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Comment Re:This makes sense.... (Score 1) 482

As I understand it, a troll is someone who puts up something (a vote, a post, whatever) for the specific purpose of pissing someone else off or harming them somehow, usually reputationally. I believe it was originally related to the fishing term, with the implication that the intent was to generate an angry reaction (see also flamebait). There's probably subtleties to the term that I'm missing, though.

Comment Re:Not exactly direct evidence (Score 2) 156

The thing is, "dark matter" and "dark energy" are explaining different things, so they are not equivalent in the same way that everyday local matter and energy are.

The definition of "dark matter" is, in point of fact, "whatever it is that keeps galaxies from falling apart even though the outside spins faster than we think it should be able to". The definition of "dark energy" is "whatever it is that is causing distant galaxies to recede from us faster than we think they should".

Comment Re:Market failure (Score 1) 575

From his statements, I would surmise that green1 isn't actually in the USA (use of km, the fact that there's no case between 1000km and "international", and the government mandated duopoly - USA has pretty much a triopoly, last I heard). Your points about fixating on local situations is well taken, however...

Comment Re: Sometimes (Score 1) 421

You appear to be making assumptions as to my opinion of the developer (I think he was a jerk; if he'd just said "we're sorry you don't like it and we'd be happy to issue you a refund", without refusing service, this would be a non-issue), and about my experience (it's been 20-something since I left high school, and I have worked in customer support in that time). My statement was solely about the assertion that "the customer is always right", and my experience is that while the customer was always right about whether they were happy, they were not always right about what could be done about it... and sometimes what would make them happy was just not doable. If you've never had that happen, you've been fortunate.

Comment Re:Leave the original (Score 1) 542

That's an interpretation I hadn't thought of. I just figured he had enough metal in him to be a decent antenna, and a good enough handle on their communication protocols to hack in and break something. I should rewatch and see if I can find any of those earlier hints you alluded to.

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