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Comment Don't forget the Microsoft factor (Score 3, Informative) 52

This can also be seen as a response to Microsoft's recent purchase of ProClarity (makers of front-end software for the Microsoft BI products). Both Microsoft and Oracle are gobbling up companies that fill gaps in their offerings to allow them to sell an entire BI solution instead of just widgets that other companies assemble into complete solutions.

Submission + - Neo Geo, MSX and PC games on Wii Virtual Console

Wowzer writes: "Recently Nintendo of Japan showed the Neo Geo logo on their Wii Virtual Console page. From the article: "SNK Playmore will start its support with Neo Geo games [in Japan] in the summer of 2007! No pricing or specific games were announced, nor does anyone know if MSX and Neo Geo games will become available to Americans or Europeans." The MSX games Eggy and Aleste will be available as early as Spring 2007 in Japan. But Americans aren't left behind with its first two casual PC games Jewel Quest II and Sproink hitting the Wii Shop in Q1 2007 as well."

Submission + - Apple TV Shipping Date Slips

An anonymous reader writes: As per the Apple store, the shipping date for the Apple TV has gone from "February" to "Mid March". I do not know if this new date will be applied to those who have pre-ordered as I'm one of those who are waiting for somebody else to take the plunge, pull the machine apart, and get us a report on what makes it ticks.

Submission + - Wii Virtual Console to Get MSX, Neo Geo Titles

An anonymous reader writes: Things just keep getting better and better for the Wii's Virtual Console, as Nintendo has announced the introduction of two new systems to the service: the MSX and the Neo Geo. However, the announcement right now only pertains to Japanese Wiis; no North American or European news has been released as of yet.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - appleTV officially delayed

vic_at_anything_digi writes: "It seems that the rumors regarding the ship date for Apple's forthcoming media extender on are true: appleTV is officially delayed until mid-march. I pre-ordered mine a few weeks back and received an e-mail notification of the delay today at 6:50:52 PM CST. Is this an issue with the airport extreme which is already shipping or signs of something more serious?"

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