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Comment Re:Windows "telemetry" = Only use Linux Mint (Score 1) 203

>> End result: major borkage and a broken boot
Yeah. For mint, the recommended and fully supported upgrade path is a fresh install.
If you upgrade it the other way, it's risky, and you knew it, you checked the box with the red warnings before.

Anyway,the fresh install on Mint is two times quicker than the update, so why bother with the update ??????

My recommendation (through GUI):
On first install, create 4 partitions :
sda1 : root, 40 GB
sda2 : empty, 40GB
sda3 : swap, 4GB
sda4 : /home

When upgrading, install the new system from fresh on sda2, then you can boot both old and new OSs, and keep all your data in the right place
Next time upgrade sda1
With that you always have two working systems and never have to break anything immediately.
Update ? 20 minutes of work(including installing a prepared list of packets), 20-40min of unattended working time
Also, use and abuse backups.

I never had a single problem with that strategy on ca. 15 systems since 4 Years. It upgrades faster than any other OS, and you can revert....

Comment Re:Trust? (Score 1) 203

>> I wonder how long it will be before those of us who refuse to use corporate/closed-source operating systems on our computers will be put on a watch list by the government ...

In most government the watchlist is no more. it's been replaced by an opt-out list containing a few names of top politicians.
Every now and then, these top politicians find out that the opt-out list is ignored, and it's funny that they are furious about it.



Moon Express Raises $20 Million In Series B-1, Fully Funds Trip To The Moon ( 63

The company competing in the Google Lunar X-Prize, Moon Express, has raised $20 million in funding and announced that they have now fully financed their mission to the moon. The company made history last year as it became the first private company to receive permission to travel to the moon. Moon Express plans to launch their MX-1E spacecraft to the moon at the end of 2017 with the goal of winning the $20 million grand prize in the X-Prize competition. TechCrunch reports: If successful, Moon Express would become the first private company and the fourth entity in history to soft-land on the moon. The first three entities were all government-funded superpowers from the U.S., USSR and China. Of course to win that title, Moon Express will need to beat the other X-Prize competitors including SpaceIL from Israel, Team Indus from India (carrying the Japanese team HAKUTO as a payload), and the international team Synergy Moon. Each company has had launch contracts confirmed by X-Prize, a requirement to remain in the competition. The first company to soft-land on the Moon, travel 500 meters across its surface, and transmit high-definition video and images back to Earth will win the grand prize of $20 million. There's also $5 million up for grabs for the company that comes in second. Perhaps the most challenging of the X-Prize requirements is the deadline. To win the prizes, competitors must complete all tasks by the end of 2017. Although the X-Prize Foundation has pushed the deadline back before. What makes the Google Lunar X-Prize competition especially unique is that it required participants to obtain 90% of their funding from private sources. In theory, this would encourage profit-driven business plans, kick-starting a wave of lunar-based commercialization.

Comment Backdoor is working as intended. (Score 1) 111

>> It is not a bug, it is working as designed ...

Backdoor is working as intended. Nothing to see here. Move on. Yeah right.

He is talking about a legitimate feature in the protocol that has a reason to be here but is turned into a genuine backdoor by the Watsapp application because watsapp does not let the user confirm new keys.

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