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Comment Re: No More Muslims (Score 1) 579

These alt-left stories do nothing but galvanize the other 60% of the country that voted for Trump.

Are you looking to build a fake news story because with those numbers you're off to a good start

Almost 50% of eligible voters in the US did not vote in the 2016 General Election, and Trump captured 46% of those votes which comes to about 23% of all eligible voters.

23% of the country is 160% less than the 60% you claim.

Comment Re:Those who something, something (Score 1) 579

I'm going to have to call bullshit on that. There isn't a single majority Muslim country on the planet that isn't a dictatorship or a theocracy. Majority Muslim countries despise minority religions in their borders. Where is this 'decent Muslim majority' hiding?

The fourth-most populous country in the world, Indonesia, is a republic and is majority Muslim.

Comment Re:Glad (Score 1) 135

Even when Shuttle was flying, they weren't using it for resupply unless they were already going to the ISS for a crew transfer or delivering another module for construction.

Why spend $100M+ sending (and risking) Shuttle on the world's most extravagant DoorDash delivery, when a $40M rocket will do?

Comment Re:Hmmm.... (Score 1) 135

Performing a roll maneuver in powered flight before pitching over is stupidly easy to do in comparison to rebuilding your entire launch infrastructure, or having a massively complex mechanical rotating launch pad that will invariably have weight limits and breakdowns.

This is like the opposite of the NASA astronaut pen -vs- Soviet Pencil joke.

Comment Re:um (Score 4, Interesting) 135

Usually they don't wait for upper atmosphere for starting the gravity turn - Apollo started the roll and pitch program at 15 seconds into flight, having only cleared the tower 5 seconds before. For altitude reference, the Apollo 11 flight plan has them passing 14,000 feet at 51 seconds into flight.

But you are correct - orbit is mostly not about altitude, rather it's about going fast enough horizontally to continually fall back to Earth and miss.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1046

What slippery slope? Private organizations can do whatever they want with private assets as long as it doesn't run afoul of the civil rights act or other discrimination laws.

Ban someone because they are an asshole? Perfectly legal. Ban someone because they are [ $RACE | $SEX | $RELIGION ]? Federal civil suit.

Comment Re:And everyone's fuel mileage goes down. (Score 1) 351

Except that an engine is going to run the compression stroke it is designed for. Adding a high octane fuel doesn't magically change the compression ratio of the engine. And, more octane only means it is more resistant to pre-detonation under compression - it doesn't mean there is any more or less energy available in the fuel, it just prevents high compression engines from "pinging". The one exception is if the engine is so old and filled with carbon deposits that it is over-compressing and pinging, in which case the octane boost will prevent the pre-detonation from being over-compressed.

This is why turbo and supercharged engines need to run premium - they are designed to use higher compression. People putting premium in naturally aspirated engines that don't require it just don't like money, or have been completely misled by marketing that tries to equate octane to "running cleaner".

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 586

Yeah, you know what isn't going to happen with any of this partisan bullshit? Amending the Constitution. No way he gets 67 votes in the Senate, and no way 3/4 of the states ratify.

Strangely, the one elected official in federal or state government not involved in amending the constitution is the president - as a 2/3 majority vote is required in both the house and senate, it's already at veto override numbers. Also, it is written and voted on as a joint resolution which never goes to the White House for executive signature.

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