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Comment Re:Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 168

Most of the UPS step vans are custom made for them,

Actually, all of their step vans are custom-made. They were doing Aluminum boxes long before it was trendy, to save weight and thus fuel, so they had to get them custom-made. Now they just do it to do it, since everyone is doing that. You're right about the euro vans, although ironically the drivers are not fans of them here. They have adequate physical design, but not the logic. For instance there's an oil level float in the Sprinters that would trip going up steep hills, how sad.

Comment Re:$3 per package, eh? (Score 1) 168

The problem with Prime is you can't just have the free shipping, you have to have the streaming video and cloud storage and other stuff bundled into one expensive package. A lot like cable companies.

That would be a problem if you didn't already get your money out of Prime, which many of us do. I still shop around but at least half the time I find a good price on Prime. And Amazon is much easier to deal with than most other suppliers, with refunds and replacements flowing freely in most cases, which is another strong motivation. Sure, I might be able to find something cheaper on eBay, but if it's coming from the Czech Republic I'm going to have a hard time with returns if it goes wrong.

The streaming video is also awesome. It works much better than Netflix (e.g. in low bandwidth situations) and has tons of content now. How do you complain about that? Don't have high-speed internet?

Comment Re:USPS (Score 1) 168

You are comparing letters with packages. Not a meaningful comparison. In theory USPS could compete strongly in package delivery but they haven't been effective at it to date.

They're fucking morons, that's why. They are shit at everything. My post office has had a notice up for the last decade about routing loops caused by mismatching zip codes and cities. The USPS scans literally every package to find out where it is supposed to go and then throws that data away — after, of course, handing it to the FBI. So they can't check whether a routing loop is occurring because they have no records of whether a packet — er, make that a package — has traversed a particular sorting facility!

They also have a problem with following procedure. My local post office decided for me that they would hold all my small packages and I could just come in and get them. That's not what I want. What I want is for them to follow the fucking delivery instructions. If it says do not deliver without signature, then hold it. If it doesn't say anything, put it in my fucking mailbox. I made many dozens of trips to the post office to pick up $5 packages from China, wasting my time and fuel because they decided to "help". The one time I did file a hold as I was going away for a week, they failed to follow the instructions completely. I said it was OK to deliver letters, but hold packages, and I would come and pick up all held mail at the end of the hold. They delivered nothing while I was gone (that's OK) but then went ahead and delivered everything including packages to my mailbox at the end of the hold, which I had explicitly asked them not to do.

The USPS would have gone out of business by now if they weren't delivering small packages for UPS and FedEx, which people would rather use than the USPS because they are dramatically more competent. And, of course, planet-raping dead tree spam. Thanks, USPS! You're fucking shitlords.

Comment Re:First it was Uber. (Score 1) 168

People used to say that house prices would never go down ... until they did. We're still experiencing the financial hangover.

That was a brief moment, it was manipulation, and now we're "enjoying" record high prices because of more manipulation. The banks are sitting on multiple empty houses for every homeless man, woman and child in America — while homelessness is at a high not seen since the Great Depression. So is unemployment, if you measure it correctly. That means looking at the inverse of the workforce participation rate, and not just counting persons eligible to receive unemployment benefits which is how the official number is calculated.

People used to say that a degree was a guarantee of a job ... until nowadays it mostly isn't.

It never was. People just said that. Or, it still is, but now it's a PhD or a Master's, not just a Bachelor's.

People used to say that oil the days of cheap oil were over because of decreasing supply ... now we're in a glut and prices tanked.

The amount of oil production is similar to what it was previously. Prices have tanked because OPEC is dumping oil. This is going to lead to a more severe cost increase due to decreasing supply in the future than what we'd have already had, since it's leading to less renewables since people buy less of them when oil is cheap.

North Korea used to be a pimple on the world's butt ... and now they have nukes.

Not for long.

The US used to be the number one economy - now China surpasses it in terms purchasing power parity (ppp).

They're heading for an economic crash that makes what's going on over here look like fluffy kitten time. They keep building stuff they can't use because they won't let their people have things.

Comment Re:First it was Uber. (Score 1) 168

It's easy to gain a competitive advantage if you have more or less the exact same business model, but ignore the laws and regulations that govern your competitors.

Well, except that the business model is almost completely different, yeah, it's more or less the same. They both provide rides for a fare in a car, but that's about where it ends. Everything else about it is different.

Comment Re:First it was Uber. (Score 1) 168

Competitive? That's not how I'd spell operating an illegal public transport business.

Whenever you involve government, waters get muddy. If anyone but government managed to implement a system where you had to get a medallion to drive a Taxi, the government would shut them down as anticompetitive, because it hates competition. Only governments are allowed to behave anticompetitively, or steal your money, or murder people. And they do all these things with abandon while decrying the same behavior from anyone else. And then you show up to wave pom-poms and cheer for them.

Comment Re:Commodore engineers (Score 1) 142

The A500 was more or less an A1000 in a keyboard case and was still being sold as one of TWO Amiga models five years later.

Twice the RAM, twice the RAM expansion, kickstarter in ROM... At least it had meaningful differences.

And the A2000, the other model, wasn't more powerful than the A1000 (or A500), it was just more expandable.

Now that's true. The A500 really is just an A2000 with a video connector and more slots.

Comment Re:Best selling computer? (Score 1) 142

THIS. It is the biggest selling single model of computer ever made. There were several hardware revisions for cost reduction and simplification (from ~40 chips down to 16 as they integrated a lot of components over time),

So, what you're saying is that if you pretend they didn't make three or four totally different revisions of hardware meeting the same spec, it's a single model?

Comment Re:A Lot of Effort to Bury the Lede (Score 1) 76

Yeah, shame on the Democratic Party for supporting a lifelong Democrat who had done massive amounts of work to support other Democrats over the Socialist who became a Democrat recently only so he could run for President. They should've been more like the Republicans!

Comment Re: So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 1) 208

Yes, you didn't read the thread. The argument was that the last mile providers who don't implement BCP38 should be blocked from the Internet. Last mile providers can only be blocked by the large backhaul providers, and they are never going to do that.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score 1) 221

I don't recall a single instance where they've actually required compensation, let alone refunds, be paid to someone who fell for the misleading advertising before it got pulled.

Can't you already just return stuff in the UK if it doesn't do what it says on the tin? This seems like low-hanging fruit.

Comment Re:don't get your hope up (Score -1, Flamebait) 221

Really? You're not going to bother explaining that?


Well, in any case, for people who don't want to go hunting for earlier, unmentioned discussions,

Are you going to hold their dick for them when they have to piss, too? Is this hand-holding, dick-jerking Slashdot the one you want yo participate in? Let 'em learn to internet like the rest of us. At most, give 'em a LMGTFY link (if not fuckinggoogleit, pls)

Comment Re:Who are these people? (Score 1) 372

Intelligence being good for you is not the same as stupidity being bad for you.

Of course it is. Intelligence is a scale, at one end we call it stupidity and at the other we call it intelligence. Less of one is more of the other.

But correlation is required for causation. Are you suggesting intelligence is irrelevant to income-earning potential for most people?

I'm outright saying that income-earning potential is relevant to eventual performance on an IQ test. And it's not news, this is a well-known critique of IQ testing. People who use it to try to prove things usually fail.

Intelligence is a benefit as long as it doesn't impede your ability to breed. And it doesn't. It's good in all kinds of situations, even smashing things with a rock. Getting just the right smash on is aided by intelligence.

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