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Comment Re:Terrible Power Cables (Score 1) 190

What are you doing that destroys cables so quickly? I've still got 34-pin iPod firewire cables that are in great shape. The only reason I'm not using them still is because they killed 12V firewire charging with the iPhone, and then killed the 34-pin iPod connector with Lightning.

I've got tons of cables laying around that have been here for years and work fine. I think I've only seen two cables for Apple products "come apart" - one is a Lightning cable that is *not* Apple's manufacture (I think Monoprice) where the cladding was exposed to sunlight for extended periods and became brittle, and the other is a 4-year old Thunderbolt cable where a 180-degree vertical bend with a tight radius has caused the stress relief bit on the end of the plug to tear a little.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 4, Insightful) 190

So, because Apple is involved, it's ok to pass off shoddy untested and unverified products at the same time as ripping off a company's trade dress and defrauding customers.

These aren't just generic USB chargers you plug into the wall - these are made and advertised to look like genuine Apple products, using Apple logos and everything. Except that they aren't.

Good to know that irrationality still wins the day with both Apple's fans, and detractors.

Comment Re:Nuclear research needed! (Score 1) 331

Because that's not how it works. "Depleted" Uranium is simply the U238 that is left over after enriching natural Uranium into reactor grade / HEU / weapons grade. It's not "depleted" by being used in a reactor - actually, U238 that is in a reactor (the majority of the fuel assembly) captures neutrons and turns into Plutonium, which then fissions and gives off more neutrons.

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