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Comment Re:Unstable (Score 5, Insightful) 729

This is why I've told everyone not to immediately update to Ubuntu's latest version. In fact, your best bet is to just stick with the LTS releases. Ubuntu has certainly proven not to be an option for production level servers and is starting to make me question its viability as a work station.

Comment Gotten use to waiting a few months before upgrade (Score 1) 729

Ubuntu's rapid releases and sometimes shotty releases have made me get used to waiting several months, sometimes 6 months, before upgrading. It's likely I'll just move 100% to Debian or something like Mint next time I upgrade my computer. Thanks for all the years Ubuntu, buts its time I go back home to Debian.

Comment Really sounds like a new way of tracking where... (Score 1) 1306

Really sounds like a new way of tracking where you go. If they are installed on every car, then the meter can associate your car to a location. No thanks. I'll take public transit and rent a car when needed. Doesn't just taxing the gas do the same thing meanwhile encouraging more gas efficient vehicles... This is also potentially brutal on tourism.

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