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Comment Re: Supply and demand (Score 1) 587

I good not agree more. Had the exact same experience. The most frustrating and life sucking 2 years of my life was having an Indian web development company try and develop a custom e-commerce web site from the ground up. If you did not tell them exactly, and I mean *EXACTLY* what to do, they had no ability to be creative and problem solve. Given the 24 hour time delay to get things answered. It took 2 years to get a site up that should have taken 4 months. Never again!

Comment NYTimes wouldn't write this about... (Score 0) 448

You can be sure scientist on the side of Climate Change have been cashing in on all the research/corporate money and federal $$ available on the side that supports Climate Change You can also be sure the isn't going to report on this either. They have one view and if you are of another opinion or have reached a different scientific conclusion you must be a crook.

How much money as Al Gore made of the whole Global Warming theory?

Oh by the way, I an atmospheric scientist and I work with computer models every day. I have serious doubts about how well we can simulate the future climate of earth in 10 years, let alone 100 years into the future. We just recently began incorporating micro-biology into the climate models. They are very crude and in my opinion, it's these very organisms that over the long term, will play an ultimate role in the carbon/oxygen balance. Until we have these features much better modeled, we cannot say with any sort of certainty what the earth's temperature will look like in the long term. At this point, there is still a lot of variability in the outcome, by make very minute changes to the model initial assumptions.

Comment Java is a bug (Score 1) 180

Java itself is a bug. A slow, cpu wasting bug that should be done away with. I can't stand java. Every application I have ever used that was written in Java runs 10x slower than a similar app that was designed to work on the native OS.

Comment Linux does not mix well with USB Drives (Score 1) 472

I tried using a USB hard drive to back up about 30 gigs of data from my CentOS 4.8 server. The IO wait on the system shot up to 80% and I had to kill the process since it brought the machine to a crawl and the other processes were taking forever to complete. Something as simple as copying a file to a USB drive should not cause the system to slow to a crawl and become no long functional.

Comment I can't belive it... (Score 1) 799

As a Earth Science major and having worked in the Geo-sciences arena for 20 years, I can say this article is so far off base, I can't believe it was elevated to being posted on Slashdot. There is no way possible for a Yellowstone type eruption. That is just straight up bullshit. Sure there is a significant amount of pressure, but not of volcanic proportions. This article should be redacted from the Slashdot site!

Comment Not impressed... (Score 3, Interesting) 791

I thought I was going to see a significant movement in the ice sheets, on the order of 10's or 100's of miles. From what I saw, the rate of decline was statistically meaningless, measured in mere feet. My guess is the previous administration was more concerned with releasing something that would show or capabilities of our spy satellites and not trying to conceal this.

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