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Comment WTF US Governement? (Score 1) 60

We don't have enough competition. The FCC has already allowed content distributors to be owned by Media Companies (Comcast/NBC as example). We need MORE internet freedom, not legalized cartels. What we are seeing is CORRUPTION, where the money from corporate interests is more important to regulatory approvals than the needs of the people. It's funny how the "freeest country in the world" is getting more controlled while former regimes like Germany and much of Europe are freeer and have much more competition than the US, and their governments protect the citizenry from this sort of thing much more than the US.

My own situation, I have TWC for internet and my only other choice for relatively high speed is ATT UVerse. So we want to combine those pitiful two choices into no choice at all?

Comment Guessing the real story here (Score 5, Interesting) 89

If I were Yahoo, and my reputation was damaged from this, and I had received a government FISA order that I couldn't talk about, then I would do exactly this same thing. I see this as similar to a canary - Yahoo can't divulge what the government ordered, so instead, *publicly*, ask the FBA if "a, b, c" happened and to provide details. But I'd make sure I'd word "a, b, c" as what I actually know DID happen. So in fact I've hinted to the world the actual true story without actually providing the information that I'm not legally allowed to make public.

Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 5, Interesting) 250

Problem is that the way many companies price things, you don't save that much by cutting the TV. I have TWC and it's only like $20 cheaper/month if I cut TV and keep high speed internet. What we really need is a lot more competition, but the last mile problem is monopolized. I expect sooner or later somebody (Google, others) will find a way to solve that, as there is way too much money to be made by disrupting that last mile. It might end up being wireless last mile with other frequencies, mesh networks, etc. Or low orbit satellites.

Comment The entire security of the internet (Score 5, Insightful) 111

...depends upon the flawed root CA system. These companies have repeatedly failed to do their primary job of cooperating with established rules and protocols. They've failed to report breaches, they've issued certificates erroneously for other domains and then not reported it. This has been done repeatedly, and is the PRIMARY function of a CA. I don't consider it "draconian" at all, it seems pretty charitable for their timeout to be only one year instead of permanently. It's also an example to other certificate authorities that the rules actually have some teeth.

Comment Part of a desperate move to new cloud services (Score 2) 29

Just like the Windows 10 nearly forced upgrades, where they can control your machine and monitor you for advertising, this looks like a way to de-content existing software so that the cloud services have more functionality, hopefully driving their customers to the ongoing revenue generation model that Microsoft so clearly wants to grow.

Comment I'll bet it's all Larry (Score 5, Interesting) 156

Larry Ellison is likely pissed that Google managed to make a ton of money over the language that Oracle bought with Sun, but never managed to do anything with it. So go after Google. I also wouln't be surprised if Microsoft is involved. Microsoft likes to be a tough competitor but they don't like other tough competitors.

Comment You can be sure it is recorded (Score 1, Troll) 74

The interesting problem is that for POTS, they need warrants to wiretap. For new internet technologies the laws are not in place, so the NSA and FBI pretty much have said "It's available, it's not required to warrant by law, so let's Hoover up everything". And that's what they are doing. Microsoft already has an "NSAKEY" in its Windows encryption, and since taking over Skype they've "re-architected" everything. I'd be highly surprised if they DIDN'T have it all piped straight to the TLA government agencies.

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