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Comment Change the way you do business (Score 1) 217

For customer estimates, your company should adopt buckets like "small" "medium" "large" etc.
These are predefined in terms of developer and test hours, and any other resources.
A developer only needs to guess which bucket a project falls into.

Internal estimates can't be trusted until pieces have been broken down into days of work, not weeks or months.
Everyone here who talks about having to double their estimates, is working for a shitty boss.

Comment Re:This thread makes me think (Score 1) 288

Highly creative people can generate ideas equally fantastic and nonsensical as Lucky in the Sky with Diamonds.
Simply being an expert at napping and drifting on the edge of consciousness provides me with entertainment as the two halves of my brain offer differing concepts at the same time, like Sesame Street silhouetted heads spitting out words. Left: "Cat", Right: "Cyan", Left: "Schlorp", Right: (shape of triangle)

However, actually taking LSD hijacks the brain. I'm not saying it's more expanding, but different for sure.

Comment Value of human life will decrease (Score 1) 198

Illuminati will have access to more useful information than ever before.
Invisible hands will continue to improve at steering the population.
The population will be so busy absorbing the incredible entertainment options that they will never notice their own prisons.
The newer generations will not know how the world works both politically and technically.
Artificial Intelligence will provide hilarious companionship.
Body modification will expand well beyond piercing and tattooing.
The worth of human organs will decrease; the value of human life will decrease.

Comment Re:Enough (Score 1) 374

The groups of guys who filled the computer labs in college had greasy unclean hair, offensive mannerisms, and ruined every Monty Python movie with their quotes. Can you have a GROUP of anti-social people? Nerds are social, even if these sorts are emotionally troubled.

I can imagine women being chased away from STEM in college by mobs of men like these.

What is your opinion of astronauts? The BEST engineers, and the most generally intelligent people I know, are absolutely NOT socially or emotionally deficient. If you think being able to recite Pi to 1000 digits makes someone great then you probably enjoy Big Bang Theory.

Comment Re:LinkSys (Cisco) sucks Microsoft balls (Score 1) 189

I was hoping someone else would respond to you since it has been a year since I tried OS's other than DD-WRT. I have stayed with DD-WRT since it has the features I need and is reliable enough. I have had to do a 30/30/30 reset more than once while trying to setup a couple different routers (older and newer LinkSys's). The settings will appear correct but something will not work the first time. I don't know which forks have improved that aspect of reliability. Up-time isn't perfect, but good.

Comment LinkSys (Cisco) sucks Microsoft balls (Score 2) 189

Backdoors and more... I recently purchased a LinkSys and could not access the web interface unless a Windows machine was present on my network. I verified this my starting a Windows VM on the linux host where I was running my web browser. With the Windows VM running, my web browser (linux) could access the LinkSys. Without the Windows VM running, my web browser (linux) could NOT access the LinkSys. Once I got DD-WRT installed, problem fixed.

Comment Re:NIMBY... (Score 1) 275

The government influenced the Chernobyl design to induce a meltdown and create The Zone for investigation of anomalies. To Duty, this was a terrible disaster, except for the thrill of shooting mutants. To Freedom, it opened opportunities for exploration, and the thrill of shooting mutants. To the government and the military, The Zone provided an area for secret research, and an abundance of mutants and STALKERs to shoot.

Comment Re:so uh... (Score 1) 786

Imagine the frustration of those who have a clear concept of how things should be done and everyone else, even those who claim to agree, are f-mucking it up. Were I not required to work cooperatively in an office with people, I would have no excuse for patience and soft words. Were it the situation that I was on a tirade and you were suggesting that I was "over the top," I would group you among those who don't get it. But, I'm not doing that..we're kewl here....Hi-5!

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