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Journal subgeek's Journal: not sure if i'll move permanently 4

but per sam's recent JE i've set up a presence at both multiply and live journal. those links go to my pages. i probably won't do much at those places until i establish connections to people i know. but if enough of you people show up on one of those sites i just might switch over.

some of you may notice that i don't post here a whole lot, even less frequently than i have in the past. i'm still reading stuff around here. i'm just busy and not reading absolutely everything anymore. so it does make a difference which site i "live" on, because that's the one i'll read the most of, and it's the site i'll post on more when i start posting more again.

hi everybody.

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not sure if i'll move permanently

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  • Sorry. The Hi Everybody! always gets me. I'm gonna set up a multiply too, but I doubt I'll do livejournal anytime soon. It seems too... I don't know.
  • Hi dude.
    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      Everytime I see you sig I can't help but remember the Irish guy's line in Braveheart:

      The Laird'll protect me, but I think yoor fooked!

      Yeah pretty random comment I know.....

    • by subgeek ( 263292 ) *
      it made me happy when i saw you around these parts again recently. i'm glad things seem to be trending up in the house of blame.

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