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Comment reason Snowden should be pardoned (Score 1) 350

He was just trying to help all us victims of surveillance and even worse, electronic warfare assault, assassinations, counter surveillance provocation stalking, etc.

There are people being spied on just to kill them and control them like me.

’t contact their networks. In no-touch torture, the target will contact everyone who might help them. Then those relationships can be destroyed to isolate the target. All these techniques rely on the target having a fear of death and pain.
Deception is very important during interrogation. In physical interrogations the targets are often drugged. This creates the confusion necessary to pull off certain trickery. In terrorist interrogations, for example, the CIA uses fake newspapers to make the target believe whatever event they were suspected of plotting had already happened, obviously looking for a confession.Sometimes the government in charge of the torture is looking for a political gain through a false confession. None-the-less false flag operations are commonly used in both forms of torture and interrogation.The trick is to make the target believe another foreign country is doing it to them. In no-touch torture the trick is to make them believe someone related to them is behind their suffering.
Voice transformation and morphing is an interesting technology also used in both physical and wireless interrogations. It is a form of deception used against a target to trick them into believing that they are speaking to real people that they know. It has been used in war to trick generals.Obviously spoofing email and other identities on internet forums can be used in this manner too.
Finally, the topic of human experimentation for improving weapons, torture, interrogation, and social disruption methods will be breached.Most of the techniques mentioned above work most effectively if the target has no SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) or psychological understanding of the methods to influence the human mind. Unfortunately, every sample point in the world’s society needs to be studied to improve the weapons systems. This is why many random people are put into the torture and mind control experiments. There are some devious uses of a secret army of remote controlled assassins in every country in the world. The samples must include different education, language, culture, and economic factors.Obviously, silencing dissidents, oppositions of political parties, and whistleblowers are included in the lists of applications. The most disturbing of the trends in torture is testing and improving it. No-touch torture is much more complex than physical torture. Testing design flaws and weaknesses of the signal intelligence is one reason why it is necessary to test on innocent targets. Often the subject will be taunted by the statement, “Try to stop us.” This statement forces the torture subject to try to figure out shielding and jamming techniques to stop the wireless torture and helps the weapons designers to improve on the system.
However, the psychological and perceived physical pain is only half the story with no-touch torture. It also involves a set of scripts, mind games if you will, to walk the target to murder and/or suicide. This is called “Hyper Game Theory”.It is used in war games to determine how to control your enemies and targets.Game Theory can be used on governments, individuals, or for determining propaganda to alter cultures. The experiments on the public provide a means to test the efficacy of these scripts and determine under what circumstances to use them.
One last comment on why “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex” as President Eisenhower warned. During these torture programs run by the United States and its allies, accurate “truth” data points need to be used to judge the efficiency of the interrogation methods. This is why there is a dispute between the CIA and Senate Intelligence Committee reports about the usefulness of torture. Subterfuge by the CIA hacking into the senate oversight committee’s computers is a big deal; a rogue agency has been formed. Data fusion centers, Homeland Security Data Fusion Centers, NSA, and FBI collect data on Americans. This data in turn is used during torture and interrogation of Americans in no-touch torture.

Comment communication gateways w/o latency? (Score 1) 189

think about it. two particles, linked. you could scan the particles and send signals through them with interferometry. also the signals would be harder to intercept possibly, because the communication was only between the two particles. you would have to do a global scan to intercept the signal. they actually already have that- complete hologram scanning, and signals intelligence to create holograms anywhere they want- even inside our minds for torture, surveillance, and synthetic telepathic communications.


Comment Low tech drivel (Score 1) 91

They already have radar that remotely scans the nerves and brain- reading and altering the emotions, and other functions inside of us. Its been around for decades. Its patented and classified.

Vital signs and remote diagnosis also work with it no need for this type of crazy polygraph level garbage that provides no useful Intel.

Comment amazon is teh sux0r (Score 1) 110

the search and display of items on the site is poor. the way I shop, I like things broken down into

brands first-particular class of item-all the models with feature comparisons from particular manufacture side by side.

generally what I have found is every item I buy comes in multiple models with stripped down versions, and multiple upgrades to choose from.

w/ the current site design, it's actually impossible to locate all the specific different models in an easy fashion. you will literally be going in and out of the results, multiple types of searches, etc.

also there's lots of duplicate results- pictures for items that are all the same, etc. the whole site is a mess unless you know precisely what you're looking for!

often times I will have to go and search on the manufactures site and google to try to learn all the available models to choose from- and even then I sometimes miss models.

example I was shopping for the very best power strip I could get w/ QC USB port and all the rest 2.4amp- I found a 6-outlet Bestek. I had no idea that there was a similar 8-outlet unit also available with identical specs otherwise plus an extra feature: EMI filter built in. What I did see was a worse unit, an 8-outlet Bestek w/ only 5amp's max for the USB ports, instead of every port being 2.4amp at the same time for a total of 2.4amp. I literally combed the pages looking for suggestions, clicked the bestek brand page, and I did a search for bestek QC 2.0- the rare 8-outlet unit was mislabeled and didn't even have the QC 2.0 in the title like the other bestek's.

anyway I came across it after my purchase, forcing me to return the 6-outlet and get the 8-outlet.

similarly I run into the same problem searching for many other types of items such as mirrorless cameras, TVs, computers, etc.

generally, I like to shop by class- I eliminate all the cheap crap, and I shop for premium upper end models only.

Amazon makes that hard to do w/o lots of searching in and out of the results.

just my opinion they need to invest in a new front end interface- and more advanced MySQL query style search so we can search performance and specific features of classes of items easier.

Comment fuck these motherfuckers (Score 0) 21

they're getting free resources from people; they go on to patent things, earn big bucks, etc. None of it's about curing, it's about making money, and creating power for themselves.

In this case they're tricking everyone into joining up for their cause without giving anything back, besides the rare chance you somehow make some money off people buying your curecoin.

fuck that. whoever owns curecoin should get equal ownership of the patents, technologies, and profit that they reap off everyone.

what's the matter, don't want to give up some of the lucrative profits to those who took part in helping get the profits?

Comment here's why bluetooth sux (Score 0) 761

this is gunna kill audiophile quality stuff. Bluetooth uses crappy lossy compression, the signals are being transcoded over and over, more and more signals and bits are lost, and some signals like HD can't be represented at all. in this case, Bluetooth wireless signals use compression algorithms that are like mp3, so as the audio data is already stripped in the default iTunes format of AAC, it will now go through a second stripping process when the hardware sends it over the Bluetooth link.

wireless signals also cause bio-health effects, and are killing and damaging our DNA and cells. we don't need more wireless tech, we need less as a result.

lightning connectors are fine but the reason for those sucking is the iPhone and iPod's will have only one connector: the fucking flipping lightning port. you're going to need a splitter that allows both connections simultaneously for it to work and not be annoying. users will likely want to listen to their audio, while charging at the same time, or doing a data link.

many modern high-end headphones already allow for swapping cords so luckily most headphones are upgradeable to the lightning port, or the splitter can have a 3.5" headphone jack, and a port for lightning connections.

many high end headphones like those from Sennheiser, Shure, Westone and the like already have removable replaceable cords and multiple cords to choose from, including custom made ones like super high end grade silver, gold, and platinum ones. Westone W60 for example have a custom cord for iPhone, and another specific for Android devices.

the USB C and micro USB ports on Android phones however are not as suitable for this because the ports and connectors are way larger than the lightning connector on Apple products. using USB C, I hypothesize would actually feel like a downgrade. :)

Comment Re:Filthy Casual!! (Score 1) 264

tinfoil actually amplifies signals emitted from your body, and beamed into your body, and is easily scanned through using the NSA's global building penetrating/mountain penetrating radar/satellites MRI/ESR/radar.

only way to shield would be super conducting magnetic shield to reflect 100% of the signals but those aren't cheap.

Comment Re:Drones (Score 0) 264

drones aren't worth shit. those are parallel construction tools w/ the fiber optic upstream taps.

National Security Agency has global satellite/radar grid. They actually magnetic resonance image/electron spin resonance/radar our brains, bodies, homes, buildings to 3D holographically scan us, listen, watch, steal info, even pull out memories/video/audio from the neural decoding.

James Bamford and the NSA whistleblowers fucking retards .. how come only I and a select few of my friends know the specs of the NSA's satellite/radar systems?

you can't go off the grid from those. they're designed to image through mountains, oceans, caves, etc.

low IQ derps don't know the first military radar/satellites had MRI/ESR back between the 1930s and 1945 development of them during WW2. the patent for scanning AND altering (to communicate with spies, or do remote interrogation/torture) the entire brains electrical activity from military radar/satellites was filed in 1974. doctors offices didn't get MRI till decades later. it came from miniaturizing military radar. lol.

NSA literally records people taking dumps and farting on the toilet, having sex, masturbating, with no cameras, microphones, or implants anywhere on the premises.

after making scans/records, they can go in like spectator mode, and view the turd drop and replay in 3D from your anus in full resolution. they might even masturbate off a womens hot pussy. lol. black world baby. you guys are clueless derps.

Comment IPhone is pretty old too (Score 1) 472

Its still shipping with a dual core processor and those came out in 2011. They haven't moved up to quad or eight cores yet.

Screens hit 720p around the same time and that's where Apple sat. 1080p came in 2013. qHD launched in 2014 ..

Apple has nothing close to qHD.

Apple builds crap computers and sits on old tech but continues to sell it at full price without lowering the price.

64GB of flash upgrade? They like to charge hundreds for it when it cost $15 bucks in other form factors and they never increase the amount or lower the cost.

Comment Re: Probably Can't Do That (Score 1) 246

That's true but if the constitution were beefier, it would not allow basic rights and freedoms to be stripped even if provided due process and convicted of crimes and the like. Even contracts and parole should not remove your basic rights to be your own self.

I forget one important right of the 1st amendment is to be who you are and want to be, to develop who you are and want to be, and to generate and have free speech and expression.

That might protect parole right to be a gamer, to take part in leisure activities and personal enrichment activities and the like, against judges will- to be a part of the community equal to his peers.

Also ordering a person not to play video games is like trying to stop a person from being sexually aroused, and under the 1st amendment the courts have determined you have a right to sexual arousal such as even to take racy pictures of people passing by you on the streets, even of kids, even of upskirts of kids. The Texas Supreme Court overturned a law and vacated a conviction of a guy who took upskirts of girls for example just a few years ago.

The problem is the constitution is so weak it actually doesn't guarantee the things it guarantees unless judges uphold it in their decisions, but they can deliberately refuse to and back one another up.

Comment Re:Probably Can't Do That (Score 5, Insightful) 246

And no I don't think kids and Pokemon Go go hand in hand .. Adults play Pokemon go more than kids
  I have yet to see kids play it but all my friends who play are adults. Everyone I see walking their dog and playing and dudes on the bus playing have been adults.

I don't see the connection of Pokemon Go and kids and sex offenders.

I see the governor using it as an excuse to target and discriminate against a class of people, in this case the so called sexual offenders. They similarly target many people the same way.. Its a gross abuse of power that needs to be stopped.

The governor believes society will back him up because everyone else thinks its acceptable to crap on sexual offenders or certain other classes at opportune times.

Comment Re:Probably Can't Do That (Score 3, Insightful) 246

It sounds like a crock. I am no sexual predator nor am I associated with any. I don't defend them. But I take issue with the way the governor thinks he can discriminate and punish people by preventing them from living their normal lives. I personally think even if I or anyone else is a sexual offender they should be allowed to play Pokemon Go and virtual games and they are over strepping their authority to ban people from playing them.

I know the constitution is weak sauce though that's why governors and congress get away with such abuse.

Besides the 14th amendment right to liberty you ain't got a whole lot else protecting you and its so weak that they interpret that to mean all sorts of things. It might not be a protected liberty to play Pokemon Go..

A new constitution should be in order to prevent government from singling out people and attempting to regulate things government and group mobs should have no business regulating.


Comment DMCAis flawed (Score 4, Interesting) 93

It should provide safe harbor protection without requiring content take down notices be processed. For example of abuse look at the Gavin E Long videos on YouTube; he filmed himself and uploaded blog videos as the sole owner of the videos. Then he died after doing a mass shooting. In response provocateurs submitted fake DMCA copyright claims and now all the videos are offline, but only he could access his account to submit counterclaims to have the videos put back up. YouTube follows the DMCA which requires the videos or content to be taken down even if the request is invalid, because without the due process checks of a judge or jury there is no way to know if the content is infringing or not.

No one but Gavin could defend himself but in the case a judge or jury were involved, they might never issue take down orders because the requests were obviously frivolous.

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