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Comment Re:Ad block blocker (Score 2) 102

If the site does not allow my Ad Block to run, I ain't looking. A warning would be nice. An alternative would be nicer.

If the site displays a message that you must turn Ad Block off, just refresh and press escape a few times as soon as the article's text appears. This will generally work to stop the script that pulls up the ad blocking message.

Comment Re:Um. . . no (Score 1) 229

Imagine how long it would take to write a dozen 30MP+ shots to the card if we encrypted them first.

If you're doing AES chiper in realtime on the ASIC, the performance-hit to the write operation is going to be quite minimal. AES Encrypted data is the same size as the plain input + 1 block (16 bytes).

Comment Old School FTW (Score 2) 292

This is why I keep buying older cars and refurbishing them instead of buying new. You can build a truly awesome retro (or late model) vehicle for half the price of anything new with comparable specs. There is no "new car" feature you cannot add to an older vehicle with aftermarket equipment, and as regulations like this start coming out, all the more reason to drive an older sled. No state has succeeded (and few have even tried) to legislate older cars off the road because it disenfranchises the poor, so this tactic should work right up to the point when the Feds finally mandate next-generation vehicles (which do not exist yet, frankly).

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