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Submission + - China denies cyberattacks on U.S. power grid (

systematical writes: April 9, 2009 (IDG News Service) China denied Thursday involvement in malware attacks designed to shut down the U.S. electrical grid in a time of war. "The incident of attacks on the U.S. electrical grid from China and Russia simply does not exist," Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters, according to a transcript of the briefing. "We hope the concerned media will cautiously handle groundless statements and especially critiques against China." My question is how does the Chinese foreign ministry know the Russians were not involved? Something smells fishy...

Submission + - Online University, good or bad?

systematical writes: I currently work full time as a LAMP web developer and go to school part time at a local community college for Computer Science. It will be several years at 6 credit hours per semester before I get my BS in Computer Science. I recently heard of an online institution, Western Governors University and am wondering about your thoughts on this particular school and online schools in general. Do you feel the course work covered is adequate? Would a degree from here be respected? I tried taking the easy route once at ITT Tech and quickly left feeling the education was sub-par so I am apprehensive about going outside the traditional route, but they are regional accredited and have Microsoft, Google, IBM, and HP on their advisory board to name a few. Would you not hire someone because of a degree from an online institution such as WGU? Your thoughts in general? Thanks.

Submission + - Fannie Mae engineer indicted for planting server b (

systematical writes: "A former Unix engineer for the Federal National Mortgage Association, better known as Fannie Mae, has been accused of planting malicious code on the corporation's network that was to "destroy and alter" all of the data on the company's servers this Saturday, court documents show. "It was only by chance that [the Fannie Mae engineer] scrolled down to the bottom of the legitimate script to discover the malicious script," the complaint read. If the malicious script had gone undiscovered, it would have disabled monitoring alerts and all logins, deleted the root passwords to the approximately 4,000 servers that Fannie Mae operates, then erased all data and backup data on those servers by overwriting with zeros. "Finally, this script would power off all servers, disabling the ability to remotely turn on a server," said the government's complaint. "Subsequently, the only way to turn the servers back on was physically getting to a datacenter.""

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