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Comment Re:What's inside a fake (Score 1) 115

>> if you're paying anything other than Apples standard price, it's probably fake
Nope. There are many categories.
1) genuine from the brand
2) Genuine but "night shift made" copycats. : come from the same factory (eg. Foxconn,...), same line. These are no counterfeits, they do not bear the trademark. THEY ARE LEGAL.
3) "Genuine" but "night shift made" counterfeits : same as above, but bear the mark, so are illegal counterfeits (in some small countries like hte USA)
4) Licenced compatibles. Bang and Olufsen, Brose. whatever. Compatible, genuine, licenced, and pricey, sometimes cost more then the original.THEY ARE LEGAL..
5) Good copies that are safe but not stamped as such by approval mark. THEY ARE LEGAL. The best cost/benefit ratio in this list !!!!!!!!
6) Bad copies that are unsafe but not illegal due to trademark, they are illegal due to safety.
7) Bad clones that are unsafe and wrongly branded, thus illegal twice.
8) Very Very Bad copies that are very very unsafe and wrongly branded, thus illegal 3 times, and very dangerous.
9) Scams that only take your money, and don't bother delivering any product at all. At least it's safe.

Comment Re:Too bad (Score 1) 115

>> Apple controls and/or prevents the existence of 3rd party chargers with the use patents.
Nope. NOnonono. NO! It simply does not work that way.
Apple controls the market of legal compatible accessories (the high priced ones who pay licence fees), they do not control the counterfeits.

Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 115

>> The seller packs the product and ships the product to you (not Amazon).
The logistics does not matter ( or you could sue DHL if your charger explodes)
The item is sold to from the seller to Amazon, and from Amazon to you, so Amazon sold it to you takes profit, and takes responsibility for that sale.

Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 2) 115

>> Should eBay be vetting everything sold on their platform?
Yep. They have to. And they take responsibility.
On the brick and mortar equivalent, you cannot sell a product and decline responsibility (at least not in the EU)
So yes, Ebay and Amazon are liable for what they (re)sell.

Comment Re:Amazon's responsibility (Score 1) 115

>> These days the manufacturer just sticks a CE marking on them to certify that the product complies with applicable standards
Does not work that way any more.
With the new EC regulation, the importer in EU has the responsibility of the CE conformance, so he is liable. It could well be Amazon in some cases.
Amazon is liable for what they sell.

Comment UL Is a scam (Score -1) 115

UL is a scam. Really.
Other NRTLs do the same certification for half the money and hassle.
In fact, the UL logo pretty much guarantees you an overpriced product. Any cost conscious product manufacturer uses another NRTL for the small USA market.
There are plenty of PSUs which have good safety, and are not UL listed (but UL certified by another NRTL). These are as safe as as any UL product, just cheaper.
Just don't expect to find these on Alibaba or Ebay.
The Chinese copies also put the UL logo anyway, and copy the file number of the original, so you have no guarantee at all when purchasing online.

Comment Re:mdsolar (Score 0) 296

>> Radiation causes sickness first in the longest living organisms.
Radiation causes sickness in all organisms, but, on the long term it accumulates higher doses the higher you go on the food pyramid.

If a power plant does not blow up, it gives lots of energy, and leak a lot of conamination on the long term.
On the long term, radiation cannot be contained.
All containments known leak after only a few decades, but need to hold millions of Years.

Comment Re: mdsolar (Score 1) 296

>> The budget for nuclear fusion was cut by 90% in the 1970s.

Nope sir.

The budget for nuclear fusion has shifted to fission and just quadrupled in Japan to 200 Billion dollars. And it will double at least two times more, at least.
And also in Ukraine, the estimated long term cost is close to 1000 Billions.

Let's say 1500 Billion Dollars total over only two countries.
Now that's a useful budget.
Who's next ? USA, China, and France are statistically good candidates.

Comment Nope (Score 2, Interesting) 296

Pebble bed designs >> Nope. Germany still struggles to find what to do with the decomissionned experimental reactor. it's the radioactives thing on earth, contminated with dust that has potential to kill anything breathing on earth if released.

CANDU reactors >> Nope. Bad design, does not scale. Also, no proper waste reprocessing.

SMR >> Yeah, let's put a bomb in each backyard, great idea. Seriously, this thing is more of a financing for small military reactors (for submarines)

Molten Salt reactors >> Nope. There is no containment material that can hold the molten core at scale. Also, it implies a chemical processing plant with gigantic contamined waste integrated with each reactor. Tritiated Fluorhydric acid, anyone ? Nice cocktail, but no thanks.

Thorium reactors will be available >> breeders with sodium ? Yeah, no danger sir. We can wipe a continent if a bigger fire brakes out. We cannot put out this fire with water, or else booom :)

ITER ... the promise of commercial level over-unity fusion. >> what an empty promise. ITER is an experimental, not a commercial plant. And it's a failed one, at this. It will not sustain overunity for longer than a minute. Which every scam artist on youtube can also do for a lot less money by storing some energy in a flywheel.

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