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Comment Re:Really Linus?!? (Score 2) 523

It's probably not even the biggest thing on his "Kernel Shit Must Change" list; more of a "this came up, so here's my opinion; now I'm gonna do something else". At least, that's how I interpret his email.

But why would you expect to see stuff about war, famine, or the Kardashians on the linux kernel mailing list?

Comment Re:market rewards price, not security. (Score 1) 153

if it were a deliberate attempt to be sneaky one would expect it to be a little more subtle. Instead of using the same key for everything generate a random key, but embed it in the message in a recoverable way, for example.

Of course, they could be using this to make people _think_ it's too dumb to be deliberate. Hmmm....

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