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Comment Re:This is a surprise? (Score 2) 483


These universities are ultimately under the control of the Legislature. The CA Government is swarming with Democrats, yet none of them seem to give a fuck about good jobs being sent out of the country. Why is that?

Seriously...it wasn't all that long ago they'd be all over this like bees on an open soda can.

Comment Re:You probably don't need it. (Score 1) 94

The thing is that these days, pretty much anything you buy isn't slow. 98% of computers sold are more than up to the task of every day use.

Seems to me these things are like guys modding their cars. For instance taking a stock v6 mustang, removing the governor, adding a supercharger and replacing various bits and pieces to make a 160 MPH car out of one that will already easily go fast enough to get yer ass put in jail.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1430

Here's how it could go.

Several electors choose someone besides Trump or Hillary but not enough to affect the outcome. Trump wins, no one cares about the "protest" vote of the electors.

Many electors switch their votes to someone besides Trump or Hillary, Trump falls below 270. It goes to Congress and Trump is president. The electors will be reviled.

Enough electors flip to give the Presidency to Hillary. Congress rejects it and votes in Trump. Shooting starts. Liberals, having given up their guns, don't do so well.

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