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Comment Reasonable People Distrust Computers (Score 1) 264

Any normal person who uses computers on a day to day bases doesn't have to have a Newspaper tell them that they should be suspicious of any software.

Software is only as good as the software authors. Fly By Wire software has killed several pilots in the past, despite millions and millions of dollars in development. The resources Musk has devoted to this task and the testing done pales in comparison.

It will be a long time before I take my hands off the wheel.

Comment Diversity Bullshit (Score 5, Informative) 546

It is clear that the SJWs only believe in one kind of Diversity...of Race

They are not interested in Diversity of Opinion
They are not interested in Diversity of Thought
They are not interested in the Diversity of Goals

If you think differently than them, have different opinions, or don't share their SJW goals, you are Other and are to be despised.

Don't bother arguing otherwise.

Radio host Marshall Gilbert was fired for voting for Prop 8

A coffee shop, El Coyote, became a target of protest after the manager’s name was put on a blacklist for giving $100 to support Proposition 8. Mobs of protesters harassed El Coyote’s customers, shouting “shame on you,” until police in riot gear settled the crowd.

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich

Google for more.

Comment Not to Sound iIke a Snowflake... (Score 5, Insightful) 227

...but the very idea of testing genetics in order to determine your qualifications is Offensive in the worst way and an Affront to humanity.

The essence of being human is the ability to overcome the challenges placed before you. A Dyslexic person becoming a famous author, a victim of ALS persevering and becoming an award winning winning Physicist (and possible Nobel Prize winner), a blind and deaf person learning to speak and write, etc.

I'm not going to spend time looking it up, but I expect that you will find many great people in history who have overcome inherent disabilities of one kind or another to become Leaders in public service, technology, the military, etc, who, under this DNA testing philosophy, would have been disqualified from the start.

Comment Asshole Trolls (Score 2) 435

I appreciate how Slashdot posters have largely stayed out of the shit fest that is this campaign. Thank you.

But recently, more and more assholes like the AC at the top are spamming Slashdot with political bullshit.

I think that the majority of the Slashdot community would appreciate it if you cock suckers stayed in the designated cesspools that support your candidate and stay the fuck away from Slashdot.

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