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Comment The rules don't see fair... do they? (Score 1) 35

This part of the rules seems unduly harsh:

"Any team whose lander hasn't left the launchpad by then is automatically out of the running."

I think that SpaceX is behind schedule for their launches because of that rocket that recently blew up while fueling. Why penalize the team for an issue with their launch provider?

Comment Re:USB limitations (Score 2) 115

The Raspberry Pi 3 also doesn't have Gigabit Ethernet or a SATA port, two more reasons why it doesn't make for a very good file server.

It does make a pretty damn good embedded web server, though. You can install the full LAMP stack on the MicroSD card of that thing right from the Raspbian repos.

Comment Unsigned Java Applets (Score 1) 55

These security changes make just make it tougher and tougher to support "legacy" Java applets that are unsigned. Forget Java 8... even the newer versions of Java 7 can't run them anymore.

I guess that it's good that they fix these issues, but they need to offer workarounds or I'm going to have to keep installing Java 6 on some customer machines to keep their legacy crap running.

Comment Re:more important than iPhone (Score 1) 128

Yeah, the company that I work for made a wireless temperature monitoring solution that reported to us using the old AT&T GPRS network.

If our customers haven't upgraded their units last year, they wouldn't have known if their freezers filled with thousands of dollars of meat would have failed.That's probably more important than those 20 or so people who were actually still using their original iPhone to make phone calls.

Comment Interesting technicial hurdle (Score 1) 110

Like many of you, I was wondering "OK, so why don't they just spin up a few AWS or Azure instances in Russia to make their government happy?"

Then I realized that AWS doesn't have a hosting center in Russia. Neither does Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.

All of a sudden, it looks like they would have to make a custom one off server farm to appease Russia. It probably isn't worth the effort for them to do so.

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