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Comment Brazilian Explain (Score 3, Informative) 178


It is VERY FUNNY how foreigners or first world people think about that.
The REAL reason is:

TAXES, FEES and revenues.

The Brazilian gov. only cares about revenues and taxes to keep it's dysfunctional dept. and employees.
Brazil was one of the first countries to have its IRS system on internet, paying taxes on INTERNET.

In one of my country roads, there is a camera that read the tags and check if the license is ok.
If not it sends a alert to the next police station with details.
The police see: White car, tag xx xxx
He stop and tow the car.

But if you go at night that does not work.
So the brazilian govt is going deeper.

In sao Paolo you have SOME days you can use your car, if you use on 'not allowed' days and you get caught you get a fine.
So this is the reason for the tags.

'hmmmmm..you moved your car 1 mile in your not allowed day, please pay'

Now I will wait for my fellows brazilians say that 'it is not like that.' and how our govt 'really ' cares about us..

Comment That is the reason US should Control (Score 0, Troll) 459

That is the reason US should control the ICANN.
I said before and I repeat again:

1. Yes! There is some 'bad' things in US govt.
2. NO! Serious...NO!!!! They are not as bad as the rest of world (YES, I lived in several countries before US)

When they ask to 'open' the ICANN to other countries they are telling:
'Hey, my religious-pedo-friends' are upset that 'some' 'kind' of people are not being stoned and that woman can drive cars.'
So 'we need more ''democracy'' at ICANN'

Leave it with US, it is the LESS evil.

Comment Re:Being a Brazilian I say ... (Score 2) 266

Today in the news, Brazil made Canadian Headlines by an announcement of major criminal charges against politicians, and friends. Bribes in the millions of dollars and scandals. Almost 50% of the opposition politicians were part of the corruption charges. More news at 11pm.

This is NOT news.... NEWS will be when they:

1) will be in jail
2) Recover the money

People really do not know how things are in 'developing' countries...
One of our 'leaders' is wanted by interpol [1] and is only wanted because the US caught him laundering BIG money. IF was in Brazil he will be innocent and will earn money for defamation.

and It is very friend of our last 'great' 'populist' Lula [2]

1 - http://www.interpol.int/Wanted-Persons/(wanted_id)/2009-13608
2 - http://g1.globo.com/sao-paulo/noticia/2012/06/maluf-oficializa-apoio-ao-pt-em-sp-em-encontro-com-lula-e-haddad.html

Again I know it is 'fancy' and 'intellectual' bash US but they are still the less evil

Comment Being a Brazilian I say ... (Score 5, Interesting) 266

Do NOT handle ANY control to the brazilian government .
The first thing they will do is take down everything that will speak against their major corrupt politicianS (with big Plural) .
And the Brazilian LAW FORBIDS anonymity.

Brazil govt: PLEASE GO AWAY

There is several reasons why we buy: iphone (designed in US), use Facebook (made in US) and use Google (made in us).

And one of the reasons is that the US law and business way is more 'clear'.
(if you think I am wrong..do business in Brazil and you are going to see the red-tape/bribe Hell)

Russia and China?? Serious?? the same homies that are supporting the crazy lunatics?

The US president can be 'bad' but they are not MEAN like others.

Keep US control is the LESSER evil.

Comment Guarantee your Freedom First (Score 4, Interesting) 708

As a foreigner living in US for some years I got scared by the way our fellow americans live with Debt.

First thing is check your mortgage and check if it is possible to re-adjust or re-finance with lower interest and after check ways for you pay it in ADVANCE.

Being as employer and employee I can assure you:

The man who has freedom, real freedom (paid his house and has 'easy' cost of living) is in better way and better mindset to negotiate.

Anecdotal story:

I had to fill a position for medium level from several applicants I had 2 very distinct.

a) One was middle age (35) but has all his house paid, and he even took one year in Paris just 'for learn French'

b) Other was 45 and have 20 years of mortgage because he fall for the 'housing bubble'

The guy with the paid mortgage was very calm on interview, proactive and well mannered.
Other the mortgage guy was desperate and near a hear attack.
I had to choose the free mortgage guy because he was the best choice for the company. technically and MENTALLY
Please, I assure you I want the best for all the fellow man who live this country.
Can you 'downsize' your costs? move to a smaller but PAID(or lower month paymnt) apt? Bring MORE safety for your family but less 'luxury'.
I know the american dream is big spaces or house, but really. Do you really need that?
What about get downsized on costs and Later move on but more security?
Medicare and Social Security ONLY works if you had ALREADY paid your house.

I hope for your safety and best for your family

Comment Re:It's from Microsoft and this is Slashdot... (Score 0) 1027

If you have to explain a Joke.... It is not a good Joke...

Go back AGAIN M$ and do something that:

1. Will not 'revamp' all ui each 2-3 years;
2. Be non-obstrusive
3. Please I already have ADD as almost 70% os slashdot so pleaso do not nag me with 'widgets'

Until there I will still use my 25 us$ no frills Phone

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