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Comment Re: So basically.... (Score 1) 151

The idea isn't for the patients to use it regularly. Rather, it is for patients to get into a super receptive and open state so that standard psychotherapy can do its thing. So you might go inpatient once a month for a few months for extended sessions and then be done. Same thing with LSD, ibogaine and other psychadelics.

Comment Re:It helps the economy too (Score 1) 351

I have some old ass lawn equipment that has always been fed e10. It's all been fine. The 1999 lawn tractor needs its carburetor rebuilt, but what 17 year old carburetor doesn't need to be rebuilt. Chainsaws, trimmers and the rest are either all still running, were stolen or the motors outlived the rest of the machines. My shitty snowblower started on the first pull last month on whatever shit was left in the tank from last year. If ethanol chemically affected seals and whatnot, EVERY machine made from the same materials would fail.

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