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Submission + - IE6 Finally Falls Under 5% Market Share 2

An anonymous reader writes: The latest market share numbers from Net Applications show Internet Explorer was the biggest winner last month. Between August and September, IE gained 0.19 percentage points (from 57.60 percent to 57.79 percent), Firefox slipped 0.22 percentage points (from 18.80 percent to 18.58 percent), and Chrome dipped 0.02 percentage points (from 16.00 percent to 15.98 percent). IE6 slipped a huge 1.22 percentage points to 4.86 percent. This means it has finally fallen below the 5 percent mark, which we weren’t expecting till sometime later this year. Microsoft itself confirms the milestone occurred during September 2013.

Comment Impressive when you consider... (Score 2) 46

... that the Core i7 processor containing 731,000,000 transistors weighs approximately 386 g. 731,000,000 Silicon atoms weighs roughly 34 fg (femtograms) - using Avogadro's Constant and assuming I did my calculation correctly. That's a pretty huge space savings, even if you were only using binary computation.

Submission + - Real Life Super Hero Arrested (

Pat Attack writes: An ironic twist lands Phoenix Jones, a self-styled super hero from Seattle, in jail on Sunday morning. Jones happened upon a group of people fighting in the street and tried to stop the fight using pepper spray. He was arrested by police on four counts of assault.
The New York Daily News quotes Jones : 'I've been shot once and I don't really want it to happen again. I've been stabbed twice, hit with a baseball bat and had my nose broken,' he says. 'But in all those incidents I helped someone who was in danger.
'If someone is going to take that punishment it should be the guy in body armor,' he said.

Submission + - Where's Wall.E? (

sykobabul writes: Vulture has posted a link to an amazing where's Wall.E poster created by Richard Sargent. The fun is trying to identify all of the other famous robots in the image after you find Wall.E.

Submission + - Happy 80th Birthday, William Shatner! (

gregg writes: Today another geek legend celebrates a birthday. Best known for portraying Captain James T. Kirk, William Shatner has cemented himself into geek science fiction lore forever. Today he begins his ninth decade on this planet — yes, Captain Kirk is now 80 years old.

Submission + - Colorado police officer resigns after web comments (

An anonymous reader writes: What does Slashdot think of this story? This man made controversial comments on a news web site, and then the news website looked up his IP address, and upon finding out he was a cop using a work computer, contacted his employer and got him fired. Is this right?

Submission + - Nokia CEO admits human rights abuse in leaked memo (

Melchett writes: In a leaked memo, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has castigated the company for its 'endless pursuit of profit and our unwillingness to acknowledge our actions'.

'While governments, like that of Iran, used the digital weaponry we provided to track down and persecute citizens and activists, what happened at Nokia? We denied responsibility, we divested the problem, we passed the buck, we spun the p.r.'


Submission + - The Xbox Dilemma: Could Playstation be Trapped by (

An anonymous reader writes: Market share is enormously important for gaming consoles, particularly with this generation. People want the same system that their friends have, this has always been the case, if all your friends had the NES you didn’t want the Sega Master System, because games and game makers build a community around their product...

Submission + - Xmarks may not be dead after all

gatorfan writes: Xmarks announced it is shutting down in January of next year, that was reported a couple of days ago. Well since the out cry of people willing to pay for the service was so profound, they have since posted a pledge that users can sign if they are willing to pay for the service.

I was wondering if this would be something you guys would like to do an update to the post from earlier this week to get the word out. The post I am referring to,

Thanks for your consideration.

Devoted Xmarks user

Submission + - Impressive HRP-4 robot will make you bow in defere ( 1

hasanabbas1987 writes: Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is back with the mighty impressive HRP-4 humanoid. Created in partnership with Kawada Industries, this 151-centimeter (5-feet) tall, 39-kilo (86-pound) walking followup to the HRP-4C, HRP-3 and HRP-2 robots (pictured in the background) was developed to help take over manufacturing duties from a rapidly aging Japanese work force. The highly mobile HRP-4 features 34-degrees of movement with AIST proprietary control software running on a Linux core. Things get weird at the 5:30 mark of the video embedded after the break when a human enters the stage for a good ol’ fashioned stare down. Probably has something to do with his hot wife.

Submission + - When The Senate Tried To Ban Dial Telephones (

An anonymous reader writes: With the Senate now looking to have the government block access to websites it deems to be bad (which seems to be called "censorship" in other countries), it's worth pointing out that the Senate doesn't exactly have a good track record when it comes to deciding what technologies to ban. Back in 1930, some Senators came close to banning the dial telephone, because they felt that it was wrong that they had to do the labor themselves, rather than an operator at the other end.

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