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A working paper on this subject  *Thursday September 06, 2001 @07:29PM  3
   attached to Open Source - Why Do We Do It?
Letterboxing  *Tuesday September 26, 2000 @06:08AM  1
   attached to Geocaching
How to track down all the Tshirt owners & mirrors?  *Thursday August 17, 2000 @11:07AM  1
OT Note: Not necessary to be Christian  *Thursday August 17, 2000 @11:01AM  1
   attached to DVD/DeCSS: MPAA Wins in New York
OT: K5 alternatives (since it's down), &tc.  *Wednesday August 16, 2000 @12:30PM  1
   attached to Party Tonight in San Jose
OT: Maximum Linux Magazine  *Friday August 11, 2000 @11:17AM  1
   attached to The Code War-- Software By Other Means
M, M, M, and HSPD  *Friday August 04, 2000 @09:03AM  1
   attached to The United States Losing "The Tech Edge?"
Not in Germany you can't!  *Thursday August 03, 2000 @01:33PM  1
   attached to Samba Runs Into Naming Problems in Germany
"Top Five"? :-)  *Thursday August 03, 2000 @09:55AM  2
   attached to Non-RIAA Record Companies?
Jobs -- getting experience & money  *Thursday August 03, 2000 @10:27AM  2
   attached to Programming Interviews Exposed
A few notes about "The Law" (sounds Kafkaesque)  *Monday August 14, 2000 @07:33AM  1
   attached to RIAA Responds to Napster - Raises Serious Questions
Absolutely. Soulless jobs kill your soul.  *Tuesday August 01, 2000 @07:55AM  2
   attached to Overcomming the Programmer's Block?
Whoops, here's another  *Friday July 28, 2000 @01:27PM  1
Boycott is here  *Friday July 28, 2000 @01:20PM  2
RIAA boycott still on?  *Friday July 28, 2000 @01:19PM  3
So, yay or nay for Napster alternatives?  *Friday July 28, 2000 @01:16PM  3
   attached to Napster Ruling Stayed
Why Solaris?  *Thursday July 27, 2000 @11:07AM  5
   attached to Ask The NSA About Certain Things
Injunction hearing in SF today!  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @07:15AM  2
Speaking of injunctions, Napster today  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @07:13AM  2
   attached to MPAA v. 2600 NY Trial Has Ended
Key is matching process to audience  *Wednesday July 26, 2000 @09:19AM  2
   attached to Kuro5hin Forced Down by DOS
Re:Sounds like "The Andromeda Strain" (OT)  *Tuesday July 25, 2000 @06:57AM  1
Andromeda Strain!  *Tuesday July 25, 2000 @06:53AM  1
   attached to Bacteria To Be Exposed To Space Vacuum, UV
Info on Cleo 2525  *Friday July 21, 2000 @12:14PM  1
   attached to T-1000 to replace Mulder on 'The X-Files'
Re:Disney all over again?  *Thursday July 20, 2000 @05:27PM  1
   attached to Taken Away, Given To Soccer Team

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