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Comment medical fraud at play (Score 1) 74

be careful. just because two doctors conclude the same or similar doesn't make it right. doctors frequently just back each other up following your chart notes in terms of diagnosis and are afraid to change diagnosis. you may not have a condition at all and still receive multiple false diagnosis. it's a really big problem if say you need medical care and you're in a prison or state hospital and you need care but they deny diagnosis; and if you don't need care for mental illness but they frame you to look mentally ill each doctor you see merely follows the previous doctors notes very rarely deviating or checking any of the facts. in the community doctors are usually closely associated and cook the books for insurance companies, cohorts and themselves to avoid liability and lawsuits. it can be hard to even find a doctor willing to do consults over another doctor who you accuse of abuse.

Comment this looks like CIA propaganda (Score 1, Insightful) 188

the united states already has secretly deployments of armorments preventing these types of attacks. the attacks are thus normally conducted by the United States itself, sometimes in cooperation with foreign nations, or the government allows the attacks to occur.

Signals Intelligence is secretly scanning us all from space, giving us electron spin resonance scans.

There's no attack we aren't prepared for.

Why is this in the media? To spread false fear onto the population.

Comment lets switch from capitalism to communism (Score 1) 124

capitalism requires people to make money to live and survive. to acquire their basic needs such as education, shelter, healthcare, and whatnot, and most never make enough to obtain these things entirely, you have to get money from somewhere. in this case spam generates enough revenue for many that they keep on doing it.

spam is not normally done as a cyber assault, but once people no longer were required to get money, perhaps the only 'spam' we'd be seeing was assault based, psychological warfare, and criminal behavior, which case police should arrest the people behind the spam.

Comment Re:$10 for placebo quality (Score 1) 77

hearing the difference isn't so hard. I have no abx comparator but mp3 and aac are both huge downgrades. mathmatically they have so many limits they are half the quality or worse. they sound very metalic. the details are washed out. sounds clip. color is missing. noise is prominent. high frequency is cut off. some people listen with cheap equipment that does poor reproduction in which case the loss in quality is probably not of concern but for people like me with $1500 headphones and a $300 DAC with 130dB SNR/dynamic range even the smallest static or noise difference can be heard plus all the other differences..

as such I am forced to buy CD music because none of the online services have lossless.. also to get HD I have to pirate because the cost is so much more expensive than Ads.

my headphone set up: Westone W8
DAC LG v20 with quad DAC

Comment Re:Not that expensive (Score 1) 248

that's extremely expensive. $50 for some over compressed low resolution garbage at home streamed over my slow internet that isn't gigabit fiber, without the beautiful 4K laser IMAX, nor the Dolby rumbling seats and thunderous bass effects?

fuck that. i'll keep going to the theater for the Dolby IMAX 4K Laser experience at AMC Empire 25 or similar place. sure the popcorn and soda is expensive but that's why I sneak in snacks most of the time.

total price for two at AMC Empire 25: $40 bucks.

Comment Google is admitting the more patents/copyright sux (Score 1) 65

google admits the more patents and copyright you have the more restrictive business and innovation got. you couldn't create products, or innovate yourself.

here's the truth. the further you kill copyright/patents, the easier it gets to innovate, and do business yourself. rather than be reliant on copyright/patents to be a monopoly on content, you must invest your money continuously and fast, in order to have the best products and technology on the market, otherwise someone will outdo you and put your business out of business. currently patents/copyright prevent investment and innovation, because companies are safe that no competitor can rise even if they can do the same thing as you, and this creates a monopoly for those who own the patents and copyrights.

when a patent is in effect, companies like to delay technology deployment so as to milk that particular patented technology, while competitors are barred from entry to the market. then they move onto the next slight improvement of said patented technology, while a treasure trove of tech is held back because it's the next slight revision of tech they'll deploy next. that's basically business today.

sad but true.

Comment Re:custom ROMs are here to stay as long as.. (Score 1) 215

Here's one problem but it hasn't stopped custom ROMs luckily. T-Mobile Galaxy S7 shipped with a locked boot loader. This had the potential to kill custom ROMs, but luckily some development has occurred as the phone was found to be rootable. However if you're a Verizon or AT&T customer you know the pain of all Samsung phones being locked.

Originally T-Mobile said they'd see about an update to unlock the GS7 but so far it hasn't happened.

All previous Samsung phones on T-Mobile shipped with unlocked boot loaders.

That means it was as simple as flashing a custom recovery and you were onto custom ROM bliss and root.

LG phones remain unlocked as an alternative luckily.. The G5 and V20 both have unlocked boot loaders on T-Mobile AND Sprint.

Comment custom ROMs are here to stay as long as.. (Score 2) 215

devices remain compatible ie unlocked boot loaders.

if you go over to xda-developers custom ROMs are still a big thing. custom ROMs would even be bigger but many phones are shipped locked down with locked boot loaders and unroot-able, so users can't develop their custom ROMs or install them.

T-Mobile and Sprint traditionally have been the most custom ROM friendly shipping phones with unlocked boot loaders. as such communities have spung up on xda-developers with dozens of custom ROMs for popular unlocked devices especially Samsung. people also like to install Google's entirely vanilla version of Android getting rid of what users dislike about Samsung/LG/HTC ROMs and software.

Cyanogen might be a ROM but I don't think it has a ton of users. It's probably the most commercial of them but not the go-to-ROM of someone who wants something custom.

Comment this is a psych op (Score 1) 169

these guys are making weapons with AI, but the public won't get to see the weapons. that's how weapons manufacturement works in the United States. the weapons are well developed and could kill, torture, mind control, irradiate, enslave and abuse humans in various ways, but the military/government keeps it hidden just for them. the attacks that happen on people are done secretly and to small groups, so as the main stream consciousness never gets a chance to react to it.

AI is already weaponized and here's one of the main programs in place. The AI bots interface with the human mind for electronic and neuropsychological torture, including to remotely control people to go on mass shootings and bombings:

Comment Re:normal people are very affected by the stuff (Score 1) 305

Yeah ogrish type stuff can hurt a person. I could see the gore causing a persons brain to get fucked up, although it might be a temporary effect but the kiddy open stuff I don't think has a negative effect it just gives you a boner. Seriously its just sex like adult porn which everyone uses and doesn't get PTSD from.

Comment It sounds made up (Score 0) 305

I dont think these people got PTSD. I happen to be friends with a neuropsych who does QME evals for California- majority like 90% of people who come in claiming a work place injury are faking it to try to get out of work. He'll start off his testing and if they exhibit signs of faking he will give it to them straight: either walk out of my office now and I will write the testing wasn't completed or, finish up and I'll write you were faking.

I just don't think humans get PTSD that easily and the condition itself is mostly non-existent- people have the diagnosis but don't have the symptoms from the DSM which sound psychotic. I bet this guy is faking like a motherfucker. Its the perfect crime. Each component of the lawsuit crafted to extract some dollar off Microsoft- it might work it might not but really all these mother fuckers saw was some kids bholes. The guy wants to make it sound bad because he knows the general public hasn't seen any kids bholes and they will think there is some kind of negative trauma from seeing it when scientifically its no different than seeing adult bholes at the most he ever got was a boner he secretly whacked off to routinely.

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