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Comment Re:I'm missing something. Leap seconds .. (Score 2) 134

I believe the article is missing a clear indication that "2ms/century" is the rate at which the length of a _day_ is increasing. So it really means "the lengthening of a day is accelerating by 2ms/day/century". And like in distance, the acceleration doesn't tell you how much something changed by itself, you have to know what the starting rate of change was.

Comment Re:stupid and too late (Score 1) 291

The problem is that if "all functions" includes the GPS app, the phone app, and the music app (frequently used to feed audio to the car stereo) you're going to get so much pushback it won't happen. If it doesn't include those, then "real simple" is no longer the term to use.

The most effective method I can think of at this point is:
a) make it very easy to hook the phone to the car for music/phone/gps.
b) have that hookup not work for other things

If A is convenient enough, then drivers will deal with that and not worry about things that B blocks. Passengers can keep using their phone because it's not hooked up to the car.

Comment Re: Extrapolation? (Score 1) 540

You're right, my mistake. Your statement was that _reducing_ demand would _increase_ the value, which is the converse of my last question. So, getting back to the original question... why would reducing demand for human labor, which means a reduction in the number of people who are willing to pay for it, cause an increase in the value (hence price) of human labor?

Comment Re:The course is clear (Score 2) 165

I don't see how viperidaenz's statement leads from your question to your answer. "if you're selling it get it approved; if you're not don't" doesn't read to me "keep it off the internet". How would that be enforced? It seems like it would be difficult for the rest of the internet to tell whether your device is certified...

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