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Submission + - Order an iPhone 5, Get Death Threats From Fandroids (

stonemirror writes: Ashley Esqueda of Techfoolery writes that, for having ordered an iPhone 5 for a second line, she was called an "iWhore" and received threats of bodily harm and murder from Android partisans.

Esqueda writes, "When I bought my HTC EVO LTE (or my SGS2, or my EVO4G, or my SGS3, or my Nexus 7, or my Galaxy Tab 10.1), I didn't get a single comment from the iOS community with those kinds of comments. No Apple Genius said "u r a TRATOR" or "ur the dumbest bitch ever." It was radio silence. Apple fanboys might be smug, or sanctimonious, or whatever else you might want to call them — but the one thing they they AREN'T are the kinds of people who are sending me messages like the ones I've gotten in the past week."

Submission + - OpenRelief, Building Open Technology UAVs for Disaster Relief Efforts (

stonemirror writes: "A new project, OpenRelief, is being announced at LinuxCon Japan 2012 in Yokohama this week. OpenRelief is using open source software and open hardware to build intelligent robot drones that can gather first-response data in disaster zones for relief workers. The drones are autopiloted, and use the OpenCV library to recognize people on the ground, roads, smoke, fire and other features."

Submission + - Apple Isn't Tracking You, But Facebook Is... (

stonemirror writes: "Apple has put out a statement explaining that the file containing locations in the areas where the iPhone has visited are, indeed, the locations of cell towers and such and are, indeed, used to speed up triangulation in iOS Location Services. Apple says that will store less data, encrypt the file on the phone, and not back it up to the desktop in a future release of the platform.

On a related note, it's been revealed that Facebook has been placing tracking cookies onto the computers of non-users of the site, simply for visiting sites which happen to use Facebook Connect for authentication. Facebook blames this on a bug."


Submission + - iPhone/SpyPhone--The Music Video! (

stonemirror writes: "As a final installment to this saga, I put together yet another modified version of Peter Warden's iPhoneTrack application, and used it to produce a video showing the locations the phone gathered, in order, over a ten-month period. The soundtrack is David Byrne's "My Fair Lady", used under a Creative Commons license.

The video is on YouTube, and a higher-quality version can be downloaded from my site, along with a pre-built version of my modified iPhoneTracker, the modifications to the source code, and "The Wired CD", a Creative Commons-licensed CD of tunes from some excellent artists, including Mr. Byrne. Enjoy!"


Submission + - An Even Deeper Dive Into the iPhone Location Data (

stonemirror writes: "I've produced several overlays onto Google Maps showing precisely the data the iPhone added to the consolidated.db file over the course of a three day period, without any modification, and the information's quite interesting, if not completely comprehensible. I've provided details on all the tools I used, as well as a link to a copy of the data I used in an Excel spreadsheet for those who'd like to take a look themselves."

Submission + - iPhone and Location: DON'T PANIC! (

stonemirror writes: "There's a lot of blind panic out there over the discovery of a database file on the iPhone which contains dated location information. Without actually looking at the data, a lot of folks have proclaimed that the "iPhone is tracking your every move". I actually did take a look at the data, and it's not doing anything like that."

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