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Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1424

Here's how it could go.

Several electors choose someone besides Trump or Hillary but not enough to affect the outcome. Trump wins, no one cares about the "protest" vote of the electors.

Many electors switch their votes to someone besides Trump or Hillary, Trump falls below 270. It goes to Congress and Trump is president. The electors will be reviled.

Enough electors flip to give the Presidency to Hillary. Congress rejects it and votes in Trump. Shooting starts. Liberals, having given up their guns, don't do so well.

Comment Fake News? (Score 4, Insightful) 313 article by Business Insider, which relies on an article in the New Yorker, wherein a reporter makes these claims.

No proof, no official findings, no investigations, just, "he told me" from a reporter and magazine that are unquestionably anti-everything that is not Democrat.

This shows all the hallmarks of Fake News as they have been explained to us by the media.

Comment Re:So... (Score 4, Insightful) 1321

No know plenty of "blue collar" people who are "educated" and visa versa.

When you try to turn this into a "smart" vs "not smart" you are asking for trouble. It's more likely about people who have been negatively impacted by the last few decades of policy.

For instance, I'm thinking that there is a good chance that plenty of IT workers who have had to train their foreign replacement voted for Trump.

Comment Re:Genuine question (Score 2) 1321

I don't think there is any real way they can challenge the results.

If, as they are suggesting, the Trump win came from hacked voting machines, there is no paper trail to check against. Once you click the submit button, the vote is logged. They have no idea who cast it, or what (if it was different) their intention was. It also means that you have no concrete means to be sure that how you voted is what was counted. The reputation of the system is the only thing you can rely on.

Same thing with paper ballots. No signatures, no trail. About the only thing you can do there is carefully recount them, which is happening more and more often.

On the one hand, it makes it so no one can be intimidated into voting a certain way ("if you want to keep your job, prove you voted how I want")

On the other, it makes find any fraud almost impossible to detect. About the only thing you can go on is the Registrations. It's not uncommon that far more people voted than are registered. Investigations are seldom done in this circumstances.

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