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Comment Re:... and that's bad, why? (Score 4, Insightful) 309

but now they have some actual evidence of what the difference in disc revenue is. This could be useful (to either/both sides) next time Netflix needs to negotiate streaming contracts - Netflix can't claim "it won't affect your DVD sales" and the studios can't claim "without streaming we'd sell ten times as many, you have to pay us based on that".

It will be annoying and sad if this reduces streaming availability, but having it based on evidence seems like an overall win in the long run.

Comment Re:Which is it? (Score 4, Insightful) 98

If you post a bad review of a hotel to Facebook and use lots of foul language, Facebook can ban you because it's their platform; the hotel can't because it's not their platform. Post a bad review on the hotel's webpage and they can delete it and ban you because that's their platform. Neither of those are changing.

What is changing is that if you post a bad review to Facebook, the restaurant is not allowed to point to a clause in the contract you signed when renting the room that says you wouldn't say anything bad about them as a reason to sue you. They can still sue you, of course, but they would have to do it on the basis that your statement was false, not just that it was bad and you promised not to say anything bad.

Comment Re:I'm missing something. Leap seconds .. (Score 2) 140

I believe the article is missing a clear indication that "2ms/century" is the rate at which the length of a _day_ is increasing. So it really means "the lengthening of a day is accelerating by 2ms/day/century". And like in distance, the acceleration doesn't tell you how much something changed by itself, you have to know what the starting rate of change was.

Comment Re:stupid and too late (Score 1) 291

The problem is that if "all functions" includes the GPS app, the phone app, and the music app (frequently used to feed audio to the car stereo) you're going to get so much pushback it won't happen. If it doesn't include those, then "real simple" is no longer the term to use.

The most effective method I can think of at this point is:
a) make it very easy to hook the phone to the car for music/phone/gps.
b) have that hookup not work for other things

If A is convenient enough, then drivers will deal with that and not worry about things that B blocks. Passengers can keep using their phone because it's not hooked up to the car.

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