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Submission + - CIA claims power grid hacked (pcworld.com)

supabeast! writes: PC world reports that the CIA claims hackers have successfully intruded, via the internet, into computers controlling the American power grid. The hackers then attempted to extort money from their victims, and have even caused power blackouts, on at least on occasion affecting multiple American cities.

Submission + - Ozzfest goes free

supabeast! writes: Tickets for Ozzfest, the summer music festival that has remained profitable for a decade, are going to be free this year. Sharon Osbourne explained "We're reaching the same point we did years ago when kids no longer wanted to pay for overpriced CDs, as a result, they found alternative ways of getting music. That's what's happening with summer touring in this country, it's out-pricing itself." This is an interesting twist — it's old news that musicians who make their money touring don't mind giving music away, but what will happen when tickets go free?
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Submission + - Problems reported in early Florida voting

supabeast! writes: The Miami Herald is reporting that some nasty problems with early electronic voting are already popping up in Florida. Machines are repeatedly casting votes for the wrong candidate; officials blame machines that "slip out of sync" under heavy use and needing to be calibrated. Funny, I've used plenty of touchscreen ATMs and never seen one that needed calibrating. I can't wait to see how many voting machines end up out of sync on election day.

Submission + - Maryland Governor wants a return to paper ballots

supabeast! writes: Fed up with all the problems in the state's electronic voting system, Maryland Governor Robert Erlich wants the state to scrap the entire system and return to paper ballots. What makes this particularly interesting is that Erlich is a Republican — the party often maligned for exploiting flaws in electronic systems-and his attempts to clean up Maryland's voting problems are being opposed by Democrats, the party that is usually complaining about electronic voting!

Submission + - Youtube used by national security whistleblower

supabeast! writes: The Washington Post is running the story of former Lockheed Martin engineer Michael De Kort, who tried in vain to get Lockheed, the Coast Guard, and even his Congressional representatives to pay attention to serious flaws he discovered in important Coast Guard surveillance boats. So he created a short documentary about the problems and posted it to YouTube three weeks ago. Since then the security flaws have received press coverage and the attention of Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi.

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