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Comment Re: Sleeper hit? (Score 2) 100

I will chirp in, pun intended. I use the grocery list the most while having hands full taking things from the fridge. Second setting timers for what I am cooking and alarm clocks. Third is my drive times then weather and music. Looking up fun facts during arguments is fun too. Way more useful around the house than that smart watch would ever be. Voice recognition is superior to Siri . I find the smart interface to to my AnyMote to clumsy at the moment and use the direct connect from my pad or phone more to control my IR devices. But hay that's just software and it can get better. No smart light yet. I am building my own.

Comment Raspberry Pi in general (Score 4, Informative) 99

Have not played with one of these but I have several A and B+ being used daily.

  One is my voip system using Nerd Vittles PIAF

The other does my weather station

The other does my BBQ controller

Sure there are many more uses.
The new board may save a bit in my new builds will see...

All running quite fine...

So yes they have their place, low power, and reliable, no fan.

Comment Re:If your critical stuff is IOT.... (Score 1) 68

Even with this security problems, in a "real" wind farm and not the item in this discussion (which is smaller intended for a home type) you would network all these together and have access only via vpn per farm area.

Still does not excuse the problem of inadequate security, but direct access to internet from a large wind turbine would be a no-no for sure.

Comment DC (Score 1) 597

As you know being a RV dweller doing this type of stuff you will have to upgrade the wiring size just to deal with current increase, and circuit break box. The only way would be in new homes.

While this would integrate well if using wind power and solar as a supplement to your home, those homes just using AC/DC will see high loss in total conversion requirements.

Unless your talking conversion to like 48VDC throughout house, or something that would just require half wave conversion and then current control on output into a battery bank as both a buffer and filter.

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