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Comment Re:Ken Goffman is a huckster and charlatan (Score 1) 76

In other words, "DON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ AND LEARN FROM INDEPENDENT SOUNDS. ONLY THE 'FACTS' AS PRESENTED BY THIS 'ANONYMOUS COWARD' — JASON CHRISTOPHER HUGHES, aka RAYMOND JOHNSON, aka MICHAEL RUDRA NATH, aka LUIS MANUEL ARSUPIAL, SOMEONE WHO CLEARLY HAS SOME SORT OF PSYCHOTIC RAGE GOING TOWARD RACHEL HAYWIRE — SHOULD BE GIVEN CONSIDERATION." Seriously, Mr. Hughes: if you hope to be at all persuasive, you really need to put a little more effort into writing as though you were something other than an utter lunatic, spraying spittle all over the keyboard as you pound in your screeds.

Comment Re:Co-Author Jay Cornell Replies (Score 1) 76

"SHE BURNED DOWN SOME GUY'S HOUSE AND CAR!" No, she didn't. That's a lie. You claimed that I burned down your house and your car, too. Sadly for you, no one's ever been charged — "too many potential suspects" is what I heard — the cops think you're a complete lunatic, and it seems just as likely that you torched it yourself in the hopes of blaming one of your imaginary "enemies" for it. Poor sad, crazy, stupid, addled Extinct Marsupial. (Watch him drag out his heavily-edited and out-of-context set of cherry-picked quotes from some ten-year-old flame war now.)

Comment "...a certain...morally _casual_ attitude..." (Score 1) 716

This is wonderful. If the Green Party candidate got elected President of the United States, and the first thing she did was turn around and lob a hydrogen bomb at Ottawa, you'd all be here coming up with rationales as to why it was a good thing. All of a sudden, the collective wisdom-holders of Slashdot have had the scales fall from their eyes: the sense and justice of ad-supported content models is unquestionable, copyright law must be strictly observed, and terms of service should _always_ be not only respected, but followed to the letter.

Comment Re:What sort of damages? (Score 1) 946

Um, no. The $150,000 is the maximum award for willful infringement — and as noted, Alan isn't out any actual income in this situation which would make a maximum judgment unlikely —but that assumes a court's finding that infringement actually occurred. In spite of the FSF's and Alan Cox's saber-rattling, I don't believe they've actually got a case. The FSF regularly conflates a "derivative work" with a "combined work", and they're not at all the same thing.

Submission + - Order an iPhone 5, Get Death Threats From Fandroids (google.com)

stonemirror writes: Ashley Esqueda of Techfoolery writes that, for having ordered an iPhone 5 for a second line, she was called an "iWhore" and received threats of bodily harm and murder from Android partisans.

Esqueda writes, "When I bought my HTC EVO LTE (or my SGS2, or my EVO4G, or my SGS3, or my Nexus 7, or my Galaxy Tab 10.1), I didn't get a single comment from the iOS community with those kinds of comments. No Apple Genius said "u r a TRATOR" or "ur the dumbest bitch ever." It was radio silence. Apple fanboys might be smug, or sanctimonious, or whatever else you might want to call them — but the one thing they they AREN'T are the kinds of people who are sending me messages like the ones I've gotten in the past week."

Comment Re:Courage (Score 1) 915

Julian didn't run.

You two are on a first-name basis...?

In fact, Assange did run: he had an interview with the police and prosecutors scheduled in Sweden for September 28th. He left the country on September 27th. When the authorities informed his lawyer that they planned to file a warrant for his arrest, they were told Assange would be back in Sweden by October 8th, and he'd be willing to meet with them then. He never showed up, at which point Sweden ordered him "arrested in absentia" and began the extradition process.

In fact, Assange's lawyer Hurtig was accused by the British High Court of deliberately trying to mislead the court over this sequence of events.

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