio based ISP here (they are calling with wireless DSL, though I don't know anything about the underlying tech or protocols). They're just a couple of guys who run the company out of a local office so I'd say they would be a good censorship circumvention point but I happen to know that their upstream providers are the cable and DSL companies that I have direct access to.

Comment Re:why phase out DVI? (Score 1) 704

As others have said, all my SATA connectors lock into place. That you bought yours from Jose at the corner for 5 cents a piece is not a problem with SATA but with you.

This is great until you get a crappy "locking" one that doesn't want to unlock no matter how hard you squeeze and you nearly break the connector off trying to disconnect it. If you work in a PC shop long enough you'll run into plenty of them.

Comment Host Gator has been good for me (Score 1) 279

Not long ago I moved all my stuff from GoDaddy just because of how sleezy they'd gotten. Sleezy as in "check out our internet only ads that are too 'hot' for tv" being plastered all over their home page, etc. That plus the fact that you couldn't navigate their account/hosting controls even if you had a tour guide. I eventually decided on HostGator due to price per options, and I've been happy. You might give them a look. Their support people were always able to intelligently answer any technical questions as well (e.g., Why are you still stuck on Rails 2?). YMMV. Just my 2 cents worth.

Comment Re:Yeah, but... (Score 1) 205

Patenting something like the GIF encoding algorithm nowadays would be extremely difficult.

I was going to post a long reply to this, but I think I can sum it up with one letter and three numbers: H.264.

Good summation. Why oh why do I never have mod points when I really need them!? Maybe it's because I don't post much. ;)

Comment Re:Fingers crossed (Score 2) 243

Did you know that a generator's gaskets will dry-rot over time, even if you don't use it? Well guess what, they will--and that shit is expensive to fix too.

They dry rot especially if you don't use it. By running the generator fuel/oil (depending on which gasket) are splashed/pushed onto the gasket, moisturizing it and prolonging it's life. Crank it up every now and again and be sure to use fuel stabilizer if you don't drain the gas tank; otherwise the gas turns sort of green and rotten.

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