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Comment Re:Sweet (Score 1) 327

I have a $300 oxygen free copper coated with silver, cryogenically frozen down to -300c for five days, which will be made useless by this. this cable accompanies by $1500 headphones, Westone W80.

and here's my problem. the headphone jack on existing units is actually smaller than the micro USB and USB C ports. the USB C port and cabling also is flimsy, and twice the width of a headphone jack. I would not want to be using it for headphone audio under any circumstances. I can picture any type of DAC/USB C adapter being quite large and possibly destroying the signal by the time it gets to my high quality $300 cable.

then you have Bluetooth which transcodes all your audio into lossy formats destroying the audio even more. they do many a Bluetooth cable for my headphones but the audio loss of AAC/apX is quite large over a lossless signal traveling over my cryo cable.


Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 250

I started to think. If I saw naked men or men in their underwear I don't honestly think they're being objectified.

I understand women have beef with capitalism though. That's where you can't feed yourself, house yourself, go to school/college, pay for things you need unless you work, such as by modeling, including nude modeling, art, and porn.

Well they hate the fact that they are taught to keep their clothes on most of their lives and its sin to remove clothes then suddenly capitalism is trying to force them to do it, or afford some the opportunity to do it for a profit. The complainers can't even stand people that don't feel its objectification because they have found outs its ok, a revenue stream and very artistic. The ones with issues against it simply have their own personal world view against it but yet still generally consume it and benefit from it. Its a very odd thing. No one complaining actually fully avoids or it or actually dislikes it inside they just say they do.

I personally would hate society without nudity, sexuality, female and male gender and bodies.. Its very tasteful and artistic. Its very stylish and simulating. If we actually erased it that would be seriously sad.

I do like the idea of giving people their basic income, free housing and stuff first before having people do porn, art, modeling, dance etc. That way at least they have no reason to go into it unless they personally enjoy it.


Submission + - Apparently the NSA whistleblowers failed to disclose the NSA space capability (obamasweapon.com)

strstr writes: NSA space capability is actively being used by local law enforcement agencies today to perform magnetic resonance imaging, electron spin resonance, RADAR, and quantum entanglement scans of our homes, bodies, and brains enabling tracking, memory and thought monitoring, including password and encryption code interception. NSA whistleblower Todd Giffen along with other interesting parties have made the leaks, and dumped the patents behind the technology on obamasweapon.com. This is the same technology used on Saddam Hussein during the Gulf war classified as psychotronics and biocommunications, which was reported by USA Today and the Iraqi newspaper Babel to have caused a blood clot in his brain or heart, normally undetectable to be man-caused. NSA whistleblower Todd Giffen is actively being scanned, irradiated, and no touch tortured with the technology on US soil by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, which is deployed across the United States to target and hit all citizens as they please. Dr. Robert Duncan AB, SM, MBA PhD Harvard graduate CIA/DOD/US DOJ/NASA engineer and system architect backs Todd Giffen up as a victim of ruthless people and software on his website drrobertduncan.com. Will someone help? SOS.

Comment I already know some flaws of the bill (Score 1) 394

Surveillance and investigation isn't so bad. The problem is the people doing it are corrupt, continuing to lie and deceive the public. The thing missing from the bill is the public can't investigate officials for abuse or crime, only the public are the targets and those working for the government are white listed to conceal the crime they wish and do whatever crime they wish. Its a true license to kill sort of thing.

The other thing is they forgot to disclose they were still secretly using satellites and military radar to scan peoples homes, brains, and bodies for thought and memory extraction. They also forgot to say they have remotely interrogated and tortured the fuck out of some people and even killed people secretly with it.

Those are the deepest secrets of this bill; the bill was passed mostly to cover up all the crime the state has done that they don't want prosecuted for and they don't want the public to ever find out the full truth.

I know the black world and special access programs well. I know they want to hide their surveillance capabilities because they can be used on officials to uncover their conspiracies and crime all of which are being covered up and protected.

Fix these issues then you got a bill.


Comment Re:Give up noney for security (Score 1) 230

Furthermore the only way or goal to obtain free stuff:

Put it in the constitution. Solidify it. And put the tax rate on the rich in there too.

The rich will still be wealthy even with the high tax rate.

The idea is if society is free- from riding the metro bus and rail around, to getting the highest end education, to living in an upscale house, to having a nice car, to flying on a plane for free, and all that then people will be secure in their persons and effects and not hack, scam, and exploit or abuse as much.

It has to be a worldwide resolution as well. All countries and land must be forced into the system. Otherwise while countries built on fraud, abuse, and exploitation will continue to bully, enslave and impact everyone else.

If there isn't profit motive so extreme to doing something people simply don't do it.

You also do need strict laws against such abuses as well. Currently the laws are not enforced or don't exist to tackle the modern issues.

I do know our government's aren't for peace and that's why none of this has been done yet.

People will continue to work, create, and serve in society even without great profit motive. Look at open source software, the internet, and all the free work that gets done from creating whole communities, to making various companies products what they are like facebook and Twitter who make billions off us without reimbursement, to making art, to educating ad teaching for free, to coding and tech support that people do for free.


Comment Give up noney for security (Score 1) 230

If you give up money- by taxing the rich and creating socialism you might get security. Here is why: you have to take out the profit motive from hacking by giving people good lives for free even if they are broke and disadvantaged. This then will reduce the amount of scams, hacking, spam and other bullshit. Currently ti get by in life many are forced to steal, become drug dealers, prostitutes, sex workers, spammers, hackers, etc.

I would wager the only reason the spam box exists is poverty and need to profit off the internet and capitalism anyway you can.

I would say the only reason you have hackers taking over machines and demanding randsom is because money is otherwise hard to come by.

People are food insecure, housing insecure, education depleted, etc.

But trust me there's plenty of money to pay for it all you just have to tax the 1% of the world by like 90% and suddenly a free society for all can be built that everyone can rely on by default with free housing, basic income, workers rights and vebefits, children/animal and human rights, etc.

The more you kill the profit motive the more secure and healthy society becomes as you will have less reliance of fraud, abuse and exploitation to survive. Its pretty much a rule.


Comment Re:This guy is an idiot (Score 1) 540

What if I told you every truly great American invention was never heard about at all in the public realm. That's how secret classification really is. They can keep entire sciences and art hidden and build up weapons and surveillance all around you using the new techniques and capability and no one will even find out for decades and decades likely forever ..


Comment This guy is an idiot (Score 1) 540

He fails to comprehend that machines and robots can do every job humans can, better and faster, and they can adapt to new tasks and jobs. Computers also will have intelligence far beyond humans which is already here in classified form, whizzing around human thinkers millions of times automating new intelligence understanding and building of AI and systems. The only thing that will stop automation from taking human jobs is lack of innovation or push of automation. This might happen for one because all the most advanced automation has already been classified and kept off the market for decades anyway, and should the trend continue as they probably want it to, humans will continue to be forced to labor for some time.

The best automation today is reserved strictly for military/law enforcement weapons and surveillance systems unfortunately..


Comment these guys at harvard are mentally ill (Score 1) 171

The bias is not democratic versus republican. Its mostly government and corporation versus the people. Information is censored and biased for the government and corporations on Wikipedia and features mostly propoganda. Information on government crimes and conspiracy is almost always edited out and removed. The articles are pro industry and pro military. Classified information is gone in favor of censored white washed versions. Harvard one of the largest and most secretive military industrial complex facilities in the world doesn't care about these issues because it favors them when the articles appear like this.


Comment This post is teh retarded (Score 1) 97

Most research isn't published in white papers. White papers are propaganda and strategic mass deception mostly aimed at controlling the public and non classified realm. At best its entertainment. Everything going on in this field is classified and not published in papers. Today we for sure have a much more advanced AI and robotics program than China or Russia probably combined. Our military budget is actually greater than all major countries combined. We have more technology than the rest of the world combined in terms of weapons and surveillance and software. We have fully mapped the brain and actually created Matrix like worlds to control human minds but that doesn't appear in too many papers. We have automated interpreters and translators much more advanced than is publically available.

Public news is so boring and off base .. Pathetic. Basically every low IQ citizen wants to make money off fake news even if they are clueless to the actual underpinnings of the world because they lack access to the details, education, and experience themselves.


http://www.drrobertduncan.com/ http://www.obamasweapon.com/

Comment Re:terrible .. terrible.. (Score 1) 135

and that's after using the USB-C only once a day for charging! think about the madness and wear/tear of unplugging/plugging in headphones into the USB-C port all day- the wear on the headphone connector, and the device itself.. they should switch over to lightning style USB to get rid of the huge connector/port and more snug build.

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