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Submission + - 'Safety Myth' Left Japan Ripe for Nuclear Crisis (nytimes.com)

mdsolar writes: "Over several decades, Japan’s nuclear establishment has devoted vast resources to persuade the Japanese public of the safety and necessity of nuclear power. Plant operators built lavish, fantasy-filled public relations buildings that became tourist attractions. Bureaucrats spun elaborate advertising campaigns through a multitude of organizations established solely to advertise the safety of nuclear plants. Politicians pushed through the adoption of government-mandated school textbooks with friendly views of nuclear power.

The result was the widespread adoption of the belief — called the “safety myth” — that Japan’s nuclear power plants were absolutely safe. Japan single-mindedly pursued nuclear power even as Western nations distanced themselves from it."


Submission + - Pranksters Post Giant Windows Logo on Apple Store 1

theodp writes: Working calmly in broad daylight and filming their efforts for YouTube posterity, a fake construction crew attached a large Microsoft Windows logo to the black facade of a soon-to-open Hamburg Apple Store. Neat hack in the MIT vein, but next time the crew might want to take along a pic of the Windows logo — with the adrenaline flowing, some of the colors got rearranged and were hung upside down.

Submission + - SPAM: Osama Latest News | World Latest News

An anonymous reader writes: Usmah bin Muammad bin Awa bin Ldin; March 10, 1957 – May 1, 2011) , a member of the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family and the founder of the jihadistorganization al-Qaeda, most widely recognized for the September 11 attacks on the United States and numerous other mass-casualty attacks against civilian and military targets
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Submission + - SPAM: The Diverse Factors of Tinnitus or Ringing Ears

luciocross1026 writes: ftp server software download, phd degree program

It is understandable to believe tinnitus a affliction of the hearing system, but it is not any kind of disease condition. What is happening is something occurred that had an influence on the processes involved with hearing. There are many factors for ringing in the ears such as an mishap of some kind that produce a loud noise. The foremost reason for a lot of people is they have been in the vicinity of high noise at their jobs. Then it is also possible to have a congenital problem coupled with your hearing system. Your specific reasons for having this condition may be unknown to you. You might find it advantageous to chat to your doctor to get a professional and informed opinion.

Your inner ear includes your cochlea, and that is usually what is injured by something external. We pointed out that abrupt exposure to a incredibly loud noise can cause this. Piercing noise level of a specific frequency, that is high, can certainly cause it. Various researchers, or physicians, think the brain is to blame for the ringing because it is no longer receiving information from the affected ear. When your brain is receiving degraded signals, or none at all, subsequently it makes up for it by means of creating the ringing you hear. Therefore of course you can also surmise they simply do not have it all worked out.

It is probable for a condition to get worse due to numerous factors. For example, a lot of individuals have excessive production of ear wax, and that will contribute to increased tinnitus. An added recognized cause can be a simple ear infection which will result in temporary ear ringing. Tinnitus is also experienced in older individuals since the cochlea is affected by the aging process. Getting old can either initiate tinnitus or make it worse if already present. As aging advances, then the ability to hear degrades which brings on tinnitus.

Now and then hearing loss with associated tinnitus is due to assorted medications. The easily accessible aspirin may be a factor and cause if it is abused in some way. There are some very powerful antibiotics that can also make ringing within the ears appear. A more uncommon medicine, quinine, is a hazard factor for creating ear ringing. So there are different conditions and factors for a being to start hearing ringing in their ears.

When you are undertaking daily activities, then this is when you will not discern the ringing. You will notice this, then again, once you go to bed and it's hushed. When it is very calm, and you are just laying in bed, then that is when you are most apt to observe ringing in your ears. How serious you experience this disease will vary with the extent of damage. If this presents a bona fide disturbance for you, then it can help to speak with your family physician about it. You may be required to see a hearing specialist who may be capable to help you.

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Submission + - SPAM: A Free Web site Doesn't Need to be "Cheap"

wmwalter819 writes: When you're just starting out in enterprise, it could be difficult to come up with even some dollars to register a GPD domain or get a internet site going. But that does not imply you can't get began. Deciding on a free of charge web site for you may let you get busy generating income online and can be a great method to ease into Internet advertising.

You can find a couple of alternatives for acquiring a no cost site for you personally. 1 would be to indication up with the affiliate program that offers a free of charge internet site. Many options arrive to mind, though there are hundreds accessible.

1 of the most notable affiliate applications that offers free of charge site for you personally is. Their TripleClicks plan enables you to promote and promote a large number of products and make commission on something which is offered.

Yet another method to get a free of charge website for you is by way of internet sites like Yola or Webs. Yola delivers an ad-free internet site hosted on their domain at no price, furthermore to a web site builder that allows you to produce a good searching site with little or no information of HTML. Webs is great if you are not worried using the marketing plus they do have a very compensated model that may remove the advertisements and even allow you to use your own domain identify.

Weebly, named 1 of Time Magazine’s "50 Best Websites from the Year" in 2007 delivers a free of charge website for you, also having a simple interface that enables you to construct a website without programming information, and compensated companies if you pick to upgrade.

Additionally for the totally free internet site for you personally, Weebly makes it possible for you to make use of your own domain identify with your no cost account. And they won't include advertisements on your site, which is often a nice plus. Thus far, Weebly boasts over 3 million customers which adds to their credibility as a totally free web site supplier.

Making a no cost site for you personally to use to promote your organization might be helpful, even if you are already having to pay for yet another web site. It is possible to utilize it to link again for your main internet site and also to promote a separate line of market products.

For example, in case your principal web site focuses on products for animal lovers, you are able to get a totally free web site for you and utilize it to promote pet treatment. It is possible to then website link to your animal lover website and you've just created a useful backlink to assist within your Seo.

You can also make use of the solutions that provide a free web site for you personally to create a number of sites, every single tightly centered on the market product along with a targeted audience, then link each of them to your broader array site.

In the case from the animal lovers website, you can use a totally free internet site for you personally to develop a internet site about cats, dogs, horses or other animals, also as 1 that offers with animal instruction, preventing animal abuse, and more-all linking back for your animal lovers web site. The possible for elevated Search engine optimization results is great.

Obviously, 1 of the most effective methods to develop a free website for you is by beginning a blog. Both Blogger and Wordpress.org permit you to develop a free of charge website that everyone can learn to edit and enhance very quickly.

Whichever choice you select to generate a totally free site for you personally, maintain in mind that some search engines like google will ignore such internet sites, and you will eventually desire a regular web site with your personal domain identify. But it's an excellent method to get began and check your on the web advertising opportunities.

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Comment Re:Unencrypted = Stupid (Score 1) 645

Yes, it is likely that Sony will NEVER live down the installation of a rootkit on unsuspecting clients computers. So many otherwise responsible people will feel no sympathy for them, in fact they may ENJOY seeing Sony twist in the breeze. Unfortunate for their customers, but it shows how unwise it may be to be a Sony customer

Submission + - Hydrogen fuel cells with non-platinum catalysts (sciencedaily.com)

tbischel writes: Los Alamos National Laboratory scientists have developed a way to avoid the use of expensive platinum in hydrogen fuel cells, the environmentally friendly devices that might replace current power sources in everything from personal data devices to automobiles.

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