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Comment You can be sure it is recorded (Score 1, Troll) 74

The interesting problem is that for POTS, they need warrants to wiretap. For new internet technologies the laws are not in place, so the NSA and FBI pretty much have said "It's available, it's not required to warrant by law, so let's Hoover up everything". And that's what they are doing. Microsoft already has an "NSAKEY" in its Windows encryption, and since taking over Skype they've "re-architected" everything. I'd be highly surprised if they DIDN'T have it all piped straight to the TLA government agencies.

Comment Re:Qualcomm (Score 1) 58

OK, thanks for the clarification. So I was confusing this issue with the Qualcomm one, which is also relevant.
The good news is that the Android flaw will likely be patched quickly (for those of us with Nexus phones at least). The hardware flaw from Qualcomm will probably take a bit more time and of course current HW isn't going to get fixed.

Comment Re:Microsoft is never going to get ahead (Score 1) 140

1 - Kinect was kind of a failure, Microsoft never saw it through to fruition and significant value. It flamed and died.

2 - Background images are nice and I guess a 10-20% market share is ok. But that has to include the Yahoo partnership.

3 - Nonsensical

4 - OK, that's decent at least

5 - Those were jokes

6 - The ribbon interface is at least potentially decent. I find it annoying that in a world where our aspect ratio has become landscape rather than portrait, the ribbon takes away further from the vertical real estate, and you can't change the ribbon to a vertical one. Stupid.

Comment Microsoft is never going to get ahead (Score 5, Interesting) 140

...by continuing their Apple and other company envy. They need to do some ground-breaking things that are unique for themselves AND are wildly successful in the market. Not be a clueless follower:

Mac OS, so then Microsoft creates Windows

iPod, so then Microsoft creates Zune

Google search, so then Microsoft creates Bing

Google does ads, so then Microsoft has to do ads

Apple app store, so then Microsoft creates an app store

Apple stores, so then Microsoft has to have stores

Apple provides free OS updates, so then Microsoft has to provide a free OS update

Apple high-end hardware, so then Microsoft has to have high-end hardware

Apple all in one PCs, so then Microsoft has to make all-in-one PCs

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