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Submission + - CA Sues Over DB2 Migration Tool (itnews.com.au)

aesoteric writes: Software giant CA has filed suit against an Australian software developer over a program that allegedly enabled companies to migrate off CA database platforms onto IBM DB2. It claimed the software "reproduced" portions of confidential source and object codes without permission and deprived CA of license fees. CA also disputed claims that its database platform was "dying".
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Every Day's a Tax Holiday at Amazon

theodp writes: With Black Friday approaching, Slate's Farhad Manjoo reminds readers of how Amazon.com undersells Best Buy, the Apple store, and almost everybody else. Read his lips: no sales taxes. Unless you live in KS, KY, NY, ND, or WA, you'll pay no sales tax on many purchases from Amazon, giving Amazon a huge — and largely hidden — price advantage over most other national retailers. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is certainly no fan of taxes — he explored founding Amazon on an Indian reservation, and recently ponied up $100,000 to defeat a proposed WA state income tax, a good investment for someone who's cashed in close to $800,000,000 in Amazon stock this year alone. So, is Amazon's tax-free status unfair? Of course it is, says Manjoo. Amazon has physical operations in 17 states in which the company and its employees enjoy the fruits of local taxes — police and fire protection, roads, hospitals, and other infrastructure that make its operations possible. Yet Amazon skirts tax collection in most of these places through clever legal tricks.

Submission + - Linux Radio : broadcasting the Linux kernel!

An anonymous reader writes: This might very well be the nerdiest site we'll ever encounter... Linux Radio is an online radio station broadcasting the Linux kernel! Each time someone visit the site, a random source file is selected and read loudly by a virtual speaker materialized through the open source speech synthetizer eSpeak. Will it prove useful to anyone is probably a difficult question to answer, but the excitement provided is worth experiencing at least once. However, this concept proves once more the advantages of open source over proprietary software making such achievements impossible : whoever in his right mind would want to listen to binary files loudly?

Comment Re:End of Azure (Score 1) 229

Either this is an obvious troll or you miss the point of software engineering. The point of design patterns isn't "over engineering" or class reuse. It's about communication and maintenance. Here's a scenario. I'm quitting tomorrow and you have to take over this solution I wrote.

Let's say it's some sort of system that allows users to write some custom rules for some business case. Sound complex?

Here's what I tell you:
I wrote the UI using MVC which pipes into the Builder pattern to create a rules file. The rules file goes through the parser pattern and if that passes it puts it into the database as a valid rule.

There I've just described 2000 hours of development work in 2 sentences.

Try doing that without using known design patterns.

Comment Re:Erm (Score 1) 239

They should just integrate better with existing gadgets so I don't have to wear fucking cargo pants and have a wallet that is 3 feet big.

Right and let's be honest: "No one's gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since 'nam." -Superbad

Comment 30X faster? (Score 5, Informative) 126

Let's put this into perspective. Even the author of the software is calling for a reality check that's missing from the summary.

From his site:

Update: Please do not think that this implementation is 30x faster than the Flash Player developed by Adobe. One(!) microbenchmark is never a number you should count on. I would like to make clear that I never said this.

Comment Re:JavaFX (Score 1) 379

I was going to mod you up, but instead I figured I would post a somewhat supporting reply.

I've been doing Java development for quite some time. Although I think being assailed by a retard with a baseball bat is worse than working with Java front end technologies, the discussion of which technology to use always brings groans from the development team.

What do you use? Web front ends with JSF or JSP? Do you use something like IceFaces or Trinidad which are implementations of JSF? Do you use Swing/SWT and shoot for some sort of RCP programming model with Java Web Start? Do you pick Adobe's Flex on the front end, Java on the server and go with the baggage of flash?

The one thing I wish Sun would have done with Java is put together a more cohesive and easier to develop front end. I can only assume MS runs circles around Java in this space.

This major weakness of the Java stack means I get trolled all the time by those MS guys! Curse you Sun and now Oracle!!

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