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Comment "Sales" = Win10 Licenses with 7 downgrade rights? (Score 1) 28

Now that you can no longer buy Windows 7 licenses, I'm sure that Windows 10 license sales will go up.

Actual Windows 10 installations will probably not go up nearly as much, though, because many of those licenses will be used to activate with Windows 7 with the downgrade rights of the license.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1426

It will probably never happen, mostly because running a truly nation-wide presidential campaign would be even more expensive than fighting it out in a handful of battleground states. It would cost tens of billions of dollars to run months of 24/7 attack ads against your competitor in all 50 states, and even the biggest of the big money donors don't want to foot that bill.

Comment Re:Woha... (Score 2) 315

That used to be the case, but the Microsoft of 2016 is different than the Microsoft of 1996 or even 2006. Instead of trying to destroy Linux, they now support it!

If you want to run Linux servers, you can install them with several different supported distributions in Azure. If you want to run a bash shell under Windows 10, they now offer one that's based off of Ubuntu.

Hell... even if you wanted to get rid of your old Windows 2008 system running SQL Server, they'll be offering a version of SQL Server that runs on Linux as well.

I'm still not a fan of how they are trying to cram Windows 10 down everyone's throats, but they do a much better job of playing nice with open source projects now.

Comment Missing the point a bit (Score 4, Informative) 100

The reason that Windows 10 disables older Anti-Virus software when upgrading is that the older Anti-Virus software is incompatible with 10 and can cause the system to crash if you continue to use it. Rather than give the user no anti-virus protection at all, they enable Defender and notify the user with a system tray pop-up that their old Anti-Virus software needs to be upgraded before it will work.

There really isn't anything sinister going on here.

Comment Re:Facebook is poisoned brand with gamers (Score 2) 116

Honestly, it's not all that hard to get hardcore gamers to join a new platform. All you need to do is offer them a few older quality PC games for free (or a highly discounted price), and they'll install the client to download them.

Hey... it worked for EA with Origin, right? I didn't want to put that crap on my PC, but I did to get those games.

Comment Re:Do older programmers even need help? (Score 1) 435

Don't forget that there are a bunch of 50+ programmers out there who have become resistant to change as well. I've worked with a few who seemingly refuse to learn new technology because they think that it's "just a fad" and the way they do things now are better.

It seems to be a particular problem in shops that are moving to open source tools, and the developers are stuck in the Microsoft mindset of doing things. Which is odd, because even Microsoft is supporting open source products now.

Comment Re:because almost NO app uses ESCAPE [sarcastic] (Score 1) 361

I love how they basically gave the middle finger to people who have a ton of USB devices that still use the full size USB port, or people who connect to monitors or projectors using HDMI. It looks like I'd have to buy a half dozen adapter cables if I wanted to use one of these laptops at work.

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