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Comment Re:Another possible fix (Score 1) 181

That just makes it a little harder to do, but way easier to defend. Dirty cop makes a citizen complaint from a burner phone claiming that a grey Ford whose license plate started with XYZ was seen driving away from a garage with a jimmied lock. Free access for every cop on the force to pull over any grey Ford they see and/or run any plate beginning with XYZ. "We were responding to a complaint." Happens constantly. Lookup "parallel construction".

Comment Re:Would you rather they SHOOT YOU DEAD? (Score 4, Insightful) 181

That's kind of like the catholic church defense, where they say priests aren't statistically more likely to sexually offend than anyone else. Well, OK, sure, but really? They can't just shoot for good enough when they have extraordinary power/access.

Also, those 96% are only good guys if you don't count how they won't "rat" on their brothers in blue and will defend them in spite of obvious evidence.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 436

Don't be careless with firearms you own. That's all you have to do to not run afoul of this law. All your guy had to do was at some point prior to the crime, notice and report the gun as missing. Again, if you are going around forgetting which guns you do or do not own, this is exactly who the law is supposed to catch.

Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 436

I've always thought that the way to end a LOT of gun violence is to simply make this bargain to gun sellers: follow the rules, get your background check, and register the sale. If you or the purchaser disagree with those rules, you are free to sell the gun with no paperwork whatsoever. But the seller is on the hook for any crimes committed by any subsequent possessor of the gun. You sell to your brother in law and nothing ever happens? Great. You sell to some stranger at a gun show and the gun is eventually used in a crime? You go to jail just as if you pulled the trigger. And this would include manufacturers, distributors, retail stores, etc.

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