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Comment Re:The inevitable comparison, so let's get it over (Score 1) 201

These 14 y/o squeeky things I find online are the new hardcores and as much as it pains me to say it... they're better.

It's these squeeky voices that reaffirm to me that they are better when I hear screams of, "Oh God YOU SUCK! Get off my team you NOOB!!!"

There was a time I remember I could say that, but now it's... "Oh Karma, you really didn't forget about me... and yes, you are a bitch!"

Comment Re:Better computers than humans (Score 1) 472

The only thing is that no country besides the US seems to be very good at developing new military tech these days - but the US always wants to stay ahead of the game.

I wouldn't say that the US is the only country to be very good, it's just that other countries don't pour as much money into the research as the US does.

When the defence spending of the US is equal to the next 22 countries' spending on defence combined, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that the US is in the lead.

Comment Re:Best advice not to get caught (Score 1) 119

Have them put the unmarked bills into a waterproof duffel bag. Have them put the said duffel bag into a small airplane with a route flying over very inhospitable country. As they fly the route, you are on the ground and radio them to toss it out of the plane with a parachute. Collect bag and make your escape, or hide the bag and come back for it later.

Comment Re:Touch typing defense (Score 1) 157

What about all the other number keys you end up pressing when you define how much money you're depositing or withdrawing?

All this is making the simple task of stealing so complicated. Gypsy kids just hang around the ATM, wait for the withdraw screen to show up, run in, quickly press the auto denomination of the highest value and wait for the money to start spitting out before they grab and dash. Thermal cameras have got nothing on those kids.

Comment Re:Good Idea (Score 1) 172

How about a portable strobe light (dim the power from 500 lumens and select your own flash rate)? You can also use it for stop motion analysis, or for some interesting photography effects. Program SOS Morse code into it and see who shows up? Get a few of them, set random blink rates, put them on a remote control helicopter, and go have some fun with the UFO enthusiasts?

It's a bright flashlight that can be used to blind an attacker at night, plus it fits into your hand in case you need to hit back (similar to holding a roll of quarters, but more useful).

I think the idea is to see what programs or uses people can come up with for an easy to program high powered flashlight.

I think there should be a setting to induce photosensitive epilepsy.

All I would need is 4 settings, high, low, blinky, and seizure induction.

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