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Comment Re:Expected /. response (Score 2) 502

Disagree that it's more secure than Windows 7. Windows 7 has more of its bugs ironed out, and the bugs that ARE there are usually included in Win 10 as well! Microsoft may have designed more security FEATURES into Windows 10, but it takes years of track record to refine those. Windows 10 is much less mature. And then there's the much greater telemetry going back to Microsoft, so that is negative security.

Comment Translation: (Score 5, Informative) 502

"We still REALLY want to get you on Win 10. Our tricks and coercions did not work very well so anything we can do to scare you over is a good thing".
  I suspect there is some truth to what they say, but the reality is that Windows 10 has had many unstable updates. Companies can turn these off or defer them, but the home user has no recourse. And for mission critical applications, Windows 10 has shown to be not reliable as you never know when an update that you can't eliminate might break your system.

Comment In other news... (Score 1) 143

... the human species is responsible for devastation across all ecosystems on the planet. Over 7 billion of these creatures are multiplying like a cancer. They consume vast quantities of resources, they destroy ecosystems. There is plastic waste in the ocean, overfishing which is decimating the fish population, pollution of ecosystems, and radiocative waste from nuclear bombs and powerplant accidents. And new humans begat even more of these damaging beasts.

Comment Re:Best way to opt out? Streaming Services! (Score 3, Insightful) 166

I would cut the cord but my only high speed option is the same shitty company that I get cable TV from. And they've priced their options such that cutting the cord doesn't save that much. Oh, and of course then data caps are coming into vogue to ensure that you don't get too excited about those streaming services or have "unlimited" data. Which means you are going to pay them yet again for overages, or more per month to get rid of the caps. And that price will keep going up.

Comment I remember... (Score 5, Insightful) 113

I remember as a kid of 5 in kindergarten seeing crude animation live on TV as John Glenn orbited the earth. I also remember his return flight on the Shuttle when he was in his late '70s. In between he was a Senator. What a magnificent American and human being. Why don't we seem to see more of those types of people in public life today?

Comment The Constitution (Score 4, Informative) 1081

The STATES elect the president, not the populace. In the early days it was the state legislatures that elected the Electors, who went to Washington to vote for president. Along the way the state Electors were changed to being voted on by the people. The president has never been elected by popular vote. If you want to change that then you change the original intent of the Constitution. Not saying that is a bad idea, just that it all makes sense if you understand it.

Comment WTF US Governement? (Score 1) 60

We don't have enough competition. The FCC has already allowed content distributors to be owned by Media Companies (Comcast/NBC as example). We need MORE internet freedom, not legalized cartels. What we are seeing is CORRUPTION, where the money from corporate interests is more important to regulatory approvals than the needs of the people. It's funny how the "freeest country in the world" is getting more controlled while former regimes like Germany and much of Europe are freeer and have much more competition than the US, and their governments protect the citizenry from this sort of thing much more than the US.

My own situation, I have TWC for internet and my only other choice for relatively high speed is ATT UVerse. So we want to combine those pitiful two choices into no choice at all?

Comment Guessing the real story here (Score 5, Interesting) 90

If I were Yahoo, and my reputation was damaged from this, and I had received a government FISA order that I couldn't talk about, then I would do exactly this same thing. I see this as similar to a canary - Yahoo can't divulge what the government ordered, so instead, *publicly*, ask the FBA if "a, b, c" happened and to provide details. But I'd make sure I'd word "a, b, c" as what I actually know DID happen. So in fact I've hinted to the world the actual true story without actually providing the information that I'm not legally allowed to make public.

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