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Comment Umm... Android? (Score 1) 492

Personally, the only version of Linux that is really user friendly enough for an newbie or an end user right now is Android.

Sure, most Linux distros now have a pretty GUI for everyday use and basic configuration changes, but there are still too many instances where you need to hand edit configuration files or do additional configuration from the command line if something doesn't work right. I know that your average Slashdot reader isn't afraid of the command line, but most end users and newbies are.

Comment Re:We place a high priority on battery safety (Score 1) 51

Samsung is kind of a special case, as they are a huge company and probably manufacture their own batteries. I think that most phone manufacturers outsource that job to a third-party battery supplier. They give the the battery manufacturer the specs, and it's their job to build it.

Comment Re:Google did its job. (Score 1) 64

The problem is that they only helped broadband adoption in a handful of areas. There are still major urban metros (like Seattle) that still have crummy broadband options.

We really need more community broadband projects! Let the cities figure out the issue themselves instead of being beholden to Big Cable and Big Telco for access.

Comment Which computer is in first place? (Score 0) 145

If the Raspberry Pi is the second most popular computer (dubious claim considering that there are several models of it), and the Commodore 64 is the third most popular computer, what is considered to be the most popular computer of all time? My hunch would be the Apple II, but I wouldn't be surprised if iMac was on the top 5 list.

Comment Re:The current model is broken (Score 1) 542

Sci-Fi movies tend be more expensive to produce than dramas or documentaries because of their special effects budgets as well. That's probably why they tend to suffer from "squealitis" than other genres, because the big movie houses are afraid to gamble a 100 million dollars on an untested concept.

That's why we should be rooting for more original movie content from the likes of Netflix and Amazon. They seem to be be making riskier bets with their content, and making far more of them. Sure, some of them suck, but they have both had a few good hits recently.

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