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Comment Frightened people are easily led and make bad deci (Score 2) 645

Watching videos of the 2nd 911 plane crash into the WTC
over and over and over,
slow motion, up close
seems to have reduced people's capacity for critical thinking to this day.

Suddenly the most paranoid person in any given room was considered a national security expert.

These videos seem to perform the same way.

I refuse to watch them for the same reason I refuse to watch snuff films.

But I know people who watch them with ghoulish fascination.

Comment management is not the answer (Score 1) 184

Management: IT is expensive - we can save money by OUTsourcing.
5 years later...

Management: IT is expensive - we can save money by INsourcing.
5 years later, Go to line 1 ...

Those of us who've been in IT for a while have seen this cycle through a few times.

After much reflection, I conclude that there is no such thing as competent management.

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