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Comment Re:Well.. Article is right, kind of.. (Score 1) 379

So how does that contradicts my assertion that carbs+fat = insulin spike? What it says is that fat+protein = less insulin spike. What a surprise.
You're saying that mixing sugars with fat makes less insulin spike which is simply complete bullshit. Try eating at mcdonalds or pizzas/whatever for a while, perfect carbs+fat content, and tell me how you will feel after a month of such a diet. The article shows this perfectly.

Well, fire your trainer, require money back, and get a life.

Comment Re:Well.. Article is right, kind of.. (Score 1) 379

Cheers, man. Although dogs are carnovores and human and rats are omnivores.
I think that readily available fat + sugars sources in one package almost never existed for our ancestors.
Women gathered carbs (berries, roots etc) and men gone hunting to bring back the meat, resources was scarce so carbs/fat/protein were cycled all the time with meals several times a day.
So from evolutionary standpoint they never encouter "fries" or "pizza" equivalent.

Comment Re:Well.. Article is right, kind of.. (Score 1) 379

>> Holt et al. have noted that the glucose and insulin scores of most foods are highly correlated, but high-protein foods and bakery products that are rich in fat and refined carbohydrates "elicit insulin responses that were disproportionately higher than their glycemic responses."

also there are links to original paper and layman-term article at the end of the wikipedia entry

Comment Re:what fats? (Score 1) 379

Has nothing to do really with the type of fat, please red this comment:
Basically if you mix fat with carbs you have really bad insulin spikes. This is what diets like low-fat or Atkin's are trying to prevent. Both of approaches are right. And yes, you actually can mix 2 of the worlds.

Comment Well.. Article is right, kind of.. (Score 5, Interesting) 379

It's very surprising that these scientists don't read basic articles in their field.
Anyone who read at least one article at this topic: knows that eating 50% fat, 50% carbohydrates will make your insulin spike like hell, much worse than just eating all that fat and carbs but separately separated by 2-3 hours.
Insulin spike will cause direct hit on your glucose levels to the point of hypoglycemia, hence the fatigue and slow brain + longterm increased body fat. As a result you're hungry very fast and still have no energy.
Just eat them separately.
Or take more powerful approach with carb cycle diet:
It works. I feel great all the time. Was not the case on Atkin's or any other food plan I ever been on (was obese since childhood, now not).

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