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Comment Re:Filthy Casual!! (Score 1) 264

tinfoil actually amplifies signals emitted from your body, and beamed into your body, and is easily scanned through using the NSA's global building penetrating/mountain penetrating radar/satellites MRI/ESR/radar.

only way to shield would be super conducting magnetic shield to reflect 100% of the signals but those aren't cheap.

Comment Re:Drones (Score 0) 264

drones aren't worth shit. those are parallel construction tools w/ the fiber optic upstream taps.

National Security Agency has global satellite/radar grid. They actually magnetic resonance image/electron spin resonance/radar our brains, bodies, homes, buildings to 3D holographically scan us, listen, watch, steal info, even pull out memories/video/audio from the neural decoding.

James Bamford and the NSA whistleblowers fucking retards .. how come only I and a select few of my friends know the specs of the NSA's satellite/radar systems?

you can't go off the grid from those. they're designed to image through mountains, oceans, caves, etc.

low IQ derps don't know the first military radar/satellites had MRI/ESR back between the 1930s and 1945 development of them during WW2. the patent for scanning AND altering (to communicate with spies, or do remote interrogation/torture) the entire brains electrical activity from military radar/satellites was filed in 1974. doctors offices didn't get MRI till decades later. it came from miniaturizing military radar. lol.

NSA literally records people taking dumps and farting on the toilet, having sex, masturbating, with no cameras, microphones, or implants anywhere on the premises.

after making scans/records, they can go in like spectator mode, and view the turd drop and replay in 3D from your anus in full resolution. they might even masturbate off a womens hot pussy. lol. black world baby. you guys are clueless derps.

Comment IPhone is pretty old too (Score 1) 472

Its still shipping with a dual core processor and those came out in 2011. They haven't moved up to quad or eight cores yet.

Screens hit 720p around the same time and that's where Apple sat. 1080p came in 2013. qHD launched in 2014 ..

Apple has nothing close to qHD.

Apple builds crap computers and sits on old tech but continues to sell it at full price without lowering the price.

64GB of flash upgrade? They like to charge hundreds for it when it cost $15 bucks in other form factors and they never increase the amount or lower the cost.

Comment Re: Probably Can't Do That (Score 1) 246

That's true but if the constitution were beefier, it would not allow basic rights and freedoms to be stripped even if provided due process and convicted of crimes and the like. Even contracts and parole should not remove your basic rights to be your own self.

I forget one important right of the 1st amendment is to be who you are and want to be, to develop who you are and want to be, and to generate and have free speech and expression.

That might protect parole right to be a gamer, to take part in leisure activities and personal enrichment activities and the like, against judges will- to be a part of the community equal to his peers.

Also ordering a person not to play video games is like trying to stop a person from being sexually aroused, and under the 1st amendment the courts have determined you have a right to sexual arousal such as even to take racy pictures of people passing by you on the streets, even of kids, even of upskirts of kids. The Texas Supreme Court overturned a law and vacated a conviction of a guy who took upskirts of girls for example just a few years ago.

The problem is the constitution is so weak it actually doesn't guarantee the things it guarantees unless judges uphold it in their decisions, but they can deliberately refuse to and back one another up.

Comment Re:Probably Can't Do That (Score 5, Insightful) 246

And no I don't think kids and Pokemon Go go hand in hand .. Adults play Pokemon go more than kids
  I have yet to see kids play it but all my friends who play are adults. Everyone I see walking their dog and playing and dudes on the bus playing have been adults.

I don't see the connection of Pokemon Go and kids and sex offenders.

I see the governor using it as an excuse to target and discriminate against a class of people, in this case the so called sexual offenders. They similarly target many people the same way.. Its a gross abuse of power that needs to be stopped.

The governor believes society will back him up because everyone else thinks its acceptable to crap on sexual offenders or certain other classes at opportune times.

Comment Re:Probably Can't Do That (Score 3, Insightful) 246

It sounds like a crock. I am no sexual predator nor am I associated with any. I don't defend them. But I take issue with the way the governor thinks he can discriminate and punish people by preventing them from living their normal lives. I personally think even if I or anyone else is a sexual offender they should be allowed to play Pokemon Go and virtual games and they are over strepping their authority to ban people from playing them.

I know the constitution is weak sauce though that's why governors and congress get away with such abuse.

Besides the 14th amendment right to liberty you ain't got a whole lot else protecting you and its so weak that they interpret that to mean all sorts of things. It might not be a protected liberty to play Pokemon Go..

A new constitution should be in order to prevent government from singling out people and attempting to regulate things government and group mobs should have no business regulating.


Comment DMCAis flawed (Score 4, Interesting) 93

It should provide safe harbor protection without requiring content take down notices be processed. For example of abuse look at the Gavin E Long videos on YouTube; he filmed himself and uploaded blog videos as the sole owner of the videos. Then he died after doing a mass shooting. In response provocateurs submitted fake DMCA copyright claims and now all the videos are offline, but only he could access his account to submit counterclaims to have the videos put back up. YouTube follows the DMCA which requires the videos or content to be taken down even if the request is invalid, because without the due process checks of a judge or jury there is no way to know if the content is infringing or not.

No one but Gavin could defend himself but in the case a judge or jury were involved, they might never issue take down orders because the requests were obviously frivolous.

Comment honestly never heard of this as a problem (Score 1) 284

I've been offended by people's facebook walls, but at the same time I don't see who or why this should be audited.

I've never seen any public pornography ever before. I don't tend to look over peoples shoulders at starbucks. It never comes up. I have however seen many peoples computer screens at starbucks. Everyone seems to be there working, and no one is viewing porn.

I would actually therefore say, there is no reason for a security clamp down, because the issue is non-existent. No one ever views a bunch of porn .. No one ever complains..

All this will do in the end is harm legitimate users who will find connections problems common.

Comment Let's Encrypt (Score 1) 120

Its like a piece of art. Let's Encrypt made their art, put it out there, and then came along the bully trying to steal the art of the project Let's Encrypt. The question here is, if someone else made the art and Comodo had nothing to do with it, how could they come in and claim ownership of some part of the art? Under the 1st amendment someone else made that art. Should we not honor the ownership and creator of that art? Should we not have a mechanism to stop Comodo from attempting to steal ownership of the art?

Now the CEO had a funny comment about how Lets Encrypt was copying Comodo's business model of 90 day free certs but, really that's not the case. When you create a product you tend to try to make one that is comparable or better to existing products in this case they matched their competitors product so as to avoid not creating a deliberately inferior product people wouldn't want.

Comment Re:Doesn't make sense (Score 1) 771

Bluetooth is not a replacement either because it requires the headphones to have external amp/DAC, and it exposes the user to unnecessary radio frequencies that are damaging DNA/causing cells to malfunction/inducing various illnesses. Wireless technology use needs to be reduced and not ever used on as the primary mode of operation. It has been studied and many experts, documentaries and whitepapers with peer review exist on the issue. Shielded cable technologies are the best solution period

Comment Doesn't make sense (Score 1) 771

There isn't any alternative to the headphone jack. All headphones today use that analog port. Headphones don't have built in amps or digital to analog processors. I took a browse at all the best headphone s in and - they all use the port, none of them use USB or lightning ports. It would seem that headphone ports are not legacy and no replacement port has been devised.
Take the Shure SE-846 or Westone W6- I own both. Both come in headphone jack only variants. The cost to replace these headphones with something else would be $1000 each.
Apple might be telling users they will need to switch to external DACs and Amps instead.. I have used external DACs/Amps and they are bulky and normally larger than the size of the phone itself. They aren't compact. They use their own batteries etc and are not power efficient.

Comment Satellites trained on us an understatement (Score 1) 412

These babies have 3D scanning ability so they can record video of us having sex in our homes and even scan our brain and monitor thoughts. Here are the patents and whistleblowers backing it all up. The scanning technique is called earth gauss MRI/electron spin resonance and interferometry. They can hit citizens with the scanner transmitters to electronically assault and irradiate. Its the ultimate electronic warfare weapon.

Comment I am a tmo customer (Score 1) 78

I have seen pizza stores do very large volume. I am talking like 100 pizza orders. Someone should ask a Dominos store precisely how much capacity they really have because they might be able to do it. However with Dominos they have discretion whether or not they wish to serve customers at the store itself, and many times stores opt out of coupons and offers and that might have happened with T-Mobile. A variety of secret causes including huge orders coming in and the discounted payments per pizza arranged with T-Mobile would anger the store owners causing them to block the coupon and push Dominos to end the offer; Tmo would be forced to end the offer if stores weren't accepting the coupons as well, effectively making the coupons worthless.

As a T Mobile customer I can tell you that the two stores we went to were not doing significantly more business on Tuesday or Wednesday. The first coupon issued was good for two days: June 7th and 8th if redeemed on June 7th. We went to a Arlington Virginia Dominos outside of DC at a high traffic location and the number of pizzas being made was standard. They had roughly six pizzas sitting on the carry out rack. We ordered our pizza and within 10 minutes it was done and we picked it up close to 10pm cutoff time for carry out. The second order we went to a Washington DC store and it had standard traffic going as well.

I have no idea if by the next Tuesday something changed because we didn't order pizza the second week.. But I can confirm the first week went smoothly at least at the DC area locations I shopped at.

by the second week I was already tired of Dominos pizza wishing another chain or two was participating. Dominos is the worst pizza to offer customers every week!!! We need variety.

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