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Submission + - Open source sentry gun means guaranteed paintball victory ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: If you’ve been looking for a weekend project that won’t scare your neighbors, then find yourself another article. But if you’ve been in search of something incredibly cool to spend your time on, perhaps something that involves an Arduino, open source software, and paintball or airsoft guns, then keep right on reading. Project Sentry Gun is a start-to-finish kit for protecting your castle or doing whatever it is people do when they play paintball. Expect to spend about $110 on parts — gun not included — and to learn a whole lot about the Arduino, servos, and software-based target path anticipation.

Submission + - Shortcuts to a High Tech House

phaedrus9779 writes: I'm a recently married man about to take on the next big adventure: home ownership! I came across a great house in a great community but I need a little bit extra: a high tech house. The problem: money, I'm on a budget. I'd love to have home theaters, super high tech weather stations and iPads seamlessly installed in all the walls — but this just isn't possible. So my question to the Slashdot community is: how can I build a high tech house that will be the envy of my friends, provide lots of useful gadgets, and not break the bank?

Also, as always, the cooler the better!

Submission + - "Radical manifesto" for computer teaching in English schools (

00_NOP writes: "Everybody (or almost everybody) in England agrees that computing teaching to kids in high school is broken. In response the government promised a radical overhaul and a new curriculum. But then last week it was discovered the government had scrapped the bit of the education department that would develop any such curriculum. Not to be deterred John Naughton, the Cambridge University academic who wrote the "Short History of the Future" has now published his own "radical" manifesto on how computing should be taught."

Submission + - Why Onagawa Nuclear Power Station survived the tsunami (

Kyusaku Natsume writes: While the town of Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture, was hit hard by the March 2011 tsunami, the nuclear plant it shares with the equally devastated city of Ishinomaki survived. The reason it did so is mostly down to the personal strength and tenacity of one Yanosuke Hirai, who passed away in 1986 and insisted that the plant should have been protected by a 14.8 m tall seawall.
A great quote from the article : "Corporate ethics and compliance may be similar, but their cores are different, from the perspective of corporate social responsibility, we cannot say that there is no need to question a company's actions just because they are not a crime under the law."

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