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Comment Re:Lame duck making lame promises (Score 1) 348

It could be that Obama knows that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are already competing to see who can get to Mars first, and making a promise to get to Mars a few years after the (overly optimistic) deadlines from private organizations makes him look like a forward thinker to future historians.

Hey... it worked for Kennedy, right?

Comment Re:Another BS maneuver by Comcast (Score 1) 243

To be honest, a 1 TB data cap should probably be enough for the average cord cutter unless they're watching more than 5 hours of 4K content a day. You might be hard pressed to even find 5 hours worth of new 4K content that's worth watching daily at this point.

I like hating on Comcast as much as the next guy, but these caps seem reasonable for now.

Comment Re:uuh (Score 1) 301

I'd think quite the opposite. If these people actually go outside and try to meet people, they'll be buying new clothes to look nice and buying things like food, clothes, flowers, and gifts for their new boyfriends and girlfriends.

Think of the long term possibilities as well! Once they get someone preggers, now you're going to be spending even bigger money on baby food, clothes, and toys. They might even buy bigger houses and minivans as well.

It's almost like Putin and Co. just invented the "stop playing with yourself" economic stimulus plan! Low birthrate nations like Norway should be taking notes!

Comment Re:My favorite feature? (Score 1) 427

That's a good thing, because client side Java from the browser is basically dead. Google Chrome doesn't even support the Java plugin anymore, and neither does Microsoft Edge. Firefox and Internet Explorer still support it, but disable the plugin as a security risk if you're not updating it to the latest release on a monthly basis.

They've basically made supporting the operation of Java applets in a browser impossible to support, which is great unless you're still stuck supporting them.

Comment Did Google ever really take Fiber seriously? (Score 2) 204

I'm wondering if Google ever really planned to do more than a handful of city-wide Google Fiber rollouts. I think that they were more concerned about scaring the phone and cable companies into upgrading their broadband speeds than really becoming a serious competitor as an ISP. Now that many areas in the US have faster speeds, they are more likely use bandwidth intensive Google services like YouTube, and probably download more paid content from the Play stores. Even if they decide to purchase that content elsewhere, Google is still serving those users ads!

With the money that Google has in the bank, they could have installed broadband in 25 mid-size cities by now. At this point, they'll probably abandon their plans to expand soon be looking for a buyer for the few cities where they actually installed service.

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 264

Desktop PC's haven't evolved much over the past decade, but graphics cards in gaming PC's have. Try playing modern DirectX 12 games with a graphics card that is just 5 years old, and you're going to have a lousy experience.

The gaming consoles are going to have the same issue. Even the "mighty" Project Scorpio is going to need another upgrade when their competition is offering photo realistic 8K graphics on their systems.

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