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Comment Re:Make America Great Again (Score 1) 251

You are under the false assumption that there is any competition.

Most service locations in the US has one actual broadband option, usually with a shitty DSL option as 'competition'. Only in rare circumstances are there several multi-megabit services available to choose from.

Comment Re:Oh well (Score 1) 235

Depending on the Nvidia chipset, they have been known to be cunts in the past and disable "consumer" cards when running through a detected hypervisor. Apparently they feel this is a 'pro' feature that should only work with Quadro cards that cost far more.

I feel that their rights to how the card is used ends when I hand over my credit card. If what I'm doing has a legit chance of causing damage and invalidating a warranty - fine, invalidate the warranty. But you don't get to sabotage me from using the card through a hypervisor utilizing PCI passthrough just because you want more money.

Comment Re: MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 1) 235

Well that's a terrible IT department then, or they are buying terrible hardware from terrible OEMs.

Lenovo makes a unified installer for each model that can be incorporated into a image build process without much effort. I'm sure that Dell and HP also do, but I haven't worked with their stuff in a while. Also, these companies all offer imaging services where they put your build on the machine at the factory for like $4.

Seriously, whoever is doing endpoint management at your company needs to be given the opportunity to look for opportunities elsewhere. These companies (as well as Microsoft) made this dead easy with Windows 7 Enterprise and newer. It wasn't even that hard on Windows XP.

Comment Re:Way overdue (Score 0) 113

Considering your analogy to television: there is 'free' over-the-air TV in the US. And then there is subscription-based cable and satellite providers that still make money on expanded offerings.

I don't see why Internet service couldn't be similar - a basic muni wireless service can be there, but it won't be anywhere close to as good as if you subscribe to the offerings from a traditional telco. I'm good with it as long as I can use policy routing to send some traffic over the muni, and other traffic over my subscription connection in order to use both...

Comment Re:Not a terrible thing (Score 2) 199

The iPhone 7 doesn't have the mechanical button any more. It's just the fingerprint reader. So if the fingerprint reader is locked out, so is the not-a-button that servers as a home button.

I'll refrain from putting some snarky idiot question on the end of this post, as I hope the irony has already caught up.

Comment Re:It's for your own safety, trust us you dumb fuc (Score 2) 199

On iPhone 7, the home button isn't a real button anymore - it's just more touch sensitive space.

The old models probably still had software that triggered on the manual button click which is completely separate from the fingerprint reading / encoding software, and that software probably still exists for older models in the most modern versions of the OS. However, that button doesn't exist any more, so only the fingerprint software with the lockout ever gets used on iPhone 7. It's entirely possible that Apple didn't mean for it to be this way, or it was discovered at some point and they didn't care enough to do anything about it.

That said, it's still shitty.

Comment Re: It's for your own safety, trust us you dumb fu (Score 1) 199

If there's more than one activation of the scan in a short period of time, you know the previous one that was just sent didn't work - overwrite it. If there's no call for another scan in the next 5 seconds or so, you know it was likely a good one and you commit it to memory. Then replay that when called to do so by nefarious people.

Comment Re: More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

He probably feels he is insulated from retaliation due to the last President talking about chemical weapons being a "red line" and then doing jack shit after their use. Sure, Assad gave up stockpiles that were known, and maybe even a cache or two that were unknown just to show what a good-faith actor he was being. But nobody other than Assad knows if they were all handed over, and now he has the convenient excuse of "but we disarmed - John Kerry says so!"

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