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Comment Re:Glad (Score 1) 409

It's kind of like the streets in your neighborhood. Everyone knows what reasonable use of those roads is. But what about the family with a dozen cars taking up all the street parking? Or worse, if they all just kept driving around and around the block all day. Sure, the other people can get in and out, but it's a goddamned pain in the ass. These people are paying the same rate (rent or property tax), but they are taking far more their fair share. Abusing unlimited accounts is the exact same thing. People who use orders of magnitude more than a reasonable average shouldn't expect to pay the same as anyone else.

I kind of like how ATT does it: you have a set amount of data, but you can save up unused data from previous months. You pay for the share of the network you plan to use, but there is some leeway.

Comment Re:Cut the universal work week (Score 1) 1129

That money isn't actually in the stock market. They are trading pieces of paper that say they own a small percentage of some company and making side bets on the rise and fall of those prices. The amount of money printed on that piece of stock is already is someone else's hands. Money comes in and goes right back out again.

Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1129

Actually, to do it correctly, you DO give everyone a check for the UBI, and then you get rid of most income deductions. Including most of the progressive income tax. Why work my ass off to make $10k a year when I could do nothing and make ... $10k a year? Instead, every hour someone works means more money for them, and you just tax that new income at 25% right off the bat. That pretty much pays for it. (Not for nothing, we kind of DO have this plan for everyone who is under 18 or above 65. And it costs us 12.4% of our paychecks.)

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