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Comment Re: Next Phase (Score 1) 636

When someone is sitting on your chest and slamming the back of your head into the sidewalk, you can shoot him in any State, stand your ground or otherwise.

Not when that someone is defending themselves against your assault, no. You cannot attack someone and then claim self-defense. It was Trayvon Martin who had the legal and moral right to stand his ground that night; it's unfortunate that the bad guy was armed and got away with it.

Comment Re: More proof (Score 1) 415

Racism isn't bad because it's mean. Racism is bad because it is stupid. Like, having a heartfelt belief that red cars are faster than blue cars kinda stupid.

Tribalism and identity politics, on the other hand are bad because they make enemies of everyone outside the tribe.

That's what's happening. All these people trying to push their tribe forward are creating bad feelings. They're not helping anyone, including those they purport to support.

Comment Re:Speech as a crime (Score 2) 161

You do have a right to stop someone from saying things that a reasonable person would perceive as threatening.

And there's very little that someone hundreds of miles away from you can say over the internet that a reasonable person would perceive as threatening.

Someone in the same room with me, or standing in front of my house, saying "I'm going to punch you in the face for what you said!" is a true threat, the person has the imminent means and opportunity to carry it out. Someone in a different city tweeting "@tom_swiss I'm going to punch you in the face for what you said!" is not a threat. Their arms just aren't that long.

Comment Re:Oh yeah, that's money well spent (Score 1) 161

Can somebody tell me why motivation makes a difference?

Because intent matters.

Intent is a very different thing than motive. Motive, in your example is the reason why the first guy planned his murder: for gain, for the lulz, ethnic or religious or political hatred, whatever. The act is still one of deliberate intent, regardless of motive. Your second guy had no intent to kill.

Motive may matter when we turn to the question of how to rehabilitate a criminal. But it can play no rightful role in defining a crime.

Comment Re: Yeah Germany (Score 1) 472

It's so funny, listening to death worshiping western nations who rely on foreign born to make up for all the children they didn't feel it their responsibility to bear and raise.

Like fleas talking about how much more evolved they are than dogs.

So, on topic... you get that has as much population as North and South America, Africa and Europe combined, right?

They only need a tiny percentage of their young population to develop these skills to outnumber your entire domestic IT workforce. Judging them by the average Indian may be good for your ego, but it won't help you understand why this is happening.

Comment Re:B-b-b-but GUNZ is SKEEERY!! (Score 1) 331

If guns kill people, then no one ever kills themselves; they are murdered by various inanimate objects: guns, ropes, knives, bridges, pills, etc. I don't see people talking about someone who hanged themselves as a "rope death" or someone who jumped of a bridge as a "bridge death". It's as if guns were a special case, for some political reason.

Comment Re: This is why we shouldn't work with women (Score 1) 410

Is there room in your brain for the possibility that you're just sheltered?

I tried asking a woman for consent once. She was in my bed, and I said "Tell me you want it."


"Tell me you want it."


"Tell me you don't want it."


"Tell me something."


I got fed up, rolled over and went to sleep.

Next day, her girlfriend is explaining how she wanted me so bad, that's why she was there, but she couldn't say the words, because she wanted to remain a good girl. She wanted me to be the bad guy so she could have what she wanted while remaining the good girl.

That's our job as men. To take the risks, be the domineering, "bad" guy. No matter how many laws are passed that could put us in jail for trying, no matter how dangerous they make it, no matter how much they criminalize healthy, natural interactions between men and women, it's still our job.

Ever heard the stereotypical "I don't want to tell you what to do, I just want you to do it." line women like to say?

That's them telling you, in plain english, that they value their submissive role more than they value having all the other things they want.

That's human nature.

The women who are making all the noise don't speak for women. They're freakish outliers, not representatives of their gender. Most of their gender simply doesn't wish to speak up at all.

Pandering to them does not mean you're "respecting women".

Might I suggest you conduct an experiment to confirm or refute? Go visit a small town where you won't feel concerned about embarressing yourself and having to see them at the grocery store, and experiment with behaving as though you were a man.

Comment Re: This is why we shouldn't work with women (Score 1) 410

There was that one time... I was at a party and joked to my buddies "Why do people always say they're going to pick up a woman, but they never do? This is how you pick up a woman.", then turned around, grabbed the nearest cutie and thew her over my shoulder.

Then I carried her out of the apartment, down the street to my apartment building, up the stairs and through the apartment, threw her on the bed, tore her clothes off and fucked her brains out.

I never actually asked her for consent, but she was giggling the whole way there, so, I dunno... does that count?

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